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I have not posted lately since I am on vacation. I am spending time with the family, as per video above. However, that does not mean that I do not follow current events. A big Deo gratias for Pew Sitter website is in order here. But I digress…

The reason that I am breaking my radio silence a few days early is due to a post that appeared on the Fr. Z blog that I just couldn’t resist commenting on. The post is titled Coming Soon! The “Eleven Cardinals Book”! (see here) The reason that I am bringing this post to your attention is due to a certain name that appears as a contributor. In other words, one of these contributors is not like the others! 😉

For those who have been following this blog, you will notice it right off the bat. That cardinal is non other than the President of the Episcopate of the Netherlands Willem Cardinal Eijk, who we featured in our post titled The Neo-modernist “Theology of Death”! (see here)

And the reason that I am bringing this to your attention dear reader is for its historical perspective. Please recall that a predecessor of Willem Cardinal Eijk was the notorious Bernardus Johannes Alfrink the Archbishop of Utrecht from 1955 to 1975 and a major player at the Second Vatican Council. The manner in which Cardinal Alfrink figures into the destruction of the Catholic Church we described in two posts, i.e. Man Marking Marx – Dei Power Ball (see here) and Man Marking Marx – The Network (see here).

The significance of this development, as you can no doubt figure out, is that in the span of 50 years, the Dutch Catholic Church, whose representative lead the charge to institute the neo-modernist agenda at Vatican II, now finds itself in total disintegration. The FORCED realization of this OBJECTIVE FACT has led his successor to revert back a “more Catholic” agenda. Hence his contribution to the 11 Cardinal Book.

Below is the Fr. Z post that I am reproducing…  (original see here)


Coming Soon! The “Eleven Cardinals Book”!

The Italian site La Nuova Bussola has learned that, in advance of the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family, yet another “Cardinals Book” is being released.

This time, however, its the “Eleven Cardinals Book™”!

This is sure to strike terror in the hearts of the Kasperites!

Eleven Cardinals, as the headline runs, are trying to stop the “Protestantization of the Church”.

In a way this is, but it also isn’t, a sequel to the Five Cardinals Book™, Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church

The names of the Cardinals involved:

  • Carlo Caffarra, Arcivescovo di Bologna;
  • Baselios Cleemis, Arcivescovo maggiore della Chiesa cattolica siro-malankarese e Presidente della Conferenza episcopale dell’India;
  • Paul Josef Cordes, Presidente emerito del Consiglio pontificio «Cor Unum»;
  • Dominik Duka, O.P., Arcivescovo di Praga, Primate di Boemia;
  • Willem Jacobus Eijk,  Arcivescovo di Utrecht;
  • Joachim Meisner, Arcivescovo emerito di Colonia;
  • John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, Arcivescovo di Abuja (Nigeria);
  • Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, Arcivescovo emerito di Madrid;
  • Camillo Ruini, Vicario generale emerito di Sua Santità per la Diocesi di Roma;
  • Robert Sarah, Prefetto della Congregazione per il culto divino e la disciplina dei sacramenti;
  • Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino, Arcivescovo di Caracas, Santiago de Venezuela

The editor is the German professor of Canon Law Winfried Aymans, at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

It seems that Cardinals and only Cardinals are the writers.  I am pleased to see Card. Sarah in the list, as well as Caffarra.

It doesn’t say anything concrete about the publisher.  It doesn’t mention the title.  It doesn’t say anything about the languages, though given that this is in an Italian site we can assume Italian is – at least – one of the languages.

The Five Cardinals Book (which everyone ought to have, especially every priest and bishop) came out simultaneously in five languages.  HERE

Also, in the same Bussola piece there is a hint that another book is coming with contributions of 11 bishops and cardinals… all Africans!

You can guess what side of the marriage and the sodomy issues they will be on!