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Marx BlackmailFOR THE RECORD

I came across this below passage in the Edward Pentin article sub-titled: Bishop Stefan Oster of Passau called the appeal from the Central Committee of the German Catholics ‘incomprehensible.’ (see here)

In the article we find the following information: (with emphasis added)

The Register has learned via well-informed, high-level sources that Cardinal Marx was recently rebuffed by Polish bishops when he proposed that the two episcopates meet in Berlin to strive for a consensus on revising the Church’s approach to marriage. The Polish bishops have been firm about their continued support for Church teaching.

Well-informed sources say that Cardinal Marx made the proposal in early May, during lunch with Polish bishops at the 70th anniversary commemoration of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. The cardinal is understood to be anxious to win all-important Polish support ahead of the October synod.

Observers say this is another attempt by the German hierarchy aimed at increasing the pressure for change at the synod and carried out by bypassing the Vatican and, in particular, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

This would be consistent with comments from Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, a close adviser to Pope Francis, who said in a recent interview that the Curia “is not an essential structure” and that the Pope need only rely on himself and the “College of Bishops” to serve the people.

The most relevant part of the above text is obviously the the following: The cardinal is understood to be anxious to win all-important Polish support ahead of the October synod.

The signs of desperation in the actions of the President of the German Bishops’ Conference in order to obtain backing for its heretical position presented at the Secret Synod of Bishops is confirmed by another post analyzing the Declaration of the Zentralkomitee der deutschen Katholiken (Central Committee of the German Catholics) in preparation for the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican [October] 2015. The analysis was performed by Mathias von Gersdorff and appears in the Rorate Caeli blog titled: SYNOD BATTLES: Blackmail, Veiled Schism Threats, the Kasperization of the German Church, and the Destruction of Marriage – Document and Analysis. (see here)

The reason that this is important is because the Germans, through the promotion of the heretical Bergoglian/Kasperian “theology done on the knees” have found themselves isolated. Here is a confirmation of this very fact:

But the statement of the ZdK came at a very awkward time.

Since the (small) Synod of October, 2014, there has arisen a substantial resistance against these liberal claims.

Numerous Cardinals and Bishops from all over the world have raised their voices,  in order to defend the Catholic teaching.

The German President of the Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, earned sharp criticism for his statement: “We are not a subsidiary of Rome.”

In the meantime, nearly all delegations of the Bishops’ Conferences for the Synod in October have now been selected. None is as liberal as the German. None, except the German, supports unanimously the ideas of Cardinal Kasper concerning the pastoral approach to remarried divorcees.

This way, the German delegation has maneuvered itself into isolation.

In many countries, the disapproving criticism towards Germany grows. One accuses Marx and Co of stubbornness and a deficient Catholicity.

The above provides more supporting evidence that the Francis “revolution is on hold”. It also provides confirmation as to the correct interpretation that we have made with respect to the part that the Synod of Bishops as proxy for the “College of Bishops”, plays in the Francis Church “Argentinian theological school”.

UPDATE: 08:02 Tuesday 19 May 2015

With respect to the “solicitation” of the Polish bishops, this is how it used to work: (see here)

Evidence of this Network is contained in the Davies interview, and the quote is as follows:

MD: Yes. He and his fellow German, Lehmann, were made Cardinals. You see there is no chance of Cardinal Ratzinger being made Pope. The job of Kasper and Lehmann is to go to the conclave and stop anyone Ratzinger supports from being made Pope. (see here)

(Nota Bene) Since “the job” of Kasper and Lehmann is to go to the conclave and stop anyone Ratzinger supports from being made Pope”, than these two must have received instructions for carrying out that “job” from an outside “source”. This could be someone from outside the German Bishops’ Conference since Lehmann is considered the “capo di tutti capi”, which would imply that there is someone above him.

Furthermore Kasper and Lehmann have not only a “source of funding” for this job, but media protection likewise. Evidence for this assertion is from the following quote:

MD: It is interesting, Pope John Paul II wouldn’t appoint Kasper and Lehmann at first and a week later he did.

JB: Yes. Their appointment came as a shock to a lot of orthodox Catholics.

MD: Well do you know where the pressure came from? The Polish hierarchy. Because they get so much money from the Germans. So Kasper and Lehmann said, ‘You scratch our backs and we’ll scratch yours.’

Post scriptum

Looks like times, they are a changing.