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Today we revert back to our Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium theme, i.e. what your humble blogger termed the Lex Armaticus. Just as a reminder, the Lex Armaticus states that:

Those entities which abide by the natural law that God created to govern His creation, i.e. the et Invisibilium, will be those who/that will continue to exist as part of the visible world, i.e. the Visibilium Omnium. And naturally, those that do not adhere to the et Invisibilium, will eventually be consigned to what Leon Trotsky called the “trash-heap of history”.

Furthermore, as we have also pointed out on numerous occasions (see here), the primary cause (as in causal relationship) of being consigned to the Trotskyite “trash-heap of history” is the phenomenon which we termed as TRANSRATIONALISM (Merriam Webster Dictionary: going beyond or surpassing human reason or the rational”). On an aside, we know that there is nothing “beyond or surpassing human reason or the rational” aside of GOD that is.

Which brings us to today’s subject matter. One of the main sources of not only European, but global instability brought about by the IDEOLOGY OF TRANSRATIONALISM is what is known as the European Project (the PROJECT), a.k.a. the European Union (EU). For those unfamiliar with the PROJECT, the European PROJECT is an effort to create an European super-state by destroying multiple ancient European cultures and civilizations and melding it into one artificial Über Kultur, naturally governed by an army of “European” elite. The social basis for this Project is what is known as Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School. Critical Theory in turn is a TRANSRATIONAL construct which goes by the more familiar term of CULTURAL MARXISM (see here and here).

The manner in which this European Super-State is being “created” is through  “quasi-democratic” means. Quasi-democratic means, in the sense that the local populations of the member states vote for their representatives, who then go to Brussels (European Parliament) and vote according to the best interests of the “European-elites” and NOT according to the best interests of their domestic constituencies. Needless to say, over the course of the life of the PROJECT, the European structures and laws that have been passed (for the most part TRANSRATIONAL), have created a series of crises in the member states (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Finland, France to date). These crises, on the surface are economic in nature, but the underlying social decay brought about by Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism) is by far the largest of the ROOT CAUSES underlying these various crises.

Yet, since the PROJECT needs democratic legitimacy, therefore must allow for their citizenry to vote at some lower level, other democratic mechanism have started to break through the TRANSRATIONAL firewall and are starting to bring about a RATIONALISATION PROCESS within the European Union. One of these mechanisms is the local and national REFERENDUM.

Which brings me to the specifics. On the 23 of June of this year, the United Kingdom will be holding a REFERENDUM about leaving the European PROJECT. This is a BFD, as our less than eloquent Vice-President would say. Another smaller manifestation of the dreaded REFERENDUM was held yesterday in the Netherlands. The issue was whether to allow the PROJECT to extend into the Ukraine. And needless to say, the REFERENDUM did not go well for the “European elites”.

Which brings me to today’s repost. One of the RATIONALIST voices in the wilderness is one Nigel Farage. In the video clip above, he explains the general situation of how the PROJECT got to the TRANSRATIONAL state that it has come to. In the article below, via the Daily Telegraph, Mr. Farage explains how the internet is breaking through the monopoly of the Main Stream Media and starting to break down the TRANSRATIONAL structures that have been erected by monied interests on the European continent.

A second reason why I am bringing this material to your attention is the illustrate the POWER of the internet and the access to OBJECTIVE INFORMATION which it is bringing to the wider population. We see the CAUSAL effects of this phenomenon in many places presently, from The Donald phenomenon in the US to the Britain REFERENDUM pertaining to leaving the EU (BREXIT) to the election of RATIONAL governments in Hungary (2010) and Poland (2015). We also see the FRIGHT in the eyes of other TRANSRATIONAL “Global elites”. Here is the relevant passage from the excellent 1Peter5 blog:(see here):

There is also, I’m told, a general fear of social media within the higher echelons of our Church. It is not well understood, and they are unable to gauge effectively the power that it wields in shaping the narrative. This makes them vary wary of provoking a viral firestorm of opposition. The petition, for example, may have only garnered 2800 signatures, but it was brought up during a Synod press conference with Cardinal Pell. It was the reason I was invited to write an op-ed about the Synod in the Washington Post. It was then referenced by Vaticanista Antonio Socci.

I will leave off on this note. The below repost is from the Daily Telegraph via the Zero Hedge blog. The title is Nigel Farage On The Future Of Politics, but it could easily be read as “S. Armaticus On The Future Of The Church”. 

Pleasant thought, isn’t it?


Nigel Farage On The Future Of Politics

The Dutch referendum shows how the internet is taking back power from our Europhile elites

Today’s Dutch referendum on the EU’s expansionist agreement with Ukraine really is the people’s referendum.

GeenPeil, a project stemming from the popular Dutch blog GeenStijl, collected some 420,000 signed, verified, signatures triggering this referendum. It is an extraordinary achievement that highlights how western democracy is evolving.

The internet truly is the gamechanger of our time. A small collection of individuals with an idea can find thousands of other kindred spirits who join them in championing a cause. That develops, becoming tens of thousands and then allowing a message to reach out to millions.

This revolution is sweeping Europe as we speak. Just look at Beppe Grillo’s Five Star movement in Italy, who harness a system of direct democracy amongst their supporters. When Five Star had MEPs elected to the European Parliament, the party asked supporters to vote on which group they should sit with. Supporters had their say and the Five Star Movement now sit alongside Ukip.

Without the internet, the development and growth of Ukip in Britain would have been far tougher. YouTube gave speeches I made in the European Parliament a platform, reaching out to new audiences not just in the United Kingdom but right across the world. Most encouragingly, these are young audiences, a generation who are now able to access virtually unlimited quantities of information. The internet takes western democracy into a new sphere. Unchartered territory with exciting possibilities.

Our own British referendum on EU membership illustrates the point perfectly. It was Ukip’s people’s army that forced the Prime Minister’s hand and ensured that he delivered on his In/Out referendum pledge – a referendum he had previously spoken out against and did not support until the people’s voice grew too loud to ignore.

The era of top-down political operations is ending. Mass membership, open, accessible political movements are the future. Membership structures that are low-cost but allow involvement for those wishing to participate from the comfort of their own homes is where politics is headed, engaging an entirely new section of the population who have been left behind by the distant, remote current political structures. 

We’ve seen the way that Arron Banks’ Leave.EU have harnessed the power of Facebook to create a social media following that is bigger than any British political party in mere months. Grassroots Out have reached out directly to those who have not typically engaged in British politics, holding packed public meetings across the United Kingdom with speakers from all parties and none, creating a mass movement of supporters who want out of the European Union.

The future for Ukip amidst this backdrop of change is one of new opportuity. As a relatively young party, the people’s army is not constrained by traditional structures and foundations of conventional Westminster thinking. We are free to take a fresh approach and blaze a new trail. And we intend to.

Ukip will be doing everything we can to get the UK out of the EU in the forthcoming referendum, a referendum I believe we will win. Once we have returned power from Brussels, we in Ukip can then become a force for change that delivers powers downwards, back to those who should always be in charge: we, the people.