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A TeamToday we pick up where we left off yesterday, i.e. with more reflections on the situation going forward after the disastrous bi-Synods for both Francis, his papacy and the Universal Church.

Reading around the usual industry blogs and their comment boxes as well as various twitter hashtags and  Facebook pages, your humble blogger has noticed an interesting phenomenon. It would appear as if our side, i.e. the CATHOLICS, are itching for a fight. One example of this “bellicose undercurrent” can be inferred from Janet E. Smith’s post that appeared on the First Things website titled:  What Comes After the Synod. (see herePlease read this post at your leisure.

What I in turn will do in the below post, is take the subject matter addressed in the above linked post and try to provide an operational element. What I mean by this is the following: this blogger doesn’t blog for the sake of blogging. I am not like….say a post-modernist painter who produces l’art pour l’art. Besides, I can’t afford this luxury since I find myself, as all Catholics presently do, in a position where our and our children’s only means of salvation is under threat. And the threat comes from the very top. So something has to be done, if for no other reason than we as FAITHFUL CATHOLICS are obligated to perform spiritual Works of Mercy, among them being instructing the ignorant, counseling the doubtful, admonishing sinners and comforting the afflicted.

So consider the below PROPOSED OPERATIONAL PLAN as a spiritual Work of Mercy from this humble blogger.

So where to begin? First it is worth remembering that we Catholics are a minority in this fight. The CLERICALISTS have control of the media, professional organizations, the media, educational institutions, the media and the papacy. And did I mention the media? If not, just in case, they have the media. However, what they do not have is the drive and the motivation since to them, “c”atholicism is just a front for a personal political/social/cultural agenda and at worst, a job. Whereas for us, it is our only means of salvation and eternal life. Given the above, this means that we CATHOLICS need to be better organized and our strategy needs to be precisely defined.

To this above described END, a methodology would be very helpful. Since we are in essence dealing with a problem solving scenario, we can take a generic “problem solving methodology” and apply it to our specific situation. In this case, I personally prefer what is generally called a “ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS” methodology, since in this PROBLEM, we are faced with an endless combination of HIDDEN AGENDAS. By identifying the ROOT CAUSE of this problem, we can better design an EFFECTIVE corresponding SOLUTION.

For the rest of today’s post, I will start to IDENTIFY where the most likely ROOT CAUSE of the present problem can be found.

And just for the record, the PROBLEM is defined as: why is Francis trying to destroy the Church as Our Lord founded it?

I think a logical place to start is to take advantage of work that has already been done with IDENTIFYING the HIDDEN AGENDA that was behind the bi-Synod of bishops. As those who read my blog regularly already know, I use a methodology to test HYPOTHESES which I have called the Peirce/Ockham pragmatic method (see here). This methodology has allowed me to identify that the TRUE AGENDA that was driving the bi-Synod process was the introduction of “Gender Ideology into Catholic moral doctrine and ecclesiastical law”. Here is what I wrote in the post titled Synod of The Three Paragraphs (see here) on the 18th of December 2014:

For those who have been following this thread, it is very apparent by now that the Secret Synod was called not to discuss issues concerning “The Family”, but rather had a hidden agenda to try to change the teaching on the “objectively intrinsically disordered” human condition of homosexuality.

As to the issue of Communion for serial adulterers and public sinners, here is how we described this supposed element of the HIDDEN AGENDA in our post titled Francis “Showing a Leg” (see here) from the 14th of December 2014:

Given the argumentation above, it would appear that that the issue of “communion for the divorced remarried” is analogous to the “leg” of the ball carrier who shows it to the would be tackler, only to pull it away as soon as the tackler commits himself to reaching for that leg.

For confirmation as to the accuracy with which we identified the TRUE AGENDA of TEAM FRANCIS as early as the 18th of December 2014, we have provided proof in several post, among them was one titled The Trojan Horse (see here). Further proof comes from an anonymous priest writing at the Life Site New website in an article titled Is the ‘gay mafia’ behind the Synod on the Family? (see here) three days ago, i.e. on the 3rd of November 2015 the following text appears:

If this article has put the jigsaw together properly we must surmise that the sex abuse crisis is not over for the Church. The secular and Catholic media’s failure to report it accurately, and an over focus on paedophilia not homosexuality meant that sexually active gay men hiding behind dog collars remain free to betray their vows as priests. Having avoided exposure so far they have grown in confidence to the point they may even have called this Synod in the first place, not to speak of family life but to fight for their cause. What is chilling as we watch the second Synod unfold is that high-ranking voices in the Vatican are confirming that the question of Holy Communion for divorced and re-married is a smoke-screen and that the homosexuality is the Synod’s true agenda.

One say’s “smoke-screen”, the other says “showing a leg”. Let’s not quibble over metaphors? But I digress…

I would call this further objective and independent verification of the results produced by our Peirce/Ockham pragmatic methodology.

I will end here for today.

Going forward, since the initial identification of the TRUE AGENDA of TEAM FRANCIS at the bi-Synod of Bishops, other information (data points) has come to light that provides us with a better understand of why this TRUE AGENDA was chosen by those who stood behind the calling of the bi-Synod of Bishops. We will continue with this ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS in the subsequent posts.

By the end of this process, I will attempt to present an OPERATIONAL PLAN of not only actions that can be taken to counter the FRANCIS AGENDA of destroying the Church as Our Lord founded it, but also provide a solid rationale for why those actions should be taken.

Ambitions? Yes.

Doable? Certainly.

Will it be implemented? We will see…