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Protect Your Women II

An interesting development has been transpiring over the weekend here in Poland, one directly related to our last post titled Rise Of The Panzer Frauen (see here). The long and short of the story is that the new conservative government of the Republic of Poland and the newly elected President of Poland have been coming under a vicious attack from German politicians who occupy positions of authority in the European Parliament. This has led to protests from Polish government officials over the last month or so, but to no avail.

Not until now that is.

It turns out that the “god of surprises” has reared his head in the  political/social sphere of organized human activity. Specifically, during a volleyball game between a Polish and German team in Berlin, a banner was unfurled by Polish fans which read the following:

Protect Your Women

This “thought” got picked up first by other European soccer fan club groups who quickly placed it on their websites. This started the ball rolling. Subsequently, a demonstration in Berlin protesting the “plastic coup”, as it is becoming known in Poland drew a counter demonstration in support of the Polish government and President. And as fate would have it, the pro-Polish government counter demonstrators unfurled a banner with an identical “thought”. This sent the German police into a tizzy, grabbing the banner and confiscating it. Here is that footage:

This in turn forced the mainstream media to pick up the story, with Brietbart being the first to send it international, with the French pressed behind it and the British press lagging. The German press is still in denial/censorship mode as of this writing.

This new situation has turned the tide of the drive by shooting “beating up on the Poles” and has alerted the international media to the problems that IT IS THE GERMAN STATE that has a problem with press freedom and individual liberties.

If there is a larger lesson that could be learned from this development, aside from the “god of surprises” is a fickle “god”, it is the observation that there is such a thing as objective TRUTH, and that this OBJECTIVE TRUTH must win in the end. And the reason it must be victorious is because… GOD MADE THE WORLD THIS WAY.

Which brings me to a quote from Fr. Blake which quite neatly sums up this dramatic turn of events. Pertaining to a Michael Voris video on the subject of another dramatic event, i.e. Benedict XVI’s resignation, Fr. Blake observed the following: (see here, with emphasis added)

Benedict might well be as guilty as Voris suggests but one has to remember, Benedict’s fundamental idea, that truth always is eventually victorious,  he believed in the Tradition. As for his resignation history will tell whether it was good or bad. Voris as an American conservative sees it as bad. I as a European trad am open to wait and see. Conservatives see things in the short term, trads look at the Tradition, I think we tend to be more flexible and more radical. As I keep saying Vatican One’s idea of the Papacy is far from the inflated Ultramontanism we have today, or certainly distant from the teaching of Vatican I. Benedict’s resignation is a way, I hope, of rethinking the papacy, and returning it to its more traditional purpose.

Just like with the Benedict papacy, the TRUTH must win in Europe for one simple reason, because it is the TRUTH.

And when looking at it in this way, this appaoach allows one to accurately discern when the the “god of surprises” is in fact, as in this case, actually the “God of surprises”.

I will conclude here since the Armaticii family is packing for our return trip to the Land of the Free. I will post the Brietbart article below. The original can be viewed here and I am posting it…


‘Protect Your Women, Not OUR Democracy!’ – Polish Sports Fans Protest German EU Bully Tactics

During a volleyball match between Poland and Germany last night, Polish fans unfurled a giant banner reading, “Protect your women, not our democracy!” They were referencing the New Year’s Eve sex attacks and recent European Union (EU) threats to suspend Polish voting rights due to actions of their new right wing government.

The Polish men’s volleyball team lost the qualifying game for the 2016 Olympics 2 – 3 on Friday. However, some fans walked away from the Berlin match feeling as if they had won a minor political victory.

Polish sports fans have form when it comes to making bold statements regarding mass migration and EU authoritarianism at prominent fixtures. Football (soccer) fans unveiled an enormous anti mass migration banner at game in November, blaming the EU for importing terrorism into Europe following the Paris attacks.

Conservative factions in the country are similarly repulsed by the mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve, perpetrated mostly by migrants and refugees. The Polish volleyball fans, it seems, place the blame firmly on the shoulders of Angela Merkel for inviting 1.5 million unchecked migrants into Europe this year.

The latter half of the banner pertains to recently made threats by the EU to sanction the Polish government, a threat which many in Poland blame on Germany.

In November last year Poland’s Eurosceptic Law and Justice party (PiS) won a landslide majority in the general election, becoming the first party to govern without coalition partners since the end of communism. Every single left wing MP was eradicated from the legislature.

The new government’s actions thereafter have repeatedly irked much of the liberal establishment in Brussels and Berlin.

Once in power, one of the first things PiS did was to tear up the previous government’s commitment to take in thousands of migrants from across the EU as part of the continent-wide mandatory resettlement programme.

They also moved to implement legislation designed to give the new conservative government control of state media outlets and the sole power to appoint executives to senior broadcasting positions.

European Commissioner Günther Oettinger then accused Poland of infringing “common European values” and threatened the country with immediate sanctions coupled with legal action.

However, the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, has already signed the media bill into law. Now, the move could trigger a series of steps that may eventually see Warsaw stripped of voting rights at the European Council, the organisation that groups the leaders of all 28 EU nations.

Many Polish citizens who voted for PiS and their policies feel that such sanctions are designed to impede the democratic will of the Polish people and violate their national sovereignty.

(The video below is from the Silesian Wrocław’s match against Poznań in November 2015.)