And now a treat. More Cardinal Burke!

The videos in this post are from the Lecture and Question session that took place in Poznan Poland on the 6th of February 2016 and were forwarded to me by Magdalena Gromadzinska. Bóg zapłać.

The lecture is in English and does not vary from that given two days later in Krakow which we have posted in our post titled The Great Cardinal Speaks From Krakow.

The Q&A session was also in Italian, however I have not translated it nor have I decided whether I will translate yet. So I am basically posting these videos For The Record.

What is interesting once again, is the large crowd. You can see the Faithful standing up against the wall in the first video. Furthermore, of note is the presence of Archbishop Gadecki, the Archbishop of Poznan and President of the Polish Episcopal Conference during the entire event. At the end of the Q&A, the Great Cardinal thanked the Archbishop for just that and you can see a visibly moved Cardinal Burke giving the final blessing.


And now…