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Polish CavalryToday we will continue our coverage of Poland and the post-election shock that occurred last evening, where the Catholic candidate – Andrzej Duda pulled out a spectacular victory in spite of a massive mainstream media effort to thwart his candidacy and to thwart all the other candidates that ran against the Genderist candidate and sitting president. The election will now go to a second round in two weeks time, but it looks like the Catholic candidate has the big MO behind him and from last night’s voting patterns, his chance look quite good. Please spare a few Ave Maria’s for this good cause.

The reason that this political issue is relevant to our discussion of the upcoming Stealth Sex Synod™ is that the same forces that conspired to defeat Andrzej Duda in his quest for the Polish presidency, are the same forces behind the rigged Secret Synod of Bishops of 2014, namely the Gender Lobby. (see here) Furthermore, the Polish political party that is funded by the Genderists from the EU and US, used to be supported by JP II’s assistant, Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz. (see here) But that was once upon a time in a land far, far away as the story goes, and since then card. Dziwisz has been relegated to the sidelines for the most part.

In his place, a young contingent of no-nonsense bishops has come to play a major role in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Poland. Two of these bishops are Bishop Stanislaw Gadecki, Archbishop of Poznan and head of the Polish Episcopate Conference (see here and here) and Archbishp Henryk Hozer of the Warsaw-Praga Diocese (see here and here). The leadership of these two men has provided the Church with a strong intellectual and moral basis. This in turn can be observed by the strong support for the Magisterium of the Church and warning shot the the Polish Episcopate Conference delivered to the upcoming Synod of Bishops. Furthermore, the efforts of these prelates have mobilized the Polish Catholic Church representatives outside of Poland, as can be seen in the presence of Polish prelates at yesterday’s March For Life in Rome. (see here)

To get a good idea of how the above bishops have set their sights on Genderism and are taking the battle to the enemy, the below is a speech that Archbishop Hozer gave yesterday, on the 5th Sunday after Easter. The summary post appeared on the Polonia Christiana website (see original here) via the Catholic Information Agency and the translation is done by yours truly:

“The purpose and vocation of every man is to take responsibility for other people” – underlined Archbishop Henryk Hoser. On the fifth Sunday of Easter, the bishop of Warsaw-Praga presided at the solemn Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Sulejówek, during which he delivered a homily on fundamental teaching [of the Church] to the men from the diocese.

He drew, in his homily attention to the difference between a man and a woman, and hence the different tasks that they needed to be fulfilled in the world. – “Man is not some “partial” woman. He has his own self-awareness, his own specific anatomical design, a specific mental and spiritual state. An example of this is his inability to think globally [comprehensively], where often details escape him, as opposed to women, who possess an uncanny ability to be able to divide their attention span”– he explained.

Recalling the example of St. Joseph, Bishop of Warsaw-Praga stressed that the task of man is to care for his wife and child. – “The main task of man is to take responsibility for other people. In the first instance you have to be responsible for his wife, to who is vowed love, faithfulness and honesty to the end of your days. Your care is also needed by your children” – Archbishop Hoser said.

Following in the teaching of St. Paul, he reminded the men that the woman is a complete being and as such, requires admiration on their part. – “She is good and beautiful by her very nature” – noted the preacher. He emphasize here that the husband should always have the trust of his wife and that from that trust must flow her attitude of submission to her husband.

He also made the argument that the effort undertaken by them to build a healthy family will bear fruit. – “If on the example of Christ you will strive to love your wives, you can be sure that they will in turn repay you with so much love which only a woman is capable of. Your wife will then be for you a source of authentic joy and happiness” – said Archbishop Hoser.

Reading the above, one just has to wonder what must happen in the US for the US Catholic Bishops to start teaching Catholic doctrine in a similar manner.

Christians, heal thyselves!