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Pius XII

Over the span of the last two posts, I have drawn your attention to an essay that appeared at the Rorate Caeli blog written by an anonymous priest under the nom de plume Padre Pio Pace (see here). Your humble blogger has been analyzing the post from an objective, disinterested perspective, since it provided much information in the form of DATA POINTS which are quite reveiling. These DATA POINTS were then put through the Pierce/Ockham pragmatic methodology (see here) and the resultant inferences were made.

In yesterday’s post, we added to our body of evidence that supports our multiple observations (HYPOTHESIS) that a CIVIL WAR is being fought inside the Sacred Vatican Walls. The opposing forces can be defined as the OLD GUARD comprised mostly of the appointees made by the popes Wojtyla and Ratzinger. This OLD GUARD is being opposed by what can be described as a “revolutionary soviet” which operates out of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, headed by Francis the bishop of Rome and referred to on this blog as TEAM FRANCIS. Furthermore, TEAM FRANCIS can also count on the support of heterodox/heretic clergy who comprise what has been referred to as the LAVENDER MAFIA or the HOMO LOBBY.

In today’s post, our jump off point will be a passage from our last post, namely:

Reading the (Ed. Note: Padre Pio) essay in this light, the information contained in the essay should be viewed not so much as the personal musings of an individual cleric, but an overview of the psychological disposition and morale of the “opposition” forces engaged in this epic struggle for control over the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH.

Furthermore, a careful reading of the essay will reveal that it in fact constitutes a “position paper” defining the respective parties strategic “entrenchments”. Here is an example:

It is not doubtful that the document we will consider as the most important one in the Pontificate of Francis will be the exhortation Amoris Laetitia, just as Summorum Pontificum is already for that of Benedict XVI. Nobody truly believes in a consequential reform of the Roman Curia, regarding which Pope Francis has never revealed the beginning of a glance…and on which he is not at all interested.

What this passage implies is a sort of small “t” truce has “evolved” in that Francis has left Summorum Pontificum intact, while the OLD GRUARD has not taken the proverbial baseball bat to the heterodox/heretical Amoris Laetitia.

The supporting argumentation could be as follows:

TEAM FRANCIS: “t”ruce can be acceptable since Francis sees his “mission” as “starting processes” as opposed to occupying space, as defined by Evangelii Gaudium. Therefore, TEAM FRANCIS sees no need to pick a senseless fight with not only the OLD GUARD but with Benedict directly.

OLD GUARD: “t”ruce is forced on them since they can be “decapitated” at Francis’ whim. The “process” that they are counting on is that this papacy will end eventually and the number of enemies that Francis has made over the last three years will allow a sane cleric to ascend to the Throne of St. Peter. Furthermore, they are all cognizant of the fact that the Francis pontificate is a Soap Bubble Papacy™ of a “careerist butterfly bishop” with failing health and questionable mental facilities. Don’t believe me? Here is a quote for Padre Pio:

Amoris Laetitia, which opens up the Magisterium of the Church to liberal interpretations, truly represents the essence of his project: a papacy legitimized by the media, and having become a provider of good feelings to the modern world.

Once again, a “media legitimized” papacy which is nothing more than a “provider of good feelings to the modern world”, is how the Francis papacy is viewed within the Sacred Vatican Walls.

In other words, Francis is an OBJECTIVE FAILURE.

Given that this can be described as the state of play for the time being, the question then becomes about how the respective sides will take the battle going forward.

From the point of view of TEAM FRANCIS, the strategy going forward is quite simple. It can be stated as: introduce novelties ad nauseum, in order not to allow the media bubble to deflate, while simultaneously appointing as many heterodox/heretics to position of authority within the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH.

The strategy from the point of view of the OLD GUARD appears to be one  which is much more interesting and should be of good news to all the FAITHFUL, especially those who read this blog.

What appears to be the case is that the OLD GUARD -whether by design of default, has made the Summorum Pontificum the centerpiece of their resistance.

The relevance of this information (DATA POINT) is that Benedict has written other encyclicals and exhortations which the OLD GUARD could have identified. Furthermore, the OLD GUARD has a saint (JPII) whose body of work is much larger and likewise compatible with BXVI’s writings. Yet, Padre Pio, and by default the OLD GUARD which he is no doubt a leading figure has identified the SP as, and I paraphrase:

Summorum Pontificum is already considered as the most important document in the Pontificate of Benedict XVI.

Let this sink in for a minute or two.

So what does this imply? What it implies is that the OLD GUARD have realized the OBJECTIVE REALITY of the post Summorum Pontificum (SP) landscape within the post-conciliar church. The popularity of the SP is something that is genuine and real. Given that the OLD GUARD and TEAM FRANCIS are engaged in a “populist” battle for the “hearts and minds” of the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH, the OLD GUARD was forced to accept the Summorum Pontificum as the “foundation document” to which they have anchored their resistance.

So by now, you dear reader think that I am getting carried away?

If this is the case, here is something you should think about. In the last paragraph, Padre Pio writes the following:

In reality, the three Cardinals (Ed. Note: Burke, Muller, Sarah), three musketeers who are sworn enemies of the “dictatorship of relativism” are four: the fourth is Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop Emeritus of Bologna, one of the greatest experts on the moral work of Pius XII. In fact, for him it is is Pope Pacelli who is the “contemplative Pope”, the pope of reference who is still present — which is not false, or at least in the process of becoming true…

If I am reading Padre Pio correctly, and I think I am, what appears to be the current state of mind within the OLD GUARD camp is what can be termed as a “reset mentality”. What I think is the case is that the grown-ups within the Catholic hierarchy and especially those within the Sacred Vatican Walls have come to the realization that the Second Vatican Council was “not all that it was cracked up to be”. Actually, what they seem to be saying is that the post Pius XII era within the Catholic Church needs to be “reformed”. And the point of departure of the “reform of Vatican II” appears to be the pontificate of Pius XII.

I will end on this very happy note for today.

In the next post, I will provide some anecdotal supporting evidence for why the above happens to be correct.

But in the mean time, think about the significance of that which is written by this “very wise, knowledgeable, and highly influential cleric, writing under the pen name of don Pio Pace”. 

It is no doubt HISTORICAL.