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In our last post, I re-published a translation of the Die Welt article that was authored by Julius Muller-Meiningen and appeared on September 10, 2015. Today we will put it into context, in order to assess its significance.

First some background to set the stage. The present Civil War began at the Secret Synod of Bishops of 2014. I laid out the case in the post titled It’s Civil War, I Tell You! (see here). We left off that post with the following final thoughts:

So just to sum up. Francis and the Curia, which serves as a proxy for the Synod Bishops and the Catholic “establishment” in general, are engaged in a “civil war” behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. The Curia, led by Card. Muller has effectively stripped Francis of his teaching office. Documents produced by Francis need to be accepted by the “theological structurer” at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

This is where we pick up today.

The significance of the Die Welt article is that it demonstrates the correctness of our analysis, while also illustrating the lengths to which Francis will go to circumvent the “normal” Vatican curial process to try to force his agenda on the Catholic Magisterium.

With respect to what is written above, what is important to understand is the “bunker” mentality that presently exists in Francis’ circle of associates, a.k.a. TEAMFRANCIS. Here is the relevent passage:

The main accusations [against Francis] are that the Pope bypassed the committees that are in charge of this matter that is of such fundamental importance to the church, and that he has introduced de facto “Catholic divorce”.

What is of relevance here is that the “theological structurer” has been circumvented. As explained in our post titled Theological Structuring? Francis Don’t Need No Stinking Theological Structuring! from the 16th of May 2015 (see here), Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith “created” a new and novel function at the CDF known as “theological structuring”. As explained in our post, the reason behind this new “functionality” was due to the theological mess that was the “encyclical” (see here) Laudato Si, a testament to the glaring incompetence and heterodoxy of Francis and his “theological” advisers.

The manner in which Francis circumvented the “theological structuring” facility of the CDF is through:

A commission put together by the Pope, which had been ordered to keep silent, quietly drafted the [new] legislation.

In Edward Pentin’s article that we featured in our post titled A New Ottaviani Intervention? (see here) we find the following detail:

Instead, the papal commission that drafted the motu proprio had been ordered to keep silent throughout the drafting process, probably to avoid the reforms being thwarted by the CDF and others in the curia.

But just in case, a “double secret” hedge was instituted:

But the report also alleges that even the commission did not see the final draft…

In other words, the commission could not be trusted either. Be that as it may, word did get out of the intentions of publishing the moto proprio. Further we read that:

…an Italian cardinal along with two others “fiercely” tried to prevent the motu proprio being published before the synod but without success.

And just to finish the story, the atmosphere behind the Sacred Vatican Walls must have been very heated since:

Some prelates even feel physical aggression coming up against the Pontiff, and they’re even willing to say so under cover of anonymity [<– this last sentence has since been removed from the German original, without acknowledgment —Transl., 12-SEP-15].

What this means is that those prelates who intervened against the “super secret moto proprio” were threatened with physical violence. Hence our title of this post and the above clip.

So this is the background. But what is still needed is a logical explanation for why all of this has come to pass.

To understand the “why” of the above, two additional pieces of information are required. The first thing here that must be understood is the OBJECTIVE FACT that the Francis pontificate is “petering out”. No pun intended. We have documented just this phenomenon in a series of posts, the last ones titled Francis Effect Upgraded To Francis Disaster (see here) and The Setting Sun (see here). In this first post we wrote the following:

Please notice that the drop during the attendance  at the Vespers with altar boys in 2015 was a negative 82% (- 82%) {(50,000-9,000)/50,000}. In the post titled Only 9,000 Gather With Francis For Ash Wednesday’s Angelus, the number of attendance in the last year of Benedict XVI’s reign was given as: “A measly 50,000 Faithful showed up for B XVI last Ash Wednesday”. Again we see this proportion of Faithful attending Francis events versus Benedict events of 9,000 and 50,000 respectively. Therefore, the attendance figures for the Vespers event confirms the attendance figures for the Ash Wednesday Angelus. The further significance of these two independent and unrelated data points, data points that provide almost identical attendance figures and by extension the same proportions, is not without significance. What we could be dealing with here is a quantitative representation of the destruction that Francis has wrought on Catholic Church as an institution in just two short years of his reign.

Since the above was posted on the 6th of August 2015, we have further confirmation of what we call the REAL FRANCIS EFFECT. In a post titled Philadelphia hotels slashing prices for pope’s visit (see here), we find the following information:

About 3,000 of the 11,200 rooms in the city’s downtown were still available two weeks away from the pontiff’s Sept. 26 arrival, said Ed Grose, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association.

Hotels were slashing rates, skipping minimum stay requirements and tossing in extras like subway tokens and bags full of Philadelphia-centric snacks to lure guests for the two-day visit.

“In some cases, it’s actually more affordable now than during a large, citywide convention,” Grose said. “It varies on what’s going on in the city, but I can assure you the rates I’m seeing now are very competitive.”

Further in the article, we read the following:

SEPTA, the regional transit agency, said it sold just 60,000 passes for special commuter trains to the outdoor Mass – about 115,000 fewer than expected. About 1,100 buses have registered to bring people to papal events. Organizers had predicted 5,000 buses would sign up.

Notice how the proportions resemble those from the above Francis Effect Upgraded To Francis Disaster post. Outdoor mass is 34% of that expected (60,000/175,000) while the “buses” figure is at 22% (1100/5000) or in line with the percentages coming to Francis functions in Rome when compared to the numbers seen when Benedict occupied the Throne of St. Peter. So the REAL FRANCIS EFFECT has been spotted in Philadelphia.

To add insult to injury, in a post titled Pope Francis: Has the Time of the Cross Come? from the 24th of August of this year (see here), Andrea Gagliarducci has written the following text:

Fr. Ostojic (Ed note: Francis’ former confessor) words were prophetic, as Pope Francis’ pontificate has been until now more a media papacy than a real one, a papacy full of difficulties, and even of contradictions, but certainly in many cases over-interpreted. In the end the media have been anxious from the beginning to credit Francis for revolutions that never took place or for changes that came to be during his pontificate only thanks to the huge amount of work carried out during the previous pontificates.

The significance of the above text is this: when Vatican watchers such as Andrea Gagliarducci are openly writing that the Francis papacy “has been until now more of a media papacy than a real one”, they must feel very confident that their sources “will not protest”, and cut them off from the “inside scoop”.

On a related topic, what we are seeing is what we termed The Soap Bubble Papacy™ being systematically deflated.

Which brings us to the second underlying issue that is critical in order to understand the tense situation behind the Sacred Vatican Walls, the issue that is destroying the Francis pontificate. This is the issue of the national episcopate conferences and by extension the bi-synod bishops that are overwhelmingly in opposition to Francis. This issue we explained thoroughly in our post titled Francis’ Nash Equilibrium (see here) and Taking The Nash Equilibrium Out For A Spin (see here).

Without running too long, summing up the situation at present, what we have seen is the following: The REAL FRANCIS EFFECT is destroying the Francis Soap Bubble Papacy™ since it is providing OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE that Francis is not very well liked by the Catholic Faithful in general.

In order to generate “buzz” and get people back into St. Peter’s Square and Francis’ audiences, Francis and his advisors are trying to grovel to a “special interest group” who they seem to think is quite large. This group is the public adulterers. This “special interest” group is needed to put bodies into the Francis events so that the media can continue their artificial narrative of Francis, the popular Pontiff of Mercy.

If in turn, the Faithful do not start appearing at the Francis functions, like the one in Philadelphia,  then the media, who have been anxious from the beginning to credit Francis for revolutions that never took place or for changes that came to be during his pontificate only thanks to the huge amount of work carried out during the previous pontificates, will not be able to maintain the current narrative.

And if Francis looses the media, this papacy is no more. A dead parrot! (please see here)

Which is why TEAMFRANCIS is so anxious to do something, anything to pander to any group that they think is represented in large enough numbers in the Catholic Church, which they think can keep the Soap Bubble Papacy™ inflated for just a little while longer.

The entire Homo-Agenda is riding on it! (see here)

And from what is written in the Julius Muller-Meiningen article, it would appear as if  they have even resorted to threatening the Curia staff with physical violence, in order to get their way.