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Pius IXThe below is a re-blog from The Josias Blog. I have also linked to this blog in the right hand margin for your convenience. For further reference to information on Pius IX, a link to the Pope Pius IX website can be found here.

Blessed Pope Pius IX, ora pro nobis.

The Josias

Introductory Note

Blessed Pope Pius IX is imagined by many as a bitter reactionary and megalomaniac, the Pope who locked himself up in the Vatican and shut out the modern world, who arranged his own apotheosis and announced “La Tradizione son Io!”  

We reject this slanderous caricature of the great Pope, whom we cannot help but venerate.  He was a zealous and holy man, plagued by political difficulties beyond his control, struggling to preserve the integrity of the faith amidst the death throes of Christendom.  Here at The Josias, we remember him fondly as the Pope of the Syllabus, the architect of the First Vatican Council, and the great defender of the rights of the Church vis a vis the modern nation state.  

In his great Syllabus Errorum, Blessed Pius compiled a collection of errors associated with modern politics and philosophy, which he had identified in his earlier…

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