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St. Peter's Square Empty

Today your humble blogger will finish up the thread that we last left off In the post titled Summorum Pontificum’s ABUNDANT “Good Fruit” (see here). In that post, we provided circumstantial evidence  to support our HYPOTHESIS that the STATEMENTS emanating from the OLD GUARD (a.k.a conservative hierarchs) had a causal relationship to DOCUMENTS emanating from TEAM FRANCIS and subsequent MEDIA INFORMATION emanating from the wider Vatican Communications operation.

According to our HYPOTHESIS, which the circumstantial evidence supports, the OLD GUARD is beginning to understand that in order to “right the Barque of St. Peter”, it needs a RESET, and the base to which the RESET needs to be anchored is to the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. In turn, TEAM FRANCIS, seeing that the OLD GUARD is ditching the “reform of the reform”, which is an implicit abrogation  of the “spirit of Vatican II” and the greatest council evahhhhh, is putting STRUCTURES in place to stop the RESTORATION of all things in Christ. Two of these structures are the Motu Proprio “Come una madre amorevole” and the “rescript ex audientia” as explained in the above mentioned post.

Fast forward to the 10th of June, Anno Domini 2016 and a daily homily at the TEAM FRANCIS bunker hostel HQ located at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where Francis and his revolutionary secretariat are holed up. In this homily, Francis provided another one of his novel interpretations of what he thinks is written in the Gospel and what constitutes the Catholic Faith. What Francis said can be construed as a direct assault on Cardinal Sarah. For the specifics, I will revert over to a post from the That These Bones You Crushed blog titled: Did the Pope Just Call Cardinal Robert Sarah a Heretic? (see here). The author lays out the positions of the respective parties:

18 May 2016

Cardinal Sarah: “In the end, it is God or nothing.”

10 June 2016

Pope Francis: “It is not Catholic (to say) ‘or this or nothing:’ This is not Catholic, this is heretical.”

And here is how the author sums up this observation:

In this time of grave crisis within the papacy and the Church, this is going to sound inappropriate but it looks rather like things are about to get interesting.

The gloves are coming off and for Francis, so too is the mask.

Yes, the mask is coming off indeed!

Furthermore, what also did not escape the eagle eye of your humble blogger is the use of the term “heretical”. It would appear that another member of the OLD GUARD also used this term. The date the post appeared was also the 10th of June and the following was written (see here):

In the June issue of Herder Korrespondenz (issue 6/2006) reaffirmed the Cardinal Prefect, that “no one” should relativize the doctrine of the papacy as a divine institution, for that would mean, wanting to “correct God.” Some time ago, there was someone who was presented by “certain media” as one of the “closest advisers” of the Pope, the Cardinal said. This consultant has opined that there would be no problem in transferring the seat of the Pope to Medellin in Colombia or elsewhere, and the various Curia offices could be shared among the various local Churches. This, says Cardinal Müller, is fundamentally wrong and “even heretical”.

For those who do not know what Card. Muller was referring to, allow me to remind you dear reader. In a post that we did titled The Loose Canon, (see here) we provided a translated passage from an interview that the “third rate theologian” and ghost writer (see here) for Francis’ “magisterium”, one Victor Manuel “”Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art Of Kissing” Fernandez (see here) gave to the Corriere della Sera on the 10th of May 2015. Here is the question and the Archbishop’s answer:

Would it be possible to have a pope without Vatican or away from the Vatican?

“The Roman Curia is not an essential structure. The pope could even go and live away from Rome, have a dicastery in Rome and another one in Bogota, and perhaps link-up by teleconference with liturgical experts that live in Germany. Gathered around the pope, in a theological sense, is the College of Bishops in order to serve the people.”

And it is in reference to this passage that Card. Muller is quoted publicly as stating that it is fundamentally wrong and “even heretical”.

Therefore, one must make the observation that what constitutes “heretical” must obviously be in the eye of the beholder.

Yet, what one also is forced to notice is that what Francis says is “heretical”, whether directly or through his ghostwriter and what Card. Sarah and Muller say is “heretical” are the exact opposites.

Which brings us back to the subject at hand. What needs to be mentioned here is that the OLD GUARD are beginning to fight back.

The background to this fightback can only be understood by understanding the general situation behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. To explain this wider context of the STATEMENTS and DOCUMENTS coming to light presently, we need to understand the following (see here):

What we see is that the “revolutionary forces of the post conciliar HIPPIE church” have decided to begin attacking. Their situation can be best discerned through that old saying that is credited to Mahatma Gandhi which he in fact never said. The adage goes as follows:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Given the accuracy of the above, it would appear that Francis and his “revolutionary soviet” holed up at the Domus Sanctae Marthae are in the “Fighting” phase.

Given that we are seeing the OLD GUARD starting to fight back against the forces of Francis, we need to ask the question: why now?

And one possible answer to the above posed question could be that the OLD GUARD is beginning to feel strong enough to challenge Francis. If you recall, Padre Pio Pace made an interesting observation in his essay, and that was this:

On the other hand, Amoris Laetitia, which opens up the Magisterium of the Church to liberal interpretations, truly represents the essence of his project: a papacy legitimized by the media, and having become a provider of good feelings to the modern world.

In other words, what Padre Pio Pace is saying and confirming is what we describe on this blog as the SOAP BUBBLE PAPACY™ (see here and here) In the post titled Soap Bubble Papacy™ – The Writing Is On The Wall,  we quote Antonio Socci who writes:

“Is the audacious war-machine beginning to wane?” a Swiss Vatican reporter asks. Actually, the Argentinian war-machine with the German engine has gotten stuck in the mud at the Synod. Lately we have heard that German “engines” are being put on the scrap-heap plus the Argentinean bodywork is an old wreck of Peronism and rusty Liberation Theology.

Today, we have anecdotal proof (circumstantial evidence) of just this above described observation. Over at the Rorate Caeli blog (see here), the following post appeared titled:

Jubilee of Mercy News:
1. Is the Jubilee of Mercy attracting far fewer pilgrims to Rome than expected?

Here is what is written in the post:

1. Is the Jubilee attracting fewer pilgrims than expected?

On June 10, Archbishop Rino Fisichella of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization announced that since the beginning of the current Jubilee, 9,100,935 pilgrims have visited the four Papal Basilicas – St Peter’s, St John Lateran, S. Maria Maggiore and S. Paolo Fuori le Mura – and the Sanctuary of our Lady of Divine Love. The Jubilee of Mercy started on December 8, 2015 and will end on November 20, 2016, which means that we are already slightly more than halfway through the Jubilee year. While the summer season (peak season for tourists despite the heat) is still ahead, the Christmas, Lent, Holy Week and Easter seasons favored by numerous pilgrims have long been over.

Last year, the “Info Giubileo” website announced that 33 million “tourists and pilgrims” were expected in Rome for this Jubilee year — more than double the annual number of tourists and pilgrims (12-16 million) that visit Rome on ordinary years. In comparison the Jubilee Year of 2000 was said to have attracted 24.5 million pilgrims. Even if one accounts for those going to Rome for purely touristic motives, and for those who will not be visiting any of the Papal Basilicas as pilgrims, surely there should have been far more than 9.1 million pilgrims by now to to these basilicas if the expected pilgrimage numbers are to be met?

The above information is in line with what we observed at the beginning of the Jubilee of Mercy in December of 2015. On the 21st of December 2015, in a post titled Francis’ Holy Year Of Mercy Off To A Cracking Start! (see here) the following is written:

The day is March 13, 2013 [Ed note: Francis elevation to Throne of St. Peter]– its remains could be seen in this striking picture of St. Peter’s Square in the General Audience of December 2, 2015, now a recurring sight, as mentioned by Camillo Langone in his article for Il Foglio just published by us below. How fickle are the multitudes, how untrustworthy are the crowds!… Even when one does everything to please them! Ungrateful plebs!

Ungrateful plebs, indeed!

But what’s more important, the Curia must have noticed.