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Today we stay with our OBJECTIVE REALITY theme but move into the area of human activity which is encompassed the sub-category of the economic sciences. And once again, your humble blogger reminds the readers of the Lex Armaticus (see here):

Those entities which abide by the natural law that God created to govern His creation, i.e. the et Invisibilium, will be those who/that will continue to exist as part of the visible world, i.e. the Visibilium Omnium. And naturally, those that do not adhere to the et Invisibilium, will eventually be consigned to what Leon Trotsky called the “trash-heap of history”.

Conclusing, and as we have observed in numerous previous posts, the Lex Armaticus governs His creation regardless of which particular area of human activity one decides to examine.

Given the above, one manner in which we can use the Lex Armaticus is to infer (forecast) how certain similar courses of action will play themselves out across different areas of human activities.

Formally, one can say that the Lex Armaticus has “predictive capabilities”.

To expand this above thought, the Lex Armaticus allows one to observe certain apparently independent events, e.g. the lack of toilet paper in a certain South American country (see here) and the lack of seminarians in another certain South American country (see here and here)  and discern the level at which these apparently independent events share a common ROOT CAUSE. The Lex Armaticus is able to make this determination since it functions under the premise that natural law must eventually assert itself in any process undertaken by human activity. Or to use a quote recently put forward by Fr. Franz Schmidberger, the rector of the SSPX seminary in Zaitzkofen, Germany and former Superior General of the SSPX:

“Every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization. This is due to the nature of the matter.”

Given the above, one can say that the lack of toilet paper in the above indicated South American country and the lack of vocations in the other above indicated South American country share a “common denominator” so to speak, i.e. are symptoms of bad governance.

If looking at these two supposedly independent events under the Lex Armaticus framework, one can easily observe that the only real issue is one of the degree to which the respective situations have advanced. In this case, the more appropriate term would be “digressed”.

Therefore, if one wanted to draw on the predictive properties of the Lex Armaticus to discern the effect of say the legacy of the Francis pontificate on the state of the Catholic Church, one could draw on the effects of the legacy of the Chavez/Maduro regime in Venezuela and use their “experiences” as a road map to predict where the economic state of the Catholic Church is heading under the Francis pontificate.

Therefore, from the above, one can easily see that there is more to the quote about being able to “judge a man by the company he keeps” than just a witty turn of a phrase.

Below, is a re-post from the Zero Hedge website containing the latest information about the economic state of the “neo-moderist” economic experiment that is playing itself out in Venezuela, which I am posting…



Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food”

The situation in Venezuela is reaching all out chaos, as crippling socialist policies have resulted in a devastating power and food shortage, as well as looming political instability. This is Caracas today…

These are hungry Venezuelans protesting that their children are dying from lack of food and medicine and that they do not have enough water or electricity. As AgainstCronyCapitalism reports, this is a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, and the government has stolen all the money and now they bottleneck peaceful protesters and threaten them with bombs (or haul them to prison and torture them).

On the other side, Vice President Aristobulo Isturiz, speaking on state television, said that a separate march will be held to support the extension of President Nicolas Maduro’s economic emergency decree.

As SHTFPlan.com’s Mac Slavo details, the point was reached long ago where people were forced to wait in long lines for basic rations that may not even be there, or turn to the black market.

Now, hunger and scarcity have apparently reached a tipping point that is driving people to poach stray animals and even pets for food.

According to the PanAm Post:


Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food.

Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger. People are also reportedly gathering vegetables from the ground and trash to eat as well.

The crisis in Venezuela is worsening everyday due in part to shortages reaching 70 percent […] six Venezuelan military officials were arrested for stealing goats to ease their hunger, as there was no food at the Fort Manaure military base.

As pure desperation sets in, crime also becomes inevitable.

A man accused of mugging people in the streets of Caracas was surrounded by a mob of onlookers, beaten and set on fire, according to the Daily Mail, who published a pixeled-out but still graphic video of the man burning:


An alleged thief suffered the most brutal mob justice in Caracas, Venezuela, when he was beaten up and burned alive in the street.

Roberto Fuentes Bernal, 42, was reportedly caught trying to mug passersby in the Venezuelan capital, and before police arrived at the scene, the crowd took the law into their own hands.


Local media reports that Bernal was taken to a nearby hospital and is receiving treatment for burns covering 70 per cent of his body.

One witness said Bernal had been caught trying to rob a man as he left a nearby bank, while another version of the story has Bernal arguing with his wife in the street. 

There are factions vying to oust Maduro, but signs that he may hang on and force his population to endure more of this socialist nightmare.

Let us hope that these events don’t come home to the streets of America, and prepare to avoid them in case they do.