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Gearing up for the BIG SHOW this upcoming week, I am republishing a post from the website of the US Society of St. Pius X. The original can be found here. The reason I am republishing this post is that it contains a compendium of links that give a very good big picture of what we have termed the Stealth Sex Synod™ of Bishops.

Furthermore I would like to draw your attention to Damian Thompson of the Spectator and to his Twitter account. I usually do not use Mr. Thompson as a source since I find some of his view questionable, to say the least. Having qualified, I would like to draw your attention to a recurring subject matter that runs through his posted Tweets, namely the scale of CORRUPTION in the manner in which this Synod was organized and is being executed. This CORRUPTION is not only evident for all to see, but is so glaring that even the most die-hard papal absolutists can no longer deny this fact. His Twitter link can be found at @holysmoke. I bring this to your attention since it is not only the Catholics who are all to aware of the unfolding situation, but the small “c”‘s likewise are admitting this fact and what’s more importantly, writing about it.

And finally, the REAL SYNOD begins Monday. As this blog has determined as early as December 18 of 2014, in a post titled The Synod of The Three Paragraphs (see here), and confirmed as recently as in the post titled The Trojan Horse (see here), the entire Synod was called for no other reason than to:


Given the above, it follows that this week will be the CRUCIAL WEEK. To put this in more historical terms, this is the week where Francis and his forces of Heterodoxy will attempt to cross the Rubicon.

Alea Iacta Est?

Closing, I am including a video at the beginning of this post that I found on the New Liturgical Movement website (see here). It should give you dear readers not only food for thought, but also show that there is an alternative to the FAILURE that is the Francis pontificate and the FAILURE that is the post-conciliar Church.

St. Michael Archangel, Defende nos in proelio.

Archbishop Lefebvre, Ora pro nobis.

And now, the SSPX re-post…



Problematic Synod on the Family: a list of texts

The 2014 Synod on the Family has been a cause of serious concern amongst Catholics due to statements made by some prelates that undermine the Church’s doctrinal and moral teachings on marriage and the family.

This grave situation has continued to persist throughout the preparations for the 2015 Synod on the Family, which will be held from October 4-25.

Below is a compilation of texts offered on our website related to the 2014 and 2015 Synods on the Family.

Negative effects of 2014 Synod

Has Catholic divorce arrived?

The Synod and “shameful affections”

The contagious infection of Kasperitis

Vatican blesses homosexual children’s books

Tensions persist for future Synod on Family

Synod’s troubles continue

Procedural issues at 2014 Synod

Unbelievable account on the Family Synod

New book tackles chaos of Family Synod

Speamann: it is irritating how Pope Francis prepares the Synod

Synod chief: “Pope preapproved interim report”

Is money at the root of the Synod?

The true story of this Synod

No open house at Synod on the Family

Preparations for 2015 Synod

Appeals ask Synod to reaffirm Church doctrine

Contrasting views amongst American Synod delegates

Secret preparations for upcoming Synod on Family

Contrary to God: Instrumentum Laboris

Has Pope Francis changed his mind?

Backdrop to 2014 Synod

Survey confirms Catholics’ rejection of morals

The Vatican’s survey on family matters

Is the Faith surveyable?

Who’s clearly affirming Church’s teaching?

What the UN really wants from Catholic Church

What does this mean for the Church?

Is “galloping kasperitis” contagious?

Imminent break in the Church?

Pope Francis on defending the bond of marriage

Vatican II’s ecumenism is the foundation

“We blame the Council” for Synod’s problems

Moral ecumenism: bitter fruit of Vatican II

Vatican II: a much needed discussion

Fellay: doctrinal questions must be clarified

Reactions to scandalous statements
2 new books on the family by cardinals

Another cardinal speaks out against Kasper

Glorifying homosexuality sign of society’s end

Cardinal Kasper backtracks during interview

Synod “black mark” for Holy See: Bishop Schneider

Marx’s claim is “ridiculous” says Burke

“Cardinal Marx is contradicting Church dogma”

Family Synod infringes on Vatican I: de Mattei

Aggiornamento of Cardinal Marx

“I will resist”: Burke affirms

New book affirms: divine law cannot change

Do not bless a divorce!

DICI editor examines Kasper’s ecumenism

Kasper responds to criticism: “the pope approved”

Fellay: “we cannot wait, without speaking up”

New approach to the divorced and “remarried”

Kasper’s new pastoral approach to marriage

Kasper’s confusion

Mixed in with the above concerns is the beatification of Pope Paul VI that occurred during the 2014 Synod’s conclusion on October 19th: