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Before we start, I hope all my readers had a pleasant weekend. I also hope that we all familiarized ourselves with your humble blogger’s suggested weekend reading material which I  published in the post titled From Rationalism To Transrationalism – How We Got Here. (see here) This information should come in handy when reading the below post.

This week, your humble blogger will dedicate all the posts to the area of God’s creation, i.e. the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium dealing with economic affairs. We will be dealing with this subset of human activities since on Thursday, the voters of the United Kingdom will be voting on whether to leave the European Union. The term that this vote has acquired is BREXIT. Furthermore, BREXIT is of interest to our understanding of the present economic situation not only as Catholics (see here) since it very nicely defines the boundary at which RATIONALISM becomes TRANSRATIONALSIM. But more about this in future post.

Today we begin our BREXIT Week with economic TRANSRATIONALISM by checking into another country, one that is the “twinkle in the eye” of Francis, i.e. Venezuela. The FRANCISECONOMY in Venezuela must have taken a turn for the worse since even the FRANCISMEDIA, hear I am referring to the New York Times, cannot ignore it any longer. From the pre-internet era’s “paper of record” (cough… cough), we get the following news (see here):

Hundreds of people here in the city of Cumaná, home to one of the region’s independence heroes, marched on a supermarket in recent days, screaming for food. They forced open a large metal gate and poured inside. They snatched water, flour, cornmeal, salt, sugar, potatoes, anything they could find, leaving behind only broken freezers and overturned shelves.

And they showed that even in a country with the largest oil reserves in the world, it is possible for people to riot because there is not enough food.

And just a quick reminder, we are using Venezuela as a proxy to understand the true nature of what is transpiring in other “economic areas”,  including that “economic area” which is inside the Sacred Vatican Walls. We can do this since we understand that the natural laws governing human behavior, i.e. the et Invisibilium holds for all of God’s creation. And that includes humans and clerics, even those clerics which Francis described as “animals”. Furthermore, and more importantly, we can use our methodology – the Pierce/Ockham pragmatic methodology (see here) to predict what the future holds for the FRANCISCHURCH if it continues to pursue it’s TRANSRATIONAL neo-modernist IDEOLOGY based “theology of death” (see here).  Once again, we are able to do this since we know through the LEX ARMATICUS that “those individuals and institutions that comply to the et Invisibilium, will remain a part of the Visibisium Omnium. Those that do not, will be consigned to the trash heap of history”.

Which brings us to today’s subject matter. A post appeared on the Zero Hedge website, which is beginning to be picked up by other Catholic blogs titled Wayne State University Drops Math As General Requirement, Will Replace It With “Diversity” (see here).

The reason that I bring this post to your attention is that it should be of interest since it allows us is to identify and recognize the parallel processes that are taking place in one area of human endeavor – in this case academia and another area of human endeavor, i.e. post-conciliar “theology”. What you dear reader should notice is how strikingly similar the rejection of any form of scientific grounding (scientific methodology) exists in neo-modernist academia and likewise neo-modernist “theological circles”. As an example of the latter, this appeared recently at the One Peter Five blog. (see here).

Furthermore, what we see is that the scientific methodology is being replaced by what can be termed as “an appeal to emotion”. Now where have we encountered this before? Why yes, in Pope St. Pius X Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis. What we see in academia is exactly the same process that Pope St. Pius X warned about, namely:

For the Modernist Believer, […] it is an established and certain fact that the Divine Reality does really exist in itself and quite independently of the person who believes in it. If you ask on what foundation this assertion of the Believer rests, they answer: in the experience of the individual.

When reading the below post, if you dear reader just substitute “Divine Reality” for “laws of mathematics” in the above citation, you will be surprised how well St. Pius X’s Encyclical explains the underlying reason (ROOT CAUSE) behind the change in the math requirements at Wayne State University. And this should not surprise us since we know that OBJECTIVE REALITY, as expressed by scientific methodology is the enemy of what we can now term as the Cartesian (relating to the French “philosopher” René Descartes) concept of VITAL IMMANANCE. And just to finish off this post, a very good definition is as follows (see here):

[Vital Immanence] is the wholly psychological process of the human consciousness unfolding itself, which has not the remotest likeness to the presence of a transcendent reality abiding within us. God as transcendent is lost to sight; no room is left for any kind of revelation; God is the permanent possibility of progress, He is ever projected as the ideal in advance of each successive stage of evolution and changes as the advance proceeds. (Immanence and Incarnation, p. 68)

And since we are on the subject of Cartesian derived concepts such as Vital Immanenece, please view the above video, since it serves as the perfect example of just this PHENOMENON. In a Cartesian VIRTUAL REALITY, in which the post-conciliar FRANCISCHURCH subsists, 3 x 4 can equal 11. (Longer clip here and here)

The only real question is, given the LEX ARMATICUS 2nd PRINCIPLE: for how long? And that is why all eyes are on Venezuela.

And now…



Wayne State University Drops Math As General Requirement, Will Replace It With “Diversity”

By Derek Draplin of Michigan Capitol Confidential

A faculty committee has proposed adding a three credit hours requirement in diversity to the general education curriculum at Wayne State University. It also recommended that WSU drop its university-wide requirement in mathematics, an idea that was carried out on June 13.

“We are proposing the creation of specific ‘Diversity’ courses, with students required to take one course in this designation,” said a document from the General Education Reform Committee, which is recalibrating what the university will expect from all students who earn a degree from the state university. It released the proposal in May.

The committee report said, “These courses will provide opportunities for students to explore diversity at the domestic level and consider the ways in which it intersects with real world challenges at the local, national and/or global level.”

In announcing the change in mathematics, the university said, “This decision was made largely because the current (math) requirement is at a level already required by most high school mathematics curriculum.”

Committee co-chair Monica Brockmeyer told the Detroit Free Press, “We felt the math requirement was better left to the various programs and majors to decide and to decide what levels of mathematics would be needed.” She added, “We still continue to support mathematics at Wayne State.” The university has announced that the math requirement in the general education curriculum will be dropped until 2018, or until it is replaced by a new program.

Ashley Thorne, the executive director of the National Association of Scholars, which promotes liberal arts education and academic freedom, was critical of the recommendations.

“Colleges and universities use general education requirements to ensure that students learn the subjects it deems most important,” Thorne said in an email. “Wayne State University’s decision to drop math and add diversity to its requirements reveals that its leaders do not have their priorities straight.”

“Mathematical ability is an objective and practical skill that will serve students the rest of their lives, which is why it has traditionally been a core part of college curricula. ‘Diversity’ is not an academic subject. It is a concept invented to classify people by their social identities,” she said. “Focusing on individuals’ race, ethnicity, sex, and sexuality in this way has been demonstrated to lead to racial animus, segregation, stigmas, discrimination, and poor academic performance. It also politicizes education.”

The College Fix first reported on the diversity requirement. Brockmeyer, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, made $176,760 in 2015 in her job as the associate provost for academic success.

The committee’s proposal for the new curriculum recommended replacing the math requirement with a quantitative requirement and creating “quantitative experience courses.” It’s unclear if the quantitative courses will replace the math requirement. The goal of those courses, according to the committee, would be for students to develop “the ability to interpret quantitative representations of information (such as graphs and tables), and the ability to use quantitative information to communicate in a purposeful way.”

In the 2015-16 fiscal year, 32 percent of Wayne State’s general fund budget of $602 million — or $190 million — came from Michigan taxpayers in the form of state aid.

According to the most recent information released by WSU about its demographics, 27,578 students are enrolled. Black students make up the largest minority, at 4,881 students, or approximately 18 percent of the student body. The 2,057 Asian students represent 7 percent. There are 15,004 white students, making up 54 percent of the student body.