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dOn the Polonia Christiana website, an important article appeared. (see original here) I have taken the liberty to translate it. I am sure it will only be a matter of time until Giuseppe Nardi translates a fuller version and posts in on the Eponymous Flower blog, but in the mean time, I have reproduced the PCh24.pl post below for your review.

Note bene, I have not written about strategic aspects of the upcoming Synod of Bishops lately. This has been intentional, and two reasons are behind it. First is that this blog has identified the main issue that is driving the synod, and that is the change of Catholic teaching with respect to aberro-sexuality. (see here) The driving force is the German bishops with the entire Gender lobby behind them. (see here) The other issues, i.e. communion for divorced and remarried and concubinage is just a classical “head fake”. Or as we termed it, “showing a leg”. (see here) The second reason that I have not written about strategy is that I have noticed exactly this mood change that Herr von Gersdorff wrote about in the below article. I wrote about just this in the post titled 27 of February 2015. (see here) Since I also sensed the change of mood/tactics, along with others like the guys at Rorate Caeli and Fr. Z., I did not want to raise this issue so as not to cause anyone to let ones guard down. And here von Gersdorff confirms this approach to be a valid one.

And lastly, with respect to what is at play in the upcoming Synod of Bishops, it is actually two words. The two words are “intrinsically disordered”. (see here) Whatever else happens at this Synod, it is these two words and their treatment that will be crucial, and the third week of the Synod will be key.

Without going on too much further, the below post is translated and reproduced:


Mathias von Gersdorff: German bishops are changing strategy

The President of the German episcopate, Cardinal Reinhard Marx said recently that achieving “pastoral” reform at the upcoming Synod will not be easy and that patience is needed. The German progressives are likely to change strategy – according to Mathias von Gersdorff.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx has suggested at the beginning of July, that during the upcoming October session of the synod, a consensus will not be reached on the “reform” promoted by the German Church. He explained that changes in marriage, family and sexuality will “not be easy” and “have a long way to go”. He added that recently, in terms of preparatory work for the Synod, he has met many disappointments. He stressed that, although one should not bow to the spirit of the times, God also speaks to us through history. The hierarch spoke at a meeting chaired at his diocese of Munich, which was held on Thursday 9 July. The “Catholic Information Agency” commented that Cardinal. Marx ‘thus lowered expectations about the upcoming Synod “.

Mathias von Gersdorff notes that if the intention of Cardinal Marx, in fact, was to  “lower the expectations”, then “we are dealing here with an important change of strategy”. “The left-wing of German Catholicism hid last year nominally behind the liberal notions of Cardinal Walter Kasper, to admit remarried divorcees to Communion. But for those nominal Catholics themselves, the reforms were really about much more and began to quickly put forth more radical demands, “- writes von Gersdorff. “In their opinion, the Catholic sexual morality must adapt to the sexual revolution of 1968,” – he added. Support for such efforts on the part of the German bishops, is something new in Germany likewise.

Von Gersdorff also notes that “the delegation of the German Bishops’ to the upcoming Synod consists solely of liberals: Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop elect of the Berlin Heiner Koch, the bishop of Osnabrück Franz-Josef Bode. This delegation is in no way representative of the German episcopate in the area relating to marriage and the family “. According to the German journalist, progressives decided that it was time “to push their unorthodox views on sexuality in the universal church”. For their purpose, they wanted to use the “synod in crude manner”.

Von Gersdorff indicates that such a plan provoked resistance in Germany likewise. One of the biggest critics of the liberals became bishop Stefan Oster. Against the Germans. lined up other hierarchs, including those from Africa. Success of the “reformers” at the synod is unlikely and that is why von Gersdorff thinks, that Cardinal Marx is now dampening hopes. Sensing a possible defeat, the cardinal wants the liberal environment of the German Church become consolidated.

“There has been, however, no attempt to call off the alarm: Marx, Bode and Koch clearly showed that they wish to liberalize or ease sexual morality. Cardinal Marx did not make his assertions with conviction – therefore his last speech should be seen as pure tactics, “- says Gersdorff.

Read more: http://www.pch24.pl/mathias-von-gersdorff–niemieccy-biskupi-zmieniaja-strategie,37008,i.html#ixzz3g4rwFJHq