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St AloysiusMore good news from the Restoration Front.

For regular readers of this blog, you will know that when we aren’t exclusively focusing on the upcoming Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015, our mission is defined as “dedicated to chronicling the “Restoration of all thing in Christ”.

As to The Restoration itself, one can reduce The Restoration into two categories. One will no doubt observe that there is a postive aspect to the Restoration and a negative aspect to The Restoration. And in both these cases, the figures are positive.

An example of a positive case for The Restoration can be see in a recent post that appeared on the New Liturgical Movement website. (see here) In the post, information is provided about another regular Immemorial Mass of All Ages coming online at the Church of the Assumption in the diocese of Nashville Tennessee. A big Deo Gratias!

An example of a negative case for the Restoration can be seen at the Catholic Heirarchy website. Here the news is also very good with resepct to the recently published 2014 statistics for the Society of Jesus. It would appear that in 2014, the Society lost a net 191 priests and net 279 male religious. The even better news is that it lost 38 parishes. Here is a snap shot of the results: (see here)

SJ stats 2014Furthermore, the news is even better. Seeing as we are already midway through 2015, it could be likely that the Society has fallen below 12,000 priests and definitely fallen below 17,000 male religious.

To paraphrase Francis, bishop of Rome, we are dealing with a religious order whose mission on earth is coming to an end.

“You Go Girl”!

PS Here is also a good article about heretics neo-modernist manipulations at Vatican II. (see here) Now there are two ways which we can look at this situation. One is as per article. The alternative interpretation is that once the last of the < 12,107 Society priest and their neo-modernist associates pass on, there will be no one to make the claim that Vatican II had anything to do with the Catholic Faith. 🙂