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Before we start today, a disclaimer.  The scene above contains vulgar language.

And now to the matter at hand.

More “fog of war lifting” coming by way of Giuseppe Nardi and the Eponymous Flower blog in today’s post. (see here) There are a lot of data points in it, so we will write a few posts on this subject matter. The picture that is emerging from this material is not pretty, but very informative. But before I get into the analysis, an introduction to frame the context of what transpired in the Synod hall on the morning of the Thursday, the 22nd of October 2015 is in order.

And as it just so happened, I ran across a passage written on one of the financial markets blogs (see here ) that I think represents the situation in the Synod Hall on that Thursday morning, at the moment when the Synod Fathers received the proposed Final Relatio from the Secretariat and started reading it.

A further reason that I used this passage and video is that it fits in so well with the narrative that is emerging from the entire by-synod process and the Stealth Sex Synod™ in particular. The scene can be viewed in the video at the beginning of the post. Once again, excuse the vulgar language. Here is the relevant passage:

I think we are all going to have a Henry Hill “Goodfellas” moment, where we think that we understand the conversation going on around us, where we think that we’re engaged with our social system in the usual way … and then everything will go sideways in a split second, and we will suddenly and with extreme clarity realize that we don’t understand anything at all except that we’re sitting at a table with a maniac.”

The part of the passage “where we think that we understand the conversation going on around us, where we think that we’re engaged with our social system in the usual way”, explains pretty accurately a visceral feeling that I have had for quite some time now with respect to both the bi-synods as well as the entire Francis pontificate.

Which brings me to the latest Giuseppe Nardi post. After reading this post, titled Will There be a Post-Synodal Letter?, I had what can be described as a minor Henry Hill moment. It was at this time that I suddenly, and with extreme clarity realized just how big of a maniac we are dealing with when we analyze Francis.

Furthermore, from the Nardi text, it would also appear that I am not the only one. It would also appear as if Cardinal Walter Kasper had his very own, and full blown Henry Hill “Goodfellas” moment on that fateful Thursday in October. I will explain this below.

From the information contained in this Eponymous Flower post, it is confirmed that there were in fact THREE FACTIONS engaging at the bi-synods. Here is how this “TRIPARTITE” was alluded to in our post from yesterday titled HOMO-LOBBY Aborts Francis’ Succession Line?. (see here) Here is the relevant passage:

If it is TRUE that through Benedict’s intervention with Muller, the compromise was reached at the request of the Schonborn, i.e. the GENDER LOBBY, it would also suggest that Francis was not part of the process. Therefore, it would demonstrate that Francis is seen as a side-show (Mundabor would call it a CLOWN ACT), while the real decisions that impact the Universal Church are made behind his back. Which is highly probable.

With the new information supplied by Giuseppe Nardi, we can confirm the existence of this TRIPARTITE and can now identify the individuals who led the respective parties and who had the decision making authority. We already knew that Francis was the decision maker behind the Secretariat and Cardinal Muller was the decision maker in the Catholic Synod Fathers. The new information in the Nardi post indicates that it was actually Cardinal Kasper (not Cd. “Bling” Marx” or Cd. Shonborn – who was just an alleged “emissary” to BXVI if the Ansaldo account is true) who had the decision making authority in the Heretical Clericalist group.

Furthermore, we can now infer the real intentions, i.e. TRUE AGENDA of the Kasper led Heretical Clericalists from the decisions that they made during this SYNOD CRISIS that ensued on that fateful Thursday morning, the 22nd of October 2015. Here is how the general situation unfolded.

  • The Secretariat Group had received the 13 CARDINAL LETTER on the 5th of October 2015 which was the opening day of the Synod deliberations.
  • The 13 CARDINAL LETTER  not only stunned the Secretariat, but forced them to agree to publish the Final Relatio which they would receive from the Synod and to be allowed a vote on the Final Relatio on Saturday the 24th of October 2015.
  • The initial Final Relatio document proposed by Synod Fathers with amendments, which was proposed to the Secretariat, was completely ignored by the Secretariat.
  • On the morning of the 22nd of October 2015, the Secretariat gave back to the Synod Fathers an un-amended version of the Instrumentum Laboris, which the Secretariat then tried to force onto the Synod Fathers as the final document, i.e. Final Relatio.
  • This Instrument Laboris as Final Relatio was then going to be voted on, on Saturday the 24th of October 2015.
  • The forced vote on the Final Relatio was also a consequence of the 13 Cardinal Letter.
  • If the Final Relatio would have been voted on in the form proposed by the Secretariat, it would not have received the mandatory 2/3 majority.
  • A rejection of the Final Relatio by the Synod Fathers would amount to a “public disavowal of Pope Francis” by the Synod Fathers.

Therefore, the situation whereby the Secretariat trying to force the un-amended Instrumentum Laboris onto the Synod Fathers as the Final Relatio, created the SYNOD CRISIS.

Here is how Nardi explains the situtation:

The Pope and his closest collaborators have improvised, since the letter of Thirteen and they have pretty badly improvised, wanting to impose the Laboris Instrumentum virtually unchanged on the synod as a final report.

The ramifications of allowing this SYNOD CRISIS to go horribly wrong were as follows:

At this point, the Synod would almost have failed and therefore was only likely to emerge for special observers, but not the public is for this pontificate like none yet previously in recent Church history.

In other words, if a vote was taken on the Instrumentum Laboris, this vote would have failed. And a FAILED PAPACY, especially on a fundamental article of Faith, i.e. the indissolubility of the Sacrament of Marriage would have been brought about by a “public disavowal of Pope Francis” by the Synod Fathers. (see here) The failure of this vote would have created the FAILED PAPACY over a fundamental tenant of the Catholic Faith. In other words, the Synod Fathers would have rejected a papal document that was contrary to the Catholic faith, i.e. a FORMALLY HERETICAL document. Their rejection could only have been understood as a rejection of a FORMALLY HERETICAL document ( a document not conforming to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle) that was presented to them by the Secretariat, i.e. Francis, and was subsequently publicly rejected “for all to see”. It would have been “something” that has not happened in recent Church history, i.e. post-conciliar Church.

Or to put it another way, the “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” chickens would have come home to roost!

A further implication of this passage is that on that Thursday morning, the Catholic Synod Fathers group and the Heretical Clericalists group both understood the ramifications for not only the Universal Church, but also for what we lovingly call the Novus Ordo sect on this blog, and the gravity of the situation in which the Secretariat had put the Synod Fathers, by trying to force the Instrumentum Laboris as the final synod document.

As for the head of the Heretical Clericalist group, Cardinal Walter Kasper, on that fateful Thursday morning, after beginning to read the Instrumentum Laboris disguised as the Final Relatio that the Secretariat wanted to bring up for a vote, he no doubt “encountered”  a moment when “everything went sideways in a split second, and he suddenly and with extreme clarity realized that he didn’t understand anything at all except that he’s sitting at a table with a maniac.”

And it was probably then, in this moment of extreme clarity, or what could be termed Cardinal Kasper’s “Goodfellas” Henry Hill moment, that he must have realized the sheer scale of the maniacal behavior that he and the Heretical Clericalists were engaging with, when engaging with thesocial system” of Francis and the clerics that stand behind his pontificate.

I will leave off here today and pick up this subject matter in my next post.