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Boardwalk ChapelAnother busy day, so a reblog once again. However, I will just link to the post written by Jim Quinn on the Burning Platform blog titled Moron Madness. (see here). I have been noticing quite a few articles in the field of the social sciences, especially economics incorporating a “theological” dimension. Here is a good example of this phenomenon in the post below.

This above mentioned phenomenon, in my humble opinion could be explained by an intellectual need for rationality in a post rational, or maybe the proper term is TransRational society. As we have seen in some of the previous posts published on this blog, our TransRational world is one where words have no meaning (see here), natural law is randomly discarded without any thought about the consequences (see here) and the overriding theme of a void that has been left in the human psyche in the area of spirituality. This last phenomenon has created a loss of a more basic sense of purpose among the general population, especially amongst the most vulnerable.

And with that thought in mind, please read the below.

Takeaway quotes are as follows:


It is tough to generalize about the thousands upon thousands of people walking/waddling on the Wildwood boardwalk. In the early morning hours, before 9:00 am, you see joggers, bikers, and mostly in-shape people on the boardwalk. This is the time when I find the boardwalk to be enjoyable. It’s quiet. The sun is coming up over the ocean. The dozens of tattoo parlors haven’t opened for business yet, and the freaks are at a minimum.

By 11:00 am the obese, tattooed, pierced, XXXL bathing suit wearing land whales have disconnected from their CPAP machines to hunt for donuts, soda and breakfast sandwiches.


This is just the beginning of temptation for the thousands of morbidly obese blobs straining the wooden structure known as the Wildwood boardwalk. The boardwalk is a veritable smorgasbord of funnel cake, fried oreos, fried cheesecake, tornado fries, lemonade, curly fries, corn dogs, zeppolis, fudge, cotton candy, salt water taffy, ice cream waffles, churros, pizza topped with cheese fries, triple fudge sundaes, and of course a large diet coke. How can 300 pound women in bikinis pass up the opportunity to do some carbohydrate binging?


I can’t help it that I’m an observer. I observe businesses, vehicles, street signs, clothing choices, and the people wandering the vast swaths of ‘Murrica. Liberals, progressives, Obama lovers, and control freaks have a problem with my observations because they don’t believe any behavior, clothing choice, or life choice should be judged, scorned or ridiculed. What we have here is a failure to communicate. I see ignorant, stupid, obese people who make bad life choices every day. They reveal themselves by their actions and their appearance. They stand out like a sore obese thumb in Wildwood. As I’ve noted earlier, there are many normal people in Wildwood, but it appears abnormalcy is winning. The dichotomy is most apparent on the weekends and holidays.

The reason for this is quite simple. It costs $1,500 to $2,500 to rent a condo for a week in Wildwood. Only families with one or two working parents can afford to spend a week in Wildwood. This virtually eliminates black people. First off, there are few black two parent families. Secondly, there are even fewer black families with parents that work for a living. Therefore, you only see middle aged white parents and their kids strolling the streets and boardwalk during the week. When the weekend arrives Wildwood is inundated by day tripper white and black trash. Wildwood is the only free beach below Atlantic City. Stone Harbor, Sea Isle, Avalon, and Ocean City charge $5 or $6 per day per person to access their beaches. The Free Shit Army doesn’t like to pay, so they gravitate to Wildwood. Luckily, SNAP cards are not accepted at the food joints on the boardwalk, or Wildwood would look like West Philly.

I actually enjoy taking a jaunt on the boards during the weekend to make note of the freaks, land whales, rapper wannabes, and the ignorant unemployable tattooed masses. I don’t have to exaggerate one iota regarding the sights that threatened to burn my corneas. My wife and kids can confirm all of my observations. Why do 250 pound girls think they can pull off wearing a bikini? Is there no shame? You shouldn’t be banned from the beach because you’ve eaten yourself to the size of a hippo, but for christ sake wear a one piece bathing suit and a moo moo. Why are so many poor people so fat? The number of waddling morbidly obese  unmarried women and their uncontrollable horde of bastard children is mind boggling. And why do these people find it amusing to feed seagulls on the boardwalk creating havoc and a bird shit attack on innocent bystanders? Do they have no sense of decorum or civility? Anyone who feeds a seagull on the boardwalk is an outright idiot.

Idiots abound during the weekends in Wildwood. Moron madness sums it up nicely. The proliferation of tattoos amongst the ignorant is astounding. I certainly can understand soldiers getting a tattoo on their arm representing their unit or service as a form of comradeship. I understand motorcycle club members identifying themselves by a distinct common tattoo. But young girls with multiple tattoos on their legs, arms, necks, and backs is revolting and stupid. We saw an attractive young girl at the Shamrock bar with a full leg tattoo. When my wife saw it close up while in the restroom, she noticed it was faces of ghouls and vampires. What happened in her childhood to lead her to deform herself in such a manner? It reminds me of cattle being branded by farmers, except the cattle are human beings being herded and corralled by their government keepers and they brand themselves.

I’m baffled as to why so many people feel the need to mutilate their bodies. These are lower class people with limited financial resources. Some of them have thousands of dollars worth of ink deforming their bodies. The combination of ignorance, illiteracy, mathematical incompetence, and no self respect is a toxic mixture destined to keep these people trapped in poverty and unemployable. I have a theory about why the poor feel the need to tattoo themselves. We live in an egocentric facebook culture where everyone is competing to be noticed. People are desperate for attention. The rich don’t get tattoos. They drive BMWs. They wear Rolex watches. They wear Armani suits. They live in McMansions. The poor can’t afford bling, real estate, or luxury cars. But they can finance tattoos with their credit card. The easily led, ignorant, lemming like masses are just following the lead of the other ignorant masses. You can’t teach stupid.


There is nothing particularly wrong with the people enjoying themselves on the Wildwood boardwalk. They aren’t bad people. They aren’t committing crimes. They are spending money and keeping the economy going. But, I can pretty much guarantee you that not one of these people has ever visited The Burning Platform or would even understand the issues we debate every day. They are willfully ignorant. They don’t want to think about hard stuff. They have been dumbed down by our public education system. They have become obese by eating the toxic frankenfood peddled by mega-corporations. I noticed one heifer with one of those ugly Apple iWatches on her immense wrist. Where do these supposedly poor people find $500 to waste on an egocentric useless bauble. Ignorant Americans are addicted to status symbols because their lives are so shallow and their intellects are deficient. True self worth comes from within, not from what you wear, drive, or paint on your body.

They have been brainwashed by their government with decades worth of propaganda that has sedated them, made them fearful of phantom terrorists, and supportive of blowing up people in foreign countries without a declaration of war. They actually believe the armed police forces roaming our streets kept us safe from a terrorist attack on the 4th of July. Their pea sized brains are unable to process the fact that more people have died in bathtub accidents since 9/11 then have died at the hands of terrorists. They don’t question, think or care about future generations. They don’t understand the long term financial implications of a country with $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities. They don’t even understand the term liability. It’s almost enough to make a man go to the Boardwalk Chapel and pray for the souls of the ignorant masses.

Please go to the site for not only the rest of the text but also the pictures. And my favorite quote is as follows:

The funniest “upscale” purveyor of toxic junk food is Wildwood’s only French establishment – La Bakerie. Where else could you find a Nutella Crepe, S’mores Crepe, Fried Snickers, Fried Twix, or Fried Nutter Butter? It’s like you’re actually in Paris.

Yep, just like in Paris.

I will leave off here. But please notice, that it is not just us Catholics who are noticing that something has to change. A good example is the author, on whom it is dawning that maybe a visit to the Boardwalk Chapel might be in order.

Can a return to Thomism be far behind?