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Huge upset in 1st round of the Presidential Election in Poland tonight.

The heavily favored, gender law passing, homo-lobby and EU backed, patron of the former soviet era “Polish KGB”and sitting president, was defeated in the 1st round by a solid Catholic candidate from the solid Catholic Law and Justice Party.

Andrzej Duda received 34.8 percent to 32.2 for Bronislaw Komorowski in the initial exit poll results. In two weeks time, the second round will be held, but it looks like Andrzej Duda has better odds to win the run off based on voter breakdown in round 1.

A further reason that this is significant is that 8 years earlier, the party that the Genderist Komorowski represents (Civic Platform) was backed by Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz. We wrote about this strange situation in our post titled How the Mighty Have Fallen. (see here)

Deo Gratias for the victory.

And please keep Andrzej Duda and the Polish nation in your prayers over the next two weeks.

On an aside, next year will be the 1050th anniversary of Poland converting to the ONE TRUE FAITH, an event that constitutes the founding of the Nation.

UPDATE Sunday 10th of May 2015 16:36

Just to give you dear reader a feel for the anti-mainstream media sentiment, the below is a part of the concession speech by Pawel Kukis, the third place finisher. Here is the relevant passage with translation by your truly: [emphasis added]

Friends [supporters], this is your result, this is our result. You are why we are. You are why we got here. We have already won [we had] no money, no structures, despised, repulsed, slandered, spat on. The last days of the campaign was already a show of TVN24 [pro genderist TV channel] and the rest of the regime’s media. You achieved a championship level of propaganda. You surpassed the previous media models. You even surpassed the Communists. You are the masters of manipulation. But we have already won. We now have a few months so you need to be well prepared. TVN. The above is what you did in the time preceding the end of the campaign. It was [your definition of what] was white on black or black on white … You‘re black! Your the bad guys! Cruel. You almost destroyed my family. This is what ordinary people know that you are doing. Suppressing, destroying!

FYI The speaker of the above text is a rock musician with a very large following in Poland. He was also a former supporter of the Genderists, like card. Dziwisz. So when he calls out the mainstream media in Poland, it is a BFD to quote our less then eloquent vice president. Summa summarum, what we are witnessing is a major shift in the internal Polish political dynamic and how the media is being viewed. This can only be great news for the Polish Episcopate, since they have been “despised, repulsed, slandered, spat on” since Communism fell 25+ years ago by these same “special interests”.