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Francis and H&S

In yesterday’s post titled TransRationalism and the “Sustainability” Issue (see here), your humble blogger provided a general description of the situation that is presently playing itself out in Greece. In our description of that situation, an intrinsic tradeoff became apparent. This implicit tradeoff is between adopting an irrational order, what we termed TransRationalism and the “sustainability” of the results borne by operating under the derivative TransRationalist order. This TransRationalist order is obviously erected in lieu of the “natural order”.

Specific to our example from the previous post, it would appear from the Greek example that we used, that the more intense the level of TransRationalism introduced into the Greek economic and fiscal order, the less sustainable that order has become. Summing up the above, one could say that there is not only a causal relationship, but also a negative correlation between the level of TransRationality introduced and the resulting “sustainability” of the resulting order.

Which brings me to the situation in the Catholic Church, which I mentioned that we would analyze today. With respect to the corresponding tradeoff in the Catholic ecclesiastical structures, we used the John Lamont analysis (see here) since it identified exactly just this TransRational phenomenon. Just as a reminder, here is the relevant passage:

The key to the neomodernist capture of power is however also the reason for their failure to sustain a religious culture. Neomodernism is not like Protestantism, which contains ideas with a positive content as well as being a rejection of Catholicism. These ideas – justification by faith, and the like – are not correct, but they say something substantial, and have an appeal that can give rise to an important movement. Neomodernism, however, on a religious level is a purely negative thesis. As a result it has no attractive force of its own, and ecclesiastical structures that fall into its grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world.

In the above passage, we can clearly identify this tradeoff  as one which can be stated as follows: a negative thesis containing no attractive force of its own AND the dying away of ecclesiastical structures that fall into its grip.

Therefore, the corresponding tradeoff can be presented as: the more neo-modernist theology (TransRationality) that is introduced into any given post-conciliar pope’s “theological teaching”, the faster the pace of the dying away of the ecclesiastical structures.

One easy way to identify and observe for that matter, this phenomenon of the quickening pace of the dying away of the ecclesiastical structures that fall into the TransRationalist’s theology’s grip is by observing the attendance of Faithful to both Francis’ general audiences and to St. Peter’s Square. Today we will focus on the later.

On the Call Me Jorge blog, I found this quite useful post, via Antonio Socci’s Facebook page, that demonstrates just this above described phenomenon. (see here) Here are some respective snapshots from various dates in chronological order:

26 February 2014

Francis 24G14

17 September 2014

Francis 17U15

11 February 2015

Francis 11G15

And here is a set of pictures taken from a wider angle:

26 February 2014

Francis 26G14

17 September 2014

Francis 17U151

11 February 2015

Francis 11G151

As is clear from the visual evidence above, the casual observer can clearly see supporting evidence that as Francis goes more TransRartional in his “teaching office”, the crowd levels in St. Peter’s Square have become lower. In other words, the TransRationality of Francis “teaching office” is introducing a higher level of “unsustainability” into the Catholic ecclesiastical structures.

Here is a bonus picture from the 11th of February 2015 just to drive this above point home:

Francis 11G152

Concluding thoughts. It is very apparent that whatever Francis strategy Lord’s pastoral call is, it is not working. Yes, Francis is getting positive media buzz, but he is not attracting the Faithful to Rome. As a matter of fact, looking through this visual evidence, it is blatantly obvious that Francis is repelling the Faithful presently.

Which should be a troubling development to the Catholic hierarchy since Francis himself wrote in Evangelii Gaudium, the apostolic exhortation that was designed to serve as the political ideological theological platform for the present papacy. (see here) Here is the relevant passage from the section headed “Time is greater than space:

One of the faults which we occasionally observe in sociopolitical activity is that spaces and power are preferred to time and processes. Giving priority to space means madly attempting to keep everything together in the present, trying to possess all the spaces of power and of self-assertion; it is to crystallize processes and presume to hold them back. Giving priority to time means being concerned about initiating processes rather than possessing spaces. Time governs spaces, illumines them and makes them links in a constantly expanding chain, with no possibility of return. What we need, then, is to give priority to actions which generate new processes in society and engage other persons and groups who can develop them to the point where they bear fruit in significant historical events. Without anxiety, but with clear convictions and tenacity. 

From what we have observed above, the TransRationality that Francis has introduced into his “teaching office” has initiated process that are driving the Faithful away from Rome and by extension from the Catholic Church. And even though Francis claims that we should all be waiting “without anxiety, but with clear convictions and tenacity”, the problem with this approach is that what we are really waiting for is disaster. The same kind of disaster that the Greeks and their creditors are waiting for by introducing another bailout program exactly like the two previous bailout programs that are catastrophic failures.

Which leads to one question and that is this: how many more of these TransRational antics does Francis have up his sleeve before the cardinals say basta?

Followup question, wonder what the attendance figure will look like once Francis arrives back home with that spanking new hammer and cycle crucifix?