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SubsetsToday we pick up and continue the thread from our post titled Filling in the Blanks for Francis. (see here) This subject matter is of critical importance since it defines the essence of the HIDDEN AGENDA that played itself out at the Secret Synod of Bishops last year and will be the key issue at the upcoming Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015. And as we have demonstrated, as early as the 18th of December of 2014 to be precise, in our post titled Synod of the Three Paragraphs, (see here) this HIDDEN AGENDA is nothing other than to change Catholic doctrine with respect to aberro-sexuality.

In our analysis to date, this blog has provided numerous examples demonstrating that the determined effort to change Catholic doctrine on aberro-sexuality has very little if anything to do with addressing the issue of lapsed Catholics, in order to bring them back into the pews and back to the path of salvation. Hence the HIDDEN AGENDA. We could have used numerous anecdotal evidence from the experience of other protestant sects that changed their moral teaching with respect to same-sex unions, i.e. aberro-sexuality, only to realize that the change did not have the desired effect. Yet it is this desired effect that the German Bishops’ Conference hierarchy claim will be achieved if the Catholic Church follows those sects in instituting these disastrous changes.

The evidence that this blog has repeatedly used to demonstrate the disastrous effects of changing doctrine with respect to same-sex unions, i.e. aberro-sexuality, is the translation of the Markus Günther article that was published on December 29, 2014 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the largest and most reputable newspapers in Germany, and translated on The Radical Catholic blog, titled Church in Crisis: Diaspora Germany. (see here)  In this article, Herr Günther writes the following:

But why are the seekers no longer finding guidance? Why are the supply and demand no longer jibing? The most popular answer to this question is: because the Church is no longer relevant to the times. She must conform more closely to the realities of the lives of modern people. Initially, that sounds plausible, but under closer scrutiny reveals itself to be idiocy. For the Evangelical church in Germany has done nearly everything which is being demanded from the Catholic Church in order to become more relevant to the times: women priests, the elimination of celibacy, liberality in moral theology, the complete acceptance of homosexuals and the divorced. If these were the real reasons for the malaise of Christendom, the Protestants should be far better off than the Catholics. But that simply isn’t the case. A second error in thinking is introduced by the popular buzzword “relevant to the times” [German: zeitgemäß, which can mean “modern,” “suitable,” or even “appropriate,” and often carries all of these shades when applied to the Church]: Wherever the Church does not base herself upon timeless, incontrovertible truth, she reveals herself to be purely man-made. Political programs should be “relevant to the times,” entertainment programming, too; but a religion must take command of absolute truths – or it is no religion at all.

This blog uses this text quite frequently since it not only caused “something of a stir in the German Catholic community”, but the “stir” that it caused could not have went unnoticed by that part of the German Catholic Church hierarchy who are trying to institute these changes against evidence, anecdotal as it were for the time being, that clearly suggests that their stated efforts will be futile.

Therefore, if the German Episcopate hierarchy is claiming that the aim of their AGENDA is to bring the lapsed German Catholics back to the pews through changing Catholic Church teaching with respect to aberro-sexuality, then the above evidence suggests that their approach is at best misguided. Or to paraphrase Cardinal Kasper, this attempt to change Catholic doctrine should be reflected upon widely and the German Episcopate needs further study on the matter. Yet we hear nothing of the sort. This suggests that the REAL AGENDA of that part of the German hierarchy that comprises what we termed TEAMFRANCIS at the last Secret Synod is driven by something other than the intent to draw back those lapsed Catholics. Once again, hence the HIDDEN AGENDA.

Given the above, we have also noticed another problem with TEAMFRANCIS’ fallacious assumption that a change in the Catholic doctrine with respect to aberro-sexuality will draw back those lapsed Catholics, and that is this. The problem is simply due to the fact that the numbers of “catholics” that this change would affect is numerically insignificant. To demonstrate this point, this blog has linked to a post written by Louie Verrecchio at the Harvesting the Fruit blog, (see here) where the following back of the envelope calculation is provided:

Let’s take a moment to consider just how urgent that need is, or is not, by applying some common sense to what we know to be true; beginning with the fact that less than 2% of the population is “homosexual.”

Now, even though it’s no secret that homosexuals as a whole are notoriously promiscuous (i.e., they’re not exactly the “marrying” type), let’s just say for the sake of argument that every last one of them is in an allegedly “stable” (don’t laugh) so-called “same-sex union.”
This would mean that of the general population, less than 1% is comprised of a “unit” that one might consider a “same sex couple” (assuming that they connect in twos in spite of this being dangerously close to adhering to a “norm”).

The LBGT activist group known as GLADD claims that roughly one-quarter of same sex couples are raising children.

While there is every reason to suspect that this too is a deliberately inflated figure, playing along for the sake of argument would mean that less than .25% of the general population is comprised of that unit known as “people living in a same sex union raising children.”
Of this group, how many self-identify as Catholic?

In the United States, the figure among the general population is slightly less than 25%. Surely, it is lower among active homosexuals, but let’s just apply that 1-in-4 figure to these couples as well, setting aside the fact that both “partners” aren’t necessarily of the same religion, just for the fun of it.

This would mean that only .0625% (that’s roughly 6 out of 10,000!) of the general population is comprised of that unit known as a “same sex couple that identifies as Catholic raising children.”

Now, of this statistically insignificant group of people, how many are banging on the rectory door “requesting baptism” for their kids?

The obvious answer? Practically none!

Given these two pieces of evidence provide above, the common sense explanation as to the motivation behind the TEAMFRANCIS effort to change Catholic doctrine with respect to aberro-sexuality lies outside the simple explanation of drawing wayward “catholics” back into the pews.

Therefore, it is hard under normal circumstances to explain this obvious anomaly described above, i.e that not only is the number of lapsed “catholics” that will be affected by the change in Catholic doctrine with respect to aberro-sexuality insignificant, but the past experience of protestant sects that introduced these novelties, the introduction of these novelties did not translate into higher “return rates”. In fact, the introduction of these novelties only quicken the disintegration of their existing congregations. But this is for a different post and excuse the digression… Therefore, we have taken out our Peirce/Ockham pragmatic methodology and Occam’s razor, (see here) and our analysis has determined that the logical and most likely explanation of this observed phenomenon is that TEAMFRANCIS is trying to introduce Gender Ideology into Catholic moral doctrine.

The background to this contention we laid out in our post titled Meet Big Gender. (see here) In this post, we laid out our case for this hypothesis and made the following concluding statement:

And it would appear, that the Synod of Bishops of 2015 will be just the next battleground where the forces of BIG GENDER led by Francis, the Synod Manipulators and the German hierarchy will square off against the forces of Catholicism led by the Poles.

Given this third piece of evidence (data point) it would appear as if the goal of  TEAMFRANCIS is to change Catholic doctrine with respect to aberro-sexuality so as to, de facto introducing Gender ideology into the Catholic moral teaching and by extension into the Church’s Magisterium.

So given our assertion with respect to the situation described above, is there any evidence that Francis or the Catholic hierarchy understand that by introducing the acceptance of same-sex unions into Catholic moral teaching, this will be tantamount to introducing Gender ideology into the Catholic Magisterium through the back door?

To answer this question, it would appear as if someone, and at a very high level of not only the Catholic hierarchy but the Curia itself, Cardinal Burke aside, has figured this out. Here is a passage from an interview with Cardinal Robert Sarah that we quoted in our post titled Filling in the Blanks for Francis:

In answer to which ideologies to fight against today, the Cardinal unmasked the deceit and lack of true love behind them. “Today one of the most dangerous ideologies is that of gender, according to which there are no ontological differences between man and woman, and the male and female identity would not be written in nature. … To say that human sexuality does not depend on the identity of man and woman, but a sexual orientation, such as homosexuality, is a dreamlike totalitarianism, and is a real ideology which negates the reality of things. … I don’t see a future in such deceit.”

So just to restate what Card. Sarah said, he said that one of the “ideologies to fight against today”[…] one of the most dangerous ideologies is that of gender,[…] that says that human sexuality does not depend on the identity of man and woman, but a sexual orientation, such as homosexuality…

Could not have said it better myself!

Summa summarum, what we have from the information above is the following: a group of Catholic hierarchs are determined to change Catholic doctrine by introducing aberro-sexuality as an acceptable behaviour and compatible with Catholic moral/magisterial teaching. The evidence suggests that the number of lapsed “catholics” that this change would affect is insignificant. Furthermore, the evidence also suggests that the protestant sects that introduced similar novelties into their moral teaching, not only did not experience the desired effect but actually experienced a more rapid deterioration in the numbers of their existing congregations. Therefore, these stated reasons given by TEAMFRANCIS for the promotion of their AGENDA cannot possibly be the true reasons. And finally, these novelties that these Catholic hierarchs, collectively termed as TEAMFRANCIS are attempting to introduce, whether consciously or not, is none other than Gender ideology.

Other Catholic hierarchs in turn, are aware of this situation. To be more precise, other leading and influential Catholic hierarchs are aware that same-sex unions is a part of the larger Gender ideology.

And finally, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Bishop of Rome has repeatedly warned, whether consciously or not about the dangers of Gender ideology, going as far as comparing it to “nuclear arms”. (see here)

So it would appear that it is simply a question of connecting the dots.

To make it even simpler and using mathematical terminology, “same-sex unions” are nothing more than a subset of “Gender ideology”.

The mathematical notation is as follows:

Same-sex Union ⊂ Gender Ideology

Now can someone please explain this to Francis!