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Synod 50 year anniversary

Not the cardinals, bishops or clergy.

Short post today.

Here is what the Paul VI Hall for 50th anniversary of the synod commemoration looked like: (photo: )

Just to remind you dear reader, the Synod was one of the Vatican II novelties that Paul  VI introduced to be more like the schismatics (Anglicans and Orthodox). Good background and commentary is provided by Louie Verrecchio in his post Synod Walkout Petition: Why I’m not signing (see here).

On an aside, I do not agree with Louie on this one. I think it was a brilliant move that gave Cardinal Pell a great weapon to really whack Francis. I will write more about this later and excuse the digression…

Here is what Louie wrote about the synod novelty:

The Holy Catholic Church, by the will of her Founder and Head, is monarchical, by contrast, with Sovereign authority uniquely vested in the pope through whom Christ the King reigns vicariously.

Speaking of which, the present day Synod of Bishops was instituted by Pope Paul VI of most bitter memory with the Apostolic Letter, Apostolica Sollicitudo, which establishes among its purposes:

To facilitate agreement, at least on essential matters of doctrine and on the course of action to be taken in the life of the Church.

The undeniable truth is that there are no “essential matters of doctrine” about which legitimate disagreement exists. As such, the very idea of such a Synod is untenable; regardless of the parliamentary rules by which it proposes to function.

Finally, I would just add that the Pauline synod, just like the post conciliar church is not exempt from the laws of nature. One of the fundamental laws is that all things that are of this world will one day die. One manner of dying is through atrophy. In pathology, atrophy is defined as: a wasting away of the body or of an organ or part, as from defective nutrition or nerve damage.

What we are seeing is the state of atrophy setting in, in the Francis pontificate. The vital “body organs” of the “spirit of the new springtime of Vatican II” have deteriorated to such an extent that Francis can’t even fill a conference hall with 300 synod bishops and cardinals and their entourage and the catholic and mainstream media in town.

How pathetic is that?

And lastly, the fate of the Francis pontificate and the entire synod process is exactly that as that of the Norwegian Blue in this video:

Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!

PS h/t to Rich Raho @RichRaho

UPDATE 11:40 20 October 2015

More pictures from the “Who cares” anniversary at the Call Me Jorge blog. (See here)