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Risk EventYesterday we hit the 30 day mark to the start of the Synod of Bishops of 2015, or what we have termed the Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015. The reason we have designated the upcoming second half of this bi-synod as such, is due to the fact that through our analytical methodology (see here), we have have been able to determine without any reasonable doubt, that the TRUE AGENDA driving this entire synod process can be condensed to two words:


To state the TRUE AGENDA more precisely, it can be reduced down to the following statement:

The TRUE AGENDA of the Synod of Bishops is to PURGE the words INTRINSICALLY DISORDER from the Catholic Catechism and the Code of Canon Law.

We first determined that this is in fact the case in the post titled The Synod of the Three Paragraphs from the 18th of December 2014 (see here). Since then, we have been observing the developments and have been chronicling the accumulation of supporting evidence for the above hypothesis in subsequent posts. Two subsequent posts need to be noted here and they are Meet BIG GENDER (see here) and So It Was The Homo Agenda All Along (see here). One further post needs to be mentioned at this time and that post is the most recent one titled The Law of Unintended Consequences Bites! (see here) where we documented that Fr. Z writes:

BTW… I don’t think that Communion for the divorced and remarried is going to get anywhere. I don’t think that that was the true agenda from the start. There is some discussion of a certain lobby at work. But I digress….

Given what we have established to date, the above stated definition of the TRUE AGENDA of the Secret Synod of Bishops of 2014 and the Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015 is indeed an objectively correct definition of what is the driving force behind the entire Synod process.

Having established the end goal of the Stealth Sex Synod™, over the course of the following 29 days leading up to the Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015 and the 21 days over which this Synod will be playing out, this blog will be providing a running commentary on the specific developments as they take place and the implications behind them.

This blogger will be focusing exclusively on the STRATEGY AND TACTICS of this attempt by the heterodox/heretical delegates of the Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015 to engineer a “corruption” of the language that will appear in the final Synod Relatio document, a “corruption” of language that will allow Francis, the bishop of Rome to change the “practice”with respect to Catholic moral teaching on aberro-sexuality ” in his Apostolic Exhortation that will be promulgated at the end of this process. And needless to say, this resulting corruption of Catholic moral teaching in the area of aberro-sexsuality is designed to subvert Natural moral law and the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.

So the stakes could not be any higher in the upcoming Stealth Sex Synod of 2015 with its “small”embedded risk event.

So let’s get started, shall we?

To get the ball rolling, we will start from a “high level” and work our way down, taking it by the numbers. To understand why this is happening, I am reproducing a post that appeared on the Eponymous Flower blog. (see original here) It gives an excellent BIG PICTURE introduction into what is happening, why it is happening and a description of the underlying process and forces who are lined up behind the heterodox/heretical bishops, driving this process to destroy the only means of salvation given to man.

This below post will be our jump-off point in the run up to the Stealth Sex Synod™ of 2015 which convenes on the 5th of October 2015.

And one final word before we start, the term Gnosticism is key.

I am re-blogging this Eponymous Flower post:


The Third World War Has Already Begun — And It is Being Waged Against the Church

(Rome) The financial expert and banker Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was President of the Vatican Bank IOR from 2009 to 2012. During his presidency, incisive reforms to increase transparency were made. Through it was through an opaque machination that he lost his job but was rehabilitated by the judiciary.

Today he writes commentaries on current world events for the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano and the business newspaper Il Sole-24Ore.

In the Catholic online daily Nuova Bussola Quotidianahe on September 1st, he published an essay on the battle between Church and Gnosticism.

The Third World War has already broken out – against the Church

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi –

Recently, all seem – the Catholic world with included – anxious to avoid a supposedly predictable Third World War, triggered by religious fundamentalism, nationalism, racism and forms of discrimination, that globalism which has dramatically accelerated terrorism.

To avoid it (instead of developing strategies to address these problems and to solve them) it seems to have agreed instead to identify the first “cause” of this danger in what Gnosticism had always wanted to destroy: in the Christian faith.
With regard to catholicity, the action focused initially on two issues: the relativity of human dignity and of religious dogmas.

Then they appear to have tried to persuade of a reasonable advance in ecumenism for an already multicultural and multi-religious world, trying to make you think that the truth emerges from dialogue.

Then they seem to have tried to persuade the Church to recognize the infallibility of personal conscience and reduce its of moral authority.
To as it seems decided, would have us believe that the moral misery is a result of economic misery.

The Church is encouraged to separate itself from her possessions and to distribute them and abandon evangelization.

This is justified rationally: evangelization is inconsistent with the multi-religious and multi-cultural historical reality, depriving neighbor of his freedom and dangerously harming the cultures of other peoples.

It seems they have decided to let the immigration process to accelerate…

And to explain it is necessary, useful and compelling (to close the population gab to make more cultural diversity…).

Meanwhile, the inexorable process is evident throughout the “civilized” world to impose “civilized” conformist laws on the moral vision and the moral behavior (the origin of the conflict).

The Church is encouraged (and seems itself to encourage), to deal with comforting, and educate less.

It is far more serious that the whole world should accept the “ecological” program as a world religion that unites all nations of the earth.

With all due respect: there are fears that a third world war is breaking out or has already broken

and is being defeated by the Gnosis of the 21st century that has overwhelmed Christendom?

It appears namely that Gnosis has defeated evangelization.

There is at this point a consideration to make:

We Catholics have always thought that God writes history and that this story is the eternal conflict between Gnosticism and Revelation.

We have always thought that the trained conscience recognizes what is good and evil, and determines the meaning of our lives and our actions; for Christianity has always influenced history in this way, although Gnosis has always stood in its way, and that it has always tried to eradicate this “sense”.

I would ask the reader but to consider something else. In the history of the past 2000 years to make it, a, like ours, global spread, which in its line of argumentation is “absurd” (remember: founded on the incarnation of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit, founded on the resurrection! ) where neither the logic applies nor could reason (sic et simpliciter), nor on the lie, nor on mere hope, nor coercion and conquest: How could one not believe that history is directly written by God through his grace?

Now we no longer believe that?

But we go one step further. Those who accept Christianity, there can not engage it by striving for power (those who have tried, have lost) nor looking for pleasure, success, etc. Those who have embraced Christianity, knew, indeed according to their estate, that they must separate from the world, knew that they must renounce it and carry the cross.

So how could you think that Christianity alone would, without God, have survived and written history under these conditions?

But why do we fear these times, these challenges, the new persecutions and dangers of today?

History was written thanks to the effort to make known the truth.

This effort succeeded only as long as that which “was worldly, was subordinated to the otherworldly.”

Today, in order to tackle the issues mentioned above, the consequences of globalization are (to simplify), demanded more than ever, to affirm truth in order to create a truly global society which is based on real human rights and not just on an unsustainable accumulation of cultures without anything that really unites them.

Therefore Gnosticism suggests that all unite in a form of “pseudo-religious” and Malthusian environmentalism.

Do we want to allow this?

The history of mankind is understood, in understanding the role of the Church, because only the church can express and restore the meaning and order of creation. [!]

If this should not happen, our historical epoch will become sterile and even harmful for our children and descendants, we would leave them a totally different legacy than just leaving them a damaged environment … much worse: We would leave them a damaged morality, a damaged culture. Do we understand that?

If the church is no longer teacher, original sin explodes in thought and action of man.

When the church leaves the conscience of man freely infected by the motives of the alleged dominant cultures and fashions, man goes astray.

If the church does not evangelize, it deprives people of the right to know Christ.

History can not be written with the Gnostic and nihilistic disorder.

One can not simply limit himself to observing and to expressing opinions that are requested by the prevailing culture. One can not limit himself to consolation rather than to instruct, rather than calling to prayer and to confirm and give the sacraments.

It is also written in the encyclical Lumen Fidei. This is how the reins of history are taken in hand again.

Above all, we must not be afraid.

What’s good for the wolves, can not be good for the lambs.

Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image NBQ / MiL
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com
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