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Today we quickly look at an interesting development that has been brought to your humble bloggers attention on the Eponymous Flower Blog. (see here) But before we get into the subject matter, a few words to provide context.

In our post titled Synod of the Three Paragraphs that we originally published on the 14th of December 2014 (see here) we laid out our case, using our Pierce/Ockham methodology (see here), that the upcoming Synod of Bishops of 2015 will have as its main goal, what we termed the HIDDEN AGENDA, the changing of Catholic moral teaching regarding aberro-sexuality. Actually, we wrote that the upcoming Synod, which we dubbed the Stealth Sex Synod can be reduced to revolving around two words, i.e. INTRINSIC and DISORDERED. To be more precise, the Synod will be manipulated in order to purge Catholic moral teaching of natural moral law that states that aberro-sexual unions are INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED.

In a follow-up post titled Meet BIG GENDER from the 17th of February 2015 (see here), we established that what it behind this HIDDEN AGENDA is nothing more than the special interest groups that are lobbying for the introduction of Gender Ideology into various national legal statutes of targeted countries. In Germany, we have observed this BIG GENDER has use the German Bishops’ Conference hierarchy, i.e. Cardinal Reinhard “Bling” Marx to introduce Gender Ideology into the Church Labor law. Furthermore, it is this BIG GENDER that is now using the German representatives to the bi-Synods as a proxy in order to change Catholic moral teaching regarding sexuality by introducing Gender Ideology into the moral teaching of the universal Church.

In a post titled So It Was The Homo Agenda All Along from the 27th of May 2015 (see here), we provide anecdotal proof that we have been correct in our assertion (hypothesis) that… well… it was the homo agenda all along. It was this homo-agenda that served as the HIDDEN AGENDA at the Secret Synod of Bishops of 2014 and will serve as the HIDDEN AGENDA at the upcoming Stealth Synod of Bishops of 2015. The proof that we provided was in the form of a report from a “closed-door” meeting of the FORCES that are behind the attempt to subvert Catholic moral teaching, subsequently termed the “Alternative Synod”.  We noticed that the report from this secret one day meeting was exclusively focused on changing Catholic moral teaching with respect to aberro-sexuality. The other nominal issues, i.e. communion for divorced/remarried and concubinage was glanced over at best, suggesting that they are just fig leafs to cover up the HIDDEN AGENDA. We explained just this situation in our post titled Francis “Showing a Leg”. (see here)

Which brings us up to date and today’s additional evidence for our primary hypothesis that it is the change in Catholic moral teaching with respect to aberro-sexuality that is the TRUE AGENDA behind the bi-Synod of Bishop. If you dear reader recall, in a recent post titled Same-sex Union ⊂ Gender Ideology : The Cardinals Get It! from the 15th of June 2015 (see here), we laid out our observations that at least one cardinal, i.e. Card. Robert Sarah understands not only that same-sex unions are a SUBSET of Gender Ideology, but that Gender Ideology is the most dangerous of all the ideologies that the Catholic Church is fighting presently. Here is the relevant quote:

“ideologies to fight against today”[…] one of the most dangerous ideologies is that of gender,[…] that says that human sexuality does not depend on the identity of man and woman, but a sexual orientation, such as homosexuality…

Given that this is the case, it is with “amazement” that one reads the following text in the Eponymous Flower post titled Fight Against Human Trafficking, Fight for Gender-Ideology — From One the Vatican Distances Itself, the Other Not (see here): [emphasis added]

[There is] No distancing  from a children’s book series which will appear in the name of Pope Francis  for gender ideology. The Foundation Scholas Occurrentes, a worldwide network of schools was established on the initiative of Pope Francis in August 2013 at the Vatican. The Argentine newspaper Clarín have been publishing since spring 2015 in cooperation with the Pope Foundation in Spanish, the children’s book series, “With Francis at my side.” The children’s stories, which are now widely circulated in Spain, advertise homosexuality, transexuality and “new family forms”  on behalf of the Pope. The children’s book series is promoted with the image of Pope Francis, it was photographed at the Vatican.

Furthermore, the following is written:

The driving force behind the establishment of the foundation Scholas Occurrentes was also the Argentine Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo. The establishment took place in a ballroom  run by Sorondo’s Pontifical Academy of SciencesBoth Scholas Occurrentes and the Vatican wash their hands in innocence. Nobody wants to have known something or anything to do with the contents of the children’s book series. A distancing has not taken place until today, although the book series coincides with Pope Francis’ image, stabbing Catholic initiatives in the back with the portrait, trying to clarify the aims of  gender ideology and roll back their influence.

The newspaper publisher  Clarín continues, meanwhile, negotiations with other newspaper publishers to translate the children’s books into other languages ​​and spread them to other countries.

Concluding, how can one interpret this situation?

Just to briefly summarize what we are witness to:

Francis establishes the Foundation Scholas Occurrentes in 2013. The main driving force behind the Foundation initiative is Archbishop Marcelo “I hate Tea Parties” Sanchez Sorondo. This Foundation establishes a network of schools. This foundation is behind the publication of a series of children’s book that promote Gender Ideology. The Gender Ideology is promoted with images of Francis. The Vatican “washes its hands in innocence”, i.e. claims it doesn’t know anything about this situation. Yet the Vatican does nothing to stop it. Proof is that in the mean time, the publisher is continuing negotiations to publish these same Gender Ideology promoting books with Francis’ image with entities for translating and distribution into other countries and languages.

What can one say other than:

Wise Guys, aye!