For those of you dear reader who have never traveled to England, an apartment is referred to as a flat. As to where the “Two Flats” epitaph originated, I am sure we all know. But just in case, enjoy the video.

As to Francis “Two Flats”, unlike Arthur “two sheds” Jackson who in fact never had “two sheds”, Francis has “two flats”. One is the papal apartments and the second and bigger residence is comprised of an entire floor that he is occupying at the Domus Sanctae Marthae. (see here)

But the larger point needs to be made, it is exactly the one made by Mundabor in the post that I am re-publishing. If one wants to be a demagog and a populist, then that person should be held to an appropriate standard. If not, then that person should be denounced for that which he is, i.e. a hypocrite. And this is exactly the point that Mundabor is making, and I second that motion.

On an aside, I often wondered how individuals with a “populist leftist drift”  resolve issues that they surely must have with their conscience. Some observers have suggested that these types of people have no conscience to begin with.  I am beginning to see the observer’s point.

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The world as imagined by Francis The future as proposed by Francis

At this point you already all know about the latest, surprisingly coherent decisions in the Vatican. Lest it be told that I only speak of the man in order to criticise him, I would like to say a word or two of praise at least of the coherence involved.

1. The Vatican decision to shut down and destroy all air conditioners within the Vatican city (similar measures will be implemented in every Catholic diocese in time) is at least a sign of coherence. Granted, the one or other old prelate may die, at least indirectly, because of the heat that follows (it promises to be a very hot summer in Rome), but it is good to see that there is the willingness to put one’s sweat where one’s encyclical is. Note that the air conditioning appliances will be destroyed, not sold. It…

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