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LS Word Cloud IJust finished speed reading the Laudato Sii encyclical.

The best way to depict this document is through a word cloud as per above. The above word cloud has the 150 most used words ex common words. A few observations are as follows:

1) The Bergoglian “Jesus” (Circled) does not figure prominently in this one I am afraid. I suspect this was done not to offend the heretics, heathens, … and the Muslims, a.k.a. the UN crowd. Atheists, masons and other free thinkers were completely sacrificed. But it was done for a good cause so I am sure they understand.

2) “King” appears more often than “Jesus”. I am assuming that Francis wants to get across that the  message is being “relayed” from up above, and the Big Guy up above is a serious Dude. So the notion of a “King” comes in handy.

3) “God” obviously is used quite often. Once again, it is to emphasis to those simpleton “catholics” that this matter is urgent. So important in fact, that the said Atheists, masons and other free thinkers were completely sacrificed.

4) “Human” is the big winner in terms of the word most often used. No surprise there. Has been that way since… oh….. 1965 or so. So it’s par for the course.

5) “Page” is the word that appears the most after “Human”. The reason that “Page” is used so often is due to this document being so long. 191 as I count it on the google translate. (Mea Culpa for using google goes out to Mundabor) NB: I just left the page numbers in the word selection so that you dear reader would get a feel for the length of this puppy.

6) “World” appears the most after “Human” and “Page”. It is the order of magnitude of these individual words, that give a good ideal as to the priorities of this document. And it has absolutely nothing to do with salvation of souls.

7) In terms of the word count “losers”, after “Jesus” is the word “Mercy”. I count one appearance. Oh well, so much for the Pontificate of Mercy.

8) “Justice” or “Injustice” is used 69 times. Yes!!!!! But the word “mercy” is not even on the same page as any of the “justices”.

9) Very self referential is also a good way to describe this document. Evangelii Gaudium keeps on being linked to repeatedly.

I will leave off here.

But before I sign off, this is how the 20,000 word cloud looks:

LS Word Cloud IIUPDATE 03:56 Tuesday 16 June 2015

I bring you, the epic Hollywood trailer for The Encyclical.

The Francis Papacy: Where reality and parody meet!