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Cupich at SJC I

A time out from our analysis of the wider context of the Padre Pio Pace essay is in order today. The reason is that a significant post appeared at the Rorate Caeli website on which I would like to comment. (see here) On an aside, the title comes from “Francis’ personal teaching magisterium” (see here) and relates to a post that appeared on the Denzinger-Bergoglio website recently (see here).

But first some background for context.

This post pertains to the recent ordination (30 May 2016) of a deacon for the Canons of St. John Cantius (see here) at the St. John Cantius Church on Chicago’s near north side. The ordinant was the “new” ordinary of Chicago (see here), one Blase “No Catholics in my church” Cupich. If you dear reader recall, the appointment was a SHOCK, SHOCK for everyone. (see here) The reason for the SHOCK of the Catholics was that, the controversial FRANCISBISHOP made “national headlines back 2002 for prohibiting the celebration of traditional Easter Triduum and even locking the Latin Mass community out of their own church from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday”. (see here) His elevation to the bishopric of Chicago was likewise… shall we say, controversial. (see here)

Fast forward to May 30th of Anno Domini 2016. The evidence contained in the Rorate Caeli post would suggest, that Blase “No Catholics in my church” Cupich finally made the journey from his residence at the rectory of Holy Name Cathedral to the “periphery” of his diocese in which lies the church of St. John Cantious. The journey was no doubt a long on, all of 1.8 miles (~3 kilometers), so it is no wonder that it took the FRANCISBISHOP 20 months to finally make the journey.

Holy Name Cathedral SJC

Route from Holy Name Cathedral to St. John Cantius Church.

From where I sit, since I became aware of the news that it would be the FRANCISBISHOP Chupic who will be ordaining the new deacon, I have been keeping an close eye out for any news as to just how and when this first visit would take place and how the “celebration” would look like. And today I have my answer and by extention, you dear reader also have this information.

Now that the table is set, all that is left for me to do is to comment with the help of  Francis’ magestarial teaching guide (see here).

When looking at the pictures from the ordination ceremony over the past three years, one is struck by how easliy “Abstract ideologues!” can be seduced by “nostalgia for structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today’s world!” As “Slaves of superficiality!”,  these “Vain, butterfly-priests!” and “Careerist Bishops!” can be easily seduced by “spirit of VII” “Restorationist!” tendencies and become a “Band of the chosen” in that “ecclesiastical microclimate!”. Having a “Watered-down faith, (they are) weak-hoped Christian!”, consigned to being “Worshipers of the god Narcissus!” . As for the sheep in their care, these Rotting in the heart, weak, weak to the point of rottenness! Gloomy in the heart! Weak-hearted Christians! reduce the Faith to the point of “Existential tourism!”.  “”They are the Christians of gray areas. And these Christians of gray areas are on one side first and then the other. People say of these: ‘Is this person with God or the devil?’ Huh? Always in the grey area. They are lukewarm. They are neither light nor dark. And God does not love these.”. And the reason that God does not love these “Elitists!” is that they are peddlers and “Promoters of the poison of immanence!”. Being a “son of the Catholic Church” (see here), the bishop of Rome, Francis without the least bit of doubt, agrees with what his predecesor, St. Pope Pius X wrote in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, namely:

For the Modernist Believer, […] it is an established and certain fact that the Divine Reality does really exist in itself and quite independently of the person who believes in it. If you ask on what foundation this assertion of the Believer rests, they answer: in the experience of the individual. On this head the Modernists differ from the Rationalists only to fall into the opinion of the Protestants and pseudo-mystics. This is their manner of putting the question: In the religious sentiment one must recognize a kind of intuition of the heart which puts man in immediate contact with the very reality of God, and infuses such a persuasion of God’s existence and His action both within and without man as to excel greatly any scientific conviction. They assert, therefore, the existence of a real experience, and one of a kind that surpasses all rational experience. If this experience is denied by some, like the rationalists, it arises from the fact that such persons are unwilling to put themselves in the moral state which is necessary to produce it. It is this experience which, when a person acquires it, makes him properly and truly a believer. (Pascendi, §14)

See here.

And now…


Sarah and Cupich: Going in different directions

While Cardinal Sarah is advocating that the Latin Rite return, as a whole (that is, including the New Mass of Paul VI), to worshiping ad orientem liturgicum, Archbishop Cupich of Chicago seems intent on reinforcing the status quo favoring ad populum — even extending it (at least momentarily) back to sanctuaries from where it had already been banished.

On May 30 he ordained a deacon for the Society of St. John Cantius — his first ordination for them, and his first visit as Chicago’s Ordinary to the Church of St. John Cantius. The ordination Mass was celebrated ad populum, contrary to the custom there of celebrating all Masses (whether the Traditional Mass or the Novus Ordo) ad orientem. 

Cupich at SJC I

It is worth noting that Cupich’s predecessor, the late Francis Cardinal George, celebrated ad orientem whenever he was at St. John Cantius. 

Ordination Mass of 2014, offered by Cardinal George (Source):

Cupich at SJC II

Ordination Mass of 2013, offered by Cardinal George (Source):

Cupich at SJC III