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Laudoto Si IToday we turn to see what the initial reaction has been to the papal encyclical Laudato Sii on the day after the big release.

Below is one representative post that appeared on a blog that I picked at random. (see here) The blog is the End Of The American Dream blog and its primary focus is on politics and economics. I picked this post and am reproducing it below, since this post has been linked to a number of other blogs and it is getting wide readership.

As we can read in the post below, it was not that hard for the casual observer to figure out that the intent behind the Laudato Sii encyclical is nothing more than to provide a “moral” component to the “political agenda” of the upcoming UN climate change summit. And seeing as the global warming hoax has very little to do with science, it is becoming hard to sell as such. So by providing a “moral” component to the global warming hoax, the UN is attempting to gain access to a new target market.

In return for providing access to this new target market of 1.2 billion cartholics, ranging from miniscule “c” catholics to small “c” catholics, Francis is getting media buzz and free publicity. This in turn feeds the Soap Bubble Papacy™ (see here) and keeps it inflated for a short while longer. To be perfectly honest, the “theological” support that Francis is providing as the “moral” component is in itself pseudo-science, since it is completely detached from natural law and objective reality. (see here)

A further reason why I picked this post is to illustrate how big money interests have hijacked national and institutional agendas. Notice that a big part of this ideology that the UN is pushing is gender ideology. Further notice how this gender ideology, supported by massive monied interests, is being forced on ALL areas of human governance, from national agendas (same-sex “marriage” in Ireland for instance) to individual institutional agendas (change in Catholic teaching with respect to aberro-sexuality), whether they be in the public of private sectors.

Concluding and for our purposes, what we are left with when analyzing the Laudato Sii encyclical is nothing more than a pseudo theology that is post-concilicar neo-modernism, dovetailing with a pseudo-science that is global warming, to shore up an ideology through which a small group of interest parties are trying to gain control over sovereign nations, all in the name of the “poor”.

So at the end of the day, a Catholic must ask himself what does the Laudato Sii encyclical have to do with Catholicism and the salvation of souls?

And the reasonable answer must be: Nothing.

Just like the entire Francis pontificate.


Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity