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Francis and Tagle

Today’s post is a long one, but look at the bright side, it’s almost the weekend.

We return today to the Giuseppi Nardi post on the Eponymous Flower blog which I mentioned in yesterday’s post titled Trapped, Like Rats (see here). This post contains many data points, i.e. (facts) that have been added to our data file for input into Pierce/Ockham pragmatic model (see here) going forward. So today we will put on our “Vaticanista” hat and unpack the new information which is contained in the Nardi text.

First as usual, some background.

If there is one thing that Francis is obsessed with, it is the IMPERATIVE that his REVOLUTION lives after he has gone to his JUST REWARD. And in all likelihood, if what Our Lord said is to be believed (I am bewildered that I just wrote that), it would not be where souls are “extinguished”, if you know what I mean. The proof that we have for this assertion is from the musings of the Archbishop of Tibernia and the “kissing expert” Victor Manuel Fernandez. Here is the relevent passage:

The pope goes slow because he wants to be sure that the changes have a deep impact. The slow pace is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the changes. He knows there are those hoping that the next pope will be turn everything back around. If you go slowly it’s more difficult to turn things back. He makes this clear when he says ‘time is greater than space.’”

And just to conclude the point, the best way to make sure that the next pope doesn’t “crush your revolution”, is to get another revolutionary elected.

Furthermore, we know that Francis and the “mafia” who got him elected, commonly refered to as Team Bergoglio have been trying to identify and promote a successor to Francis, one who they feel can be elected and continue Francis’ work of destroying the Church as Our Lord founded it.

Here is the background provided by Andrea Gagliarducci from the MondayVatican blog post titled Pope Francis” Which Peripheries? from the12th of January, 2015: (emphasis and bolding added)

All of the Cardinals in the alleged ‘team Bergoglio’ are promoters of a progressivist agenda, one that favors a less doctrinal and more pastoral Church, an agenda of mercy that could not care less about justice. All of these Cardinals knew that Bergoglio, filled with the Latin American periphery’s anti-Roman sentiment, would back the reforms they hoped to see enacted. Nevertheless, they probably already have someone in mind for the next conclave.

The initial candidate appeared to be the young Filipino, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. Here is Gagliarducci again:

A very strong pretender to the throne may be Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Filipino, young, esteemed in progressivist circles for his contribution to the “History of the Second Vatican Council”, an account of the Council drafted by the group of scholars belonging to the so-called ‘Bologna School’ who interpret it as a rupture, and not as a continuity, in the Church’s tradition.

The reason why Cd. Tagle was selected, was that he is young and appears to be electable. Here is more on this from Gagliarducci:

Cardinal Tagle, who would be the first Asian Pope (thus initially providing good media impact), is young and is viewed sympathetically by many. While he is committed to hyper-orthodox struggles (for example, against the abortion bill in the Philippines), he is also considered one of those bishops who may be more flexible in managing the Church, who would back a certain progressive agenda and accept advice. Some of the Vatican’s most attentive insiders note that Cardinal Tagle is never over-exposed to the media spotlight. But his ascent seems unavoidable: He seems to be among the most favored to take over the presidency of Caritas Internationalis in February when Cardinal Oscar Andrès Maradiaga, coordinator of the Council of Cardinals, ends his second term.

So from the above text, one can assume that the problem that Team Bergoglio saw with their candidate was Cardinal Tagle’s “under exposure” to the media spotlight, which would hinder him from making the desired “initial good media impact” in the lead up to the next conclave.

So how does one go about solving an “under exposure problem” with their candidate? Well, by giving him exposure. And here is how they did it.

The supporting evidence for this HYPOTHESIS comes from such facts as:

The first major Francis long distance trip which he scheduled ( Rio doesn’t count since it was World Youth Day and Korea also doesn’t could since that was Asian Youth Day) was to the Philipines on the 13th to 19th January 2015. This trip was nothing  short of a promotional arrangement to promote cd. Tagle. The Philipines was most likely selected for a papal trip since Francis already was experiencing problems with attendance figures (see here and here from the 23 November 2014 Strasbourg excursion) and Manila could provide him with the bodies since cities that are basically overcrowded slums have one thing above everything else, and that is bodies. (see here)

As suggested by Gagliarducci, Francis subsequently went and made Cd. Tagle the head of Caritas, replacing the Vice Pope “Chill out Bro” Maradiaga. (see here)

In February 2014, Francis named Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle as one of the Synod’s 3 presidents-delegate. In this landmark of Francis’ papacy, Tagle served as a deputy of the Pope, the Synod’s president. Representing Asia, the Manila archbishop presided over the Synod’s discussions “in the name and by the authority of the Pope.” (see here)


Under Francis, Tagle alone received 5 new international positions in the Catholic Church. (also see here)

And the reason given for this rash of appointments to Curial positions is:

Pontifical councils and congregations belong to the Roman Curia, a set of offices designed to help the Pope, which Francis wants to reform because it has also bred intrigue and corruption. (also see here)

Summa summarum, what one can infer from the above is that Cd. Tagle is one of Francis’s most trusted capos associates in the Curia and Team Francis have been giving our young “Bologna School ” associated and German backed cleric exposure in the universal church. The reason for the promotion of Cd. Tagle as the “anointed one” was that the Germans, who act as the clerical front men for the GENDER LOBBY, (see here) had accepted Cd. Luis Tagle as Francis’ heir apparent since he “would back a certain agenda and accept advice”. And all that was left is for the Francis to continue his revolution and wait for the “right time” for Bergoglio to leave office and pass on the reigns to his IDEOLOGICAL successor.

And since, according to Archbishop Fernandez…

“The people are with (Francis) and not with his few adversaries,” he said in an exclusive published Sunday in the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera.

all that was left to do is allow Francis to revolutionize and wait.

Happy days!

Well, not really.

It now appears that something has changed.

And that which has changed is explained in the Giussepi Nardi post on the Eponymous Flower blog. (see here) This post is a translation of a La Republica article that appeared  written by the Vaticanist Marco Ansaldo “which caused a stir among Catholics on the crucial final phase of the Synod”. The most likely reason that this article appeared in Eugenio Scalfari’s La Republica is that Francis reads Eugenio Scalfari’s La Republica daily. Therefore, whatever message the author(s) or people behind the article wanted to send to Francis, it most likely was received by the intended party.

As to the message itself, it would appear that Franics’ annointed successor, the young Cd. Tagle is “swimming with the fishes”, figuratively speaking of course. The reason that Cd. Tagle is swimming with the fishes is due to his close association with Francis. And because of this close association, it would appear that to the GENDER LOBBY, Cd. Tagle has become unelectable at the next conclave.

Reading between the lines of the Nardi post, it would appear that the new favorite of the GENDER LOBBY has been “anointed” and it is none other than the openly homo-heretical clericalist archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. And the reason why he appears to be the new GENDER LOBBY candidate is that he “has a known association” with Benedict XVI.

On an aside, you dear reader know of the logical fallacy of “guilt by association“, now I bring you “acceptance by association”. But I digress…

In other words, a consensus candidate.

Here is how the facts and their interpretation shape up.

Schönborn’s diplomacy succeeded, says Ansaldo, between the progressives, with whom he  is known in terms of remarried divorcees and homosexuality several times and the Ratzingerians of which he is commonly reckoned as a student of Ratzinger, as part of the staff at the Congregation and for his promotion.

In other words, the GENDER LOBBY realizes that the mess that Francis has made, has become a liability for not just him and not just for anyone closely associated with him, but for the entire HOMO LOBBY funded-German fronted HOMO AGENDA.

Independent corroborating evidence can be inferred from an anonymous source, who provided the New Yorker magazine, picked up by recent post at the Call Me Jorge blog, with the following information: (see here)

“If a conclave were to be held today, Francis would be lucky to get ten votes.  He gets an A-plus on public relations, but an F on all the rest.” 


So obviously noting that Bergoglio gets “an F on the rest”, it would appear as if the GENDER LOBBY launched a preemptive strike and appears to have found a new candidate.

When reading the Nardi post, what needs to be kept in mind is the distinction between what are the known facts and what is the spin. The known facts are that a meeting between Bendict XVI and Cd. Shonborn took place. But what was said at the meeting is just speculation for the time being.

The most important fact which provides context for the article (and maybe the meeting itself) is the following:

…The fact is that the indignation was great among the synod, as  the unaltered final documented of instrumentum laboris was submitted to Pope Francis after three weeks of synod  work, being so heavily criticized by so many.

This is confirmed by the de Mattei article. (see here) The indignation was caused by the following:

The fact is, therefore, which is confirmed by representatives from all sides,  that this document would not have found a majority in the Synod. The fact is so established that thus, a serious rift would become visible in the Church. A crack, its unforeseeable consequences triggered nervousness and anxiety among some Synod Fathers, also among the defenders of marriage and morality. 

In other words, Francis’ position, as represented by the Synod Secretariat who drafted and formally resubmitted the document to Francis, was one of “damn the consequences”. 

On the other hand, the Catholic Synod Father were concerned that what the Bergoglio-istas were trying to do is undermine the unity of the Church. So the Catholic Synod Fathers entered into negotiations to basically save Francis and his papacy from himself. Here is what happened next:

A crack of reason, and finally a new text was caused by frenetic negotiations, who found the necessary majority in the end, even if in the decisive section of remarried divorcees, around which the whole Synod had turned, only because of a single vote.

The rest is speculation and hearsay, but it does provide important information none the less.

What can be inferred from the rest is that Cd. Shonborn was presented to be the “diplomat” that “saved” the unity of Church from the Bergoglio-istas. Here is the way in which his actions were presented:

He (Cd. Shonborn) has, at least according to the portrayal, saved the Church from a veritable break and Pope Francis from  a loss of face, which could have had incalculable consequences also due to the personality aspect of the reigning Pope. (see here)

Furthermore, Cd. Shonborn has been presented as an electable alternative for the GENDER LOBBY. Here is that text:

Ansaldo wanted this bonus especially, to credit that Schönborn has internal connections in the Church , and is the scion of an old Frankish noble family that has produced many diplomats and bishops, bringing him into the picture as a predestined candidate for Francis’s successor, in other words, to bring him into play.

Just to recap, what we have here in all likelihood is the GENDER LOBBY using the Eugenio Scalfari’s La Republica platform to send a direct message to Francis. And this message is that Francis’ line of succession has been aborted.

What further needs to be noted is the following. The author Ansaldo involved Benedict XVI in the narrative. This implies that Benedict XVI has real authority with the overwhelming majority of the Synod Fathers. If he is still alive at the next conclave, his authority will have weight with respect to the selection of the next pope.

If it is TRUE that through Benedict’s intervention with Muller, the compromise was reached at the request of the Schonborn, i.e. the GENDER LOBBY, it would also suggest that Francis was not part of the process. Therefore, it would demonstrate that Francis is seen as a side-show (Mundabor would call it a CLOWN ACT), while the real decisions that impact the Universal Church are made behind his back. Which is highly probable.

With this new information provided by Nardi and with the violent and hateful haranguing that Francis dished out to the Synod Fathers in his final message, it can be assumed that Francis is not happy with the final document. Therefore, this must mean that the heretical clericalists fronting the GENDER LOBBY, i.e. Marx & co. negotiated a compromise that Francis did not want. Which in turn demonstrates just how not only out of touch, but more importantly, RADICAL Francis really is.

And finally, the information also allows us to infer that not only has Francis been marginalized from the real decision-making powers that control the Vatican, but that the clerics closely associated with him find themselves in the same boat. In other words, the stench of Francis has migrated to the Bergoglio-istas. And this is not a good sign for Francis, since he needs his lieutenants to execute his orders. Yet these young Turks, with careers to pursue seeing the shifting winds, will be less likely to execute Francis directives knowing that they will be “removed” from their positions of power and prestige once the Francis pontificate comes to an end.

And while we are on careerists and their ambitions, for poor Cd. Tagle, it would appear that his papacy hopes at the next conclave are already swimming with the fishes.