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Today I am re-blogging a post I published at the beginning of June. Since we are under a forthight to the start of the the Stealth Sex Synod of 2015, your humble blogger will be focusing on the TRUE AGENDA of this bi-synod process, i.e.  Introducing Gender into the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Code of Canon Law.

The reason that I am reblogging today is due to a very good post on the background of the Moving The Goal Posts post that appeared on the always excellant Dallas Area Catholics blog (see here). These two post, when read together provide very concise and insightful context of where we are today and how we got here.


The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Stalin Transform NatureIn yesterday’s post, (see here) we provided the background and definitive proof for the hypothesis in which we posited as early as on the 18th of December 2014, that it was the promotion of the aberro-sexual agenda, i.e. all forms of sexual activity that are considered “intrinsically and or morally disordered”, that was the TRUE AGENDA of TEAMFRANCIS at the Secret Synod of 2014. Our hypothesis turned out to be correct and definitively confirmed by the “instigator” of the entire Synod process at the 2014 Consistory, the FrancisCardinal Walter Kasper. It was with a speech at this Consistory that FranCard. Kasper set the process in motion, a speech that laid out what we have labeled as the Bergoglian/Kasperian “theology done on the knees”.

Today we dig a bit deeper into the “closed-door meeting, masterminded by the German bishops’ conference under the leadership of Cardinal Marx”

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