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Archbishop De Kesel

For today’s post, I intended to do an expose demonstrating  the process by which something RATIONAL devolves into something TRANSRATIONAL and I was going to use BREXIT as my base case. However, a post appeared yesterday on the Eponymous Flower blog which appears to serve as a much better example, if for no other reason than that the subject matter is much closer to home, shall we say.

So let’s begin.

First and as usual, we check into that neo-modernist experiment which we have termed as the FRANCISECONOMY, that is taking place in Venezuela at present. (see here) Yesterday’s development would seem to indicate that external pressures are being placed on the FrancisParadise of Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolás Maduro by…. OPEC of all organizations. Here is the latest: (see here)

OPEC May Be Forcing Venezuela Into Regime Change

A key U.S. Congressman believes that the actions by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) regarding oil production could lead to regime change in Venezuela, according to an interview published last week.

“If Maduro doesn’t have the oil revenues to continue supporting the socialist government… there may be regime change,” Duncan said, in reference to the recent spate of mass protests against the regime led by President Nicolás Maduro.

These demonstrations staged by Venezuelans who are irate at the shortages of medicine and food supplies have become increasingly violent over the past week.

But that’s not to say that EVERYONE in the FrancisParadise of Venezuela is “irate at the shortages”. Actually, there are some folks who are doing quite well. Here is this passage to support the last contention: (see here)

A defining characteristic of socialism in all its forms in all places and at all times is a relatively small political elite (and its “private sector” cronies) that lives lavishly by plundering its population, destroying its economy,  imposing a regime of equality of poverty and misery; and turning almost everyone into a dependent on the state for survival.


Sounds like the author is describing FRANCISCHURCH. But I digress…

The latest glaring example of the disgusting and immoral corruption of socialism’s one percenters is Venezuela, a country that has “long been the darling of the [socialist] Left,” according to a June 16 article in the Daily Mail.  The article, authored by Jake Wallis Simons, has the headline:  “Super-rich socialists quaff champagne in Venezuelan country clubs while middle-class mothers scavenge for food in the gutter . . . even the dogs are starving.”

We note: in a corrupt “socialist” system, such as the Venezuelan neo-modernist economic experiment, a corrupt “one-percenters” are still in a position to “quaff champagne… while middle-class mothers scavenge for food”.

The explanation given for this observed dichotomy of living standards is as follows:

Black markets are pervasive, also just like the old Soviet Union, but the wealthy make out the best from this situation because only they can afford to pay the astronomically higher black-market prices or to pay the bribes demanded by black marketeers.  The politically-connected socialist elite lives high on the hog, entertaining themselves quite lavishly at such places as the Caracas Country Club, where the membership fee alone is almost 500 times the average annual salary of a middle-class Venezuelan worker. 

Now please hold that thought…

And now for something completely different… (not really)

June is ordinations month in the Northern Hemisphere for the Universal Roman Catholic Church. With respect to ordaining new priests, it has come to my attention that there are sectors of the Universal Church that are doing quite well. And there are others that are doing… well… not so well.

The reason that your humble blogger focuses on vocations is that it is this area of the Universal Church that allows us to gauge the “sustainability” of the Institution itself. Furthermore, it allows us to draw inferences about the “long-term viability” of the Institution since these new priests of today will be the management cadre of the Church in the not too distant future.


So let us begin with the best performers and digress to the “not best”.

  • SSPX (19)
    • The SSPX ordained 7 priests and 9 deacons on the 3rd of June of 2016 at the seminary in Winona Minnesota (see here). These ordinations increased the number of SSPX priests above 600 for the first time ever (see here). At the end of June, the SSPX will ordain 12 more priests in their Econe Switzerland and Zaitzkofen Germany seminaries bringing the total to 19. Furthermore, the growth of the SSPX has been so “steady” that the SSPX have built a new seminary in rural Virginia, the first one of its size in the US in 100+ years, in order to accommodate the “excess supply” of candidates that the Society is experiencing (see here).
  • Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (11)
    • The ICKSP will ordain 11 deacons to the Sacred Priesthood on the 7th of July Anno Domini 2016. A further 8 sub-deacons and 7 deacons will likewise be ordained in July of this year.
  • Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) (8)
    • The FSSP ordained 4 Deacons to the Holy Priesthood on the 28th of May in their Denton Nebraska seminary. (see here) At the FSSP seminary in Wigratzbad, a further 4 Deacons were ordained to the Holy Priesthood on the 18th of June, bringing the total to 8.
  • Institute of the Good Shepherd (IBP) (5)
    • The IBP will ordain 5 deacons to the Sacred Priesthood on the 25th of June. A further 5 sub-deacons will likewise be ordained to the deaconate in June of this year.
  • Fraternity of the Holy Apostles (FHA) (0) –
    • Ordinations planned for June have been indefinitely suspended by the local ordinary, one Msgr. Jozef De Kesel, the new archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels.


For those who are not familiar with the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles, (see here) the Eponymous Flower blog has the scoop. In a post titled Daneels Protégé Kicks New Priestly Society Out of Brussels — Too ManyVocations, it would appear that the FHA is a community of secular priest established (canonically erected) by Msgr. André-Joseph Léonard, the former archbishop of Mechenlen-Brusselson and primate of Belgium, on the 7th of April 2013. Archbishop Léonard allowed the Society to run priestly formation and gave them the two parishes of Sainte-Catherine / Sint-Katelijnekerk in Brussels and Saint-Joseph in the earlier Flemish, today almost entirely French-speaking community of Uccle (Ukkel) south of Brussels. Furthermore, Léonard established it, not only because of the secular forces in Belgium, but those powerful hostile internal forces in the church, which necessitated a parallel priestly formation from outside the diocesan seminary.

And what were the results of the Archbishop’s efforts, you may ask dear reader?

The Brotherhood was able to achieve what the progressive diocesan institutions were no longer able, leading young men “to the beauty of that call and the service as diocesan priests.”  The Society  is a community of secular priests, but lead a strong community life. It therefore offers the answer to the crisis of world priesthood in Western Europe.

Although the Community is only three years old, it already numbers six priests and 21 seminarians.

Oh my!

Given the above, one would assume that the new Archbishop, one Msgr. Jozef De Kesel should be very happy at the “good fruit” borne from this initiative of his predecessor?

So what was the response of the new FRANCISBISHOP De Kesel?

The new archbishop decided that since the Society was so remarkably successful in the archdiocese, they may form no more priests for the Archdiocese, and thus have to leave Belgium.

Oh my!

That is not what a RATIONAL person would expect. Furthermore, I would term this as a very TRANSRATIONAL decision making process employed by this FRANCISBISHOP and protégé of the incestuous pederast enabling and covering-up member of Team Bergoglio, the self described member of “St. Galen Mafia” and Friend of Francis prelate, namely on Card. Godfried Danneels. (see here)

But what makes the above even more TRANSRATIONAL if not outright bizarre is the following exchange as to the reasoning behind the decision making process of the Danneels’ protégé. Here is the De Kesel position:

The reasoning? Because the majority of seminarians come from France. “In many regions of France, there are no priests […], we do not want to be lacking in solidarity with our neighboring French bishops,” De Kesel said in an official statement.

To which the local Faithful response was:

“The principle of solidarity, of which one (De Kesel) appeals, sounds rather strange. Of the 80 seminarians who are trained for example, in the diocesan seminary of Namur, only 25 are Belgians. Are all the others sent back to their countries of origin? Do all African and Polish priests who help us to proclaim the Word of God in Belgium, have to be sent back home? Is the Catholic Church no longer universal?

This argument does not stand examination, and we hope that there aren’t in reality, hiding purely ideological reasons.”

Strange indeed!

However, this is not the end of the story. In the background is this:

The decision ( Ed note: disband the FHA) disappointed many faithful, who are worried anyway about De Kessels’ plans for the “reorganization” of the diocese. His plan provides for the closure of a third of all churches. It was already prepared for at the time under Danneels (to 2010), but was postponed by Archbishop Léonard, who tried to revive the parishes instead. By appointing De Kesels, Danneels’ Plan is back into effect.

Now where have we seen this “pattern” before? A new ordinary comes into a diocese and begins with shutting down churches? Oh yes, here and here are just two. But I digress…

What makes this case with De Kasel so brazen is that he is sabotaging the work of his predecessor which “bore good fruit” while at the same time:

…calling for intervention in the sacrament of marriage and refer to the shortage of priests for their solutions (abolition of celibacy, women’s deaconate, women priests)… (see here)

Sounds like a case which could allow Francis to take his new “As a Loving Mother” Motu Proprio for a spin? 


Excuse the digression…

Which brings us back to the parallel process of the FRANCIS ONE-PERCENTERS in Venezuela. As those “socialist ideologues” in Venezuela are living the high-life off the natural resources (see here) that they are expropriating for their own needs, the FRANCISCHURCH ONE-PERCENTERS in Belgium, led by the new primate FRANCISBISHOP De Kesel are in essence doing the same thing. Whereas the Venezuelan FRANCIS ONE-PERCENTERS  are living off resources that the Venezuelans dig out of the ground and export, the FRANCISCHURCH ONE-PERCENTERS are living off the patrimony accumulated by previous generations of Faithful, patrimony that they inherited by means of their Episcopal appointments.

The circumstances may be different for the respective FRANCIS ONE-PERCENTERS yet the process itself is the same. When the FRANCIS  ONE-PERCENTERS in Venezuela need more funds, they dig oil out of the ground in order to satisfy their needs/desires. When the FRANCISCHURCH ONE-PERCENTERS needs more funds, they sell a part of the inherited patrimony in order to satisfy theirs.

And while there is oil in the ground and patrimony to dispose of, all is well for the FRANCIS ONE-PERCENTERS.

Yet we know from the LEX ARMATICUS that that which does not comply to the et Invisibilium, cannot be either viable or sustainable. I.e. trash-heap of history. (see here)

Or to paraphrase US Congressman, one Mr. Duncan cited in the above OPEC post,

If either Maduro or the FRANCISBISHOPS don’t have the oil/patrimony revenues to continue supporting their socialist government/post-conciliar ecclesiastical structures… there may be regime change.”

And as the LEX ARMATUCUS posits, it is only question of time.