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Triple Face PalmToday we follow-up with some running analysis that tries to explain the recent actions of Francis with respect to his confirming that the SSPX have supplied jurisdiction through a “state of necessity” for the salvation of souls that exists in the Universal Church. For those who have not been over to the Harvesting the Fruits blog, here are the two post that explain the significance of this unilateral decision by Francis: see here and here.

The question that was then posed is why? In my humble opinion, I think Francis’ actions are directly linked to the upcoming synod, and I will try to explain why.

But before I start with today’s subject matter, I would just like to point your attention to a recurrent theme of this blog, namely that the upcoming Stealth Sex Synod has a TRUE AGENDA and that TRUE AGENDA is about two words and only two words, i.e. INTRINSIC DISORDER. The sole aim of the Stealth Sex Synod™, i.e. the TRUE AGENDA is simply to expunge these two words from the Catholic Catechism and Code of Canon Law. The issue of “the family”, communion for divorced and remarried, concubinage and all other tangential issues are just fig leafs to make it look like the Synod is tackling issues that encompass a large section of the Catholic population, while in fact what they are after only affects 1% of this population, if even that. I have published on this topic numerous posts, one of which is titled So It Was The Homo Agenda All Along. (see here)

The reason that I am bringing this up now is that this blogger has obtain confirmation as to the accuracy of the above mentioned analysis. It comes by way of Fr. Z and his post titled Smoking Gun Book™ about last year’s chaotic Synod. The relevent passage is here: (see here)

BTW… I don’t think that Communion for the divorced and remarried is going to get anywhere.  I don’t think that that was the true agenda from the start.  There is some discussion of a certain lobby at work.  But I digress….

This above position is exactly what our Peirce/Ockham pragmatic methodology (see here) indicated as far back as the 18th of December 2014 which we first presented in our post titled the Synod of the Three Paragraphs (see here).

Numquam Ponenda est Pluralitas Sine Necessitate, indeed!

So now that we have added to our street cred thanks to Fr. Z, lets looks closer at the supplied jurisdiction issue and explain what it is most likely about.

Before I get into the detail, I would like to point your attention to the Sandro Magister post titled Father Lombardi, the Mouth of Truth (see here) As Magister points out, Francis has created a “parallel curia” around him who give him advice and make decisions outside of the formal Curia structure. They even schedule meetings and audiences without telling poor Fr. Lombardi. Understanding this situation will help understand the supplied jurisdiction issue.

Now that we understand the situation inside the Sacred Vatican Walls, i.e. chaos, we can assess the proper context of what Francis did and motives behind his actions.

With respect to what Francis did, or rather the form in which he did it, he no doubt received advice on a “political” level, without checking what the canonical consequences of his actions would imply. On an aside, this is the reason why a pope has a Curia, to make sure that that which he “produces” does not have any unintended consequences.

Now to Francis’ specific action. The way in which one needs to look at what Francis did is by looking what was done in a similar situation by BXVI. An analogous situation was the lifting of the excommunication of the SSPX bishops. This was done in the form of a DECREE REMITTING THE EXCOMMUNICATION “LATAE SENTENTIAE” OF THE BISHOPS OF THE SOCIETY OF ST PIUS X (see here)  through the Congregation for Bishops. This was an official Vatican document in which BXVI exercised his legitimate power to lift canonical penalties that are reserved to the Holy See. This was the basis of this decision.

Now with respect to Francis. Francis acted unilaterally. As per Louie’s brilliant analysis in the post linked to above, what Francis did was outside the normal channel for such decisions. In other words, the Curia (CDF in this case) was most certainly not informed. If you look at the paragraph that Louie Verrecchio posted where Francis “confirms” that the SSPX has “supplied jurisdiction”, we see no explicit canonical basis on which Francis makes his decision. But just because Francis does not reference a canonical basis, does not mean that one does not exist. In this case, the canonical basis is assumed. And since Francis uses the same “phraseology” that the SSPX (their canonists) use when explaining their supplied jurisdiction, it confirms that Francis confirms that their position is an OBJECTIVELY CORRECT position.

And the ONLY way that they could have obtained the supplied jurisdiction (have an OBJECTIVELY CORRECT position) is through “extraordinary supplied jurisdiction” granted the Catholic Church under a “state of necessity” for the salvation of souls that exists in the Universal Church. (see here)

Or to look at it another way, if Francis confirms that the SSPX have “supplied jurisdiction” at any time after the excommunication in 1988, then it is only logical that they have always had it and simultaneously confirms that they obtained it through the “state of necessity”.

They could not have gotten it any other way!

Now as to Francis’ motives. I think that the SSPX are only pawn in this situation. The object of Francis’ actions is most likely Card. Muller. Since he has created for himself the function of “theological structurer”, Francis was blocked from using a formal mechanism (a la papal decree) since it would not get past the CDF. On an aside, card. Muller is the arch-nemesis of the SSPX in the Curia, so even a hint of what Francis was up to would have created a shit storm.

So Francis needed a sneaky mechanism to go around the “system” and he accomplished it through a simple letter to an archbishop. He found a “clever solution”, but it turns out that the solution was “too clever by half”. It created a whole host of unintended consequences that his theologically challenged pseudo-canonists from his parallel curia did not even fathom. For an example of one of these geniuses, please follow this link: see here.

So now to the motivation. What Francis was trying to do in my humble opinion was to demonstrate how “wide and large” is the scope of his concept of mercy. This was no doubt done to create friction among the orthodox/Catholic bishops at the upcoming synod. It pits Card. Muller (anti-SSPX) against card. Brandmuller and Archbishop Schneider (pro-SSPX). And there are a lot of bishops who support the SSPX secretly, so this was done to give them an olive branch. As to this most likely motivation, Mundabor has an excellent post on just this with a similar take. Please follow the link here.

And on a related note, the other thing that Francis is doing is changing the rules at the upcoming synod to a simple majority vote (no longer 2/3). I will put up the relevent link in due course here and will address this subject matter in an upcoming post.

So summa summarum, the most likely explanation for the “generous” act of Francis was driven by the TRUE AGENDA of the upcoming Stealth Sex Synod™ that will begin in 32 days from today.

The most likely situation is that Francis has made “undertakings” to “a certain bishops’ conference that is in fact a front for a certain lobby” (see here) and now he needs to perform. He has a problem with the synod bishops that the episcopal conferences are sending over since they are overwhelmingly of the orthodox/Catholic variety. The heterodox forces are vastly outnumbered, but cash rich. And if there is anything that we have learned about post-conciliar modernists, it is always a case of following the money. But since these cash rich conferences have not had too much luck in buying off the orthodox bishops, such as the Poles or the Africans, Francis needs to throw them a life line.

In order to help the Kasperian/Bergoglian “theology done on the knees”, whose TRUE AGENDA is nothing more than to expunge the two words INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED from the Catholic Catechism and Code of Canon Law, Francis implemented a “as wide as possible scope” of FrancisMercy. Since this FrancisMercy up to now was only shown to serial adulterers, individuals living in concubinage and sexual deviants, Francis felt that he needed to throw a bone to orthodox/Catholics. You know the ones (see here).

So he went about in his usual sloppy manner as per text above. The motivation was no doubt to create strife among the conservatives and neo-conservatives in order break up their unity at the upcoming Synod. Remember, disunity among the conservatives is good for Francis and Kasper.

Divide et Impera!

But the omnipresent sloppiness of this papacy in general and of Francis’ action with respect to this issue, created unintended consequences. The main unintended consequence is that the leader of the forces of modernist Rome inadvertently confirmed the validity of the position of Archbishop Lefebvre and the correctness of the CANONICAL position under which the SSPX functions inside of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

On a higher level, one can say that the law of non-contradiction has finally caught up with the neo-modernists.

And all one can say at this point is: chalk one up for the God of surprises!