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Before I start, a h/t to Vox Cantoris is in order for putting up the above video.

And now to the subject at hand.

In yesterday’s post we reverted back to the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ that is slowly transpiring in the area of human activity commonly referred to as POLITICS. Today we transition back, but through this sub-set of human activity, i.e. POLITICS over to the area of human activity commonly referred to as MORAL THEOLOGY.

Quick note to my new readers, since there are a few of you out there. The reason that we can easily transition between these different sub-sets of human activity such as POLITICS, MORAL THEOLOGY, ECONOMICS, PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY, etc. is due to our understanding of the LEX ARMATICUS. And just as a refresher, the LEX ARMATICUS postulates:

1st Principle:

Those individuals and institutions that comply to the et Invisibilium, will remain a part of the Visibisium Omnium. Those that do not, will be consigned to the trash heap of history.

2nd Principle:

Even Neo-modernists need to eat.

3rd Principle: (The Schmidberger Principle)

Every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization. This is due to the nature of the matter.

As we can surmise from the above defined LEX ARMATICUS, the sub-set of human activities that is commonly referred to as MORAL THEOLOGY is in fact a part of the natural order.

A quick digression…

Just as with our discussion and observation with respect to STATE OF NECESSITY (see here), MORAL THEOLOGY can also be placed into the category of a stand-alone “object”, with an immaterial form that exists in nature. The reason that I am using this “inelegant” terminology is to get you, dear reader to tie in different “principles” or “doctrines” with how they appear in the natural order. And since it is easier to think of “things” that exist, hence the terminology.

Let’s move on.

Now to the business at hand. Today we will speak about revolutionaries. Actually one revolutionary. The  revolutionary that we will bring into today’s discussion is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad. Therefore, one can assume that Putin belonged to the material atheist religious community, since he managed to not only get accepted into the Soviet intelligence service during the Brezhnev era, but was likewise able to excel in the KGB organization.

In other words, a true believer!

Fast forward to the video posted above, the year Anno Domini 2016, and Mr. Putin is seen making the following statements in response to a reporter’s question: (emphasis added)

Reporter: Vladimir Vladimirovich, I used to work in Russia in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Coming back now, I noticed a tremendous rise in the role of religion and the emphasis put on moral values. I don’t recall this being so evident before. I would like to ask why did this become so important to you, and why is it important for you to criticize Western Values? Thank you.

Below are the pertinent fragments of Vladimir Vladimirovich‘s response:

VV: Let’s start from the second point – it isn’t important for me to criticize Western values. It is important for me to protect our people from what I see as quasi-values.


Our people struggle to accept these as norms.

When it comes to our traditional values… I think we need to approach this from a much simpler perspective. As you know, the USSR was governed by an ideology. No matter your opinion of that ideology – it had within it what are essentially quasi-religious values. If you’ve read the “moral Code for the Builder of Communism” [1961] you would see that it’s just a mimicking of the bible. “Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lust for another man’s wife”. This is all in the Moral Code for Builder of Communism, but in primitive language and in horrendously shortened. But this Moral Code is no longer in use on our society. New generations of the citizens of Russia, our young people, they have never even heard of it. The only thing that can naturally come to replace it are our traditional values, as you mentioned.

With the absence of values – society begins to decay.   

What can be observed in the above text is that “morals” or as we would say in the Catholic world, MORAL THEOLOGY is very important. Actually, it would appear that Vladimir Vladimirovich suggests that SOCIETY itself is dependent on “values” and “morals”.

To understand just why Vladimir Vladimirovich would draw this conclusion is quite simple. The NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ timeline in the Soviet Union/Russia can be characterized as follows: Russian Revolution introduces a new creature known as the HOMO-SOVIETICUS. The Russian population is forced to accept the revolutionary “VALUES” of the newly created HOMO-SOVIETICUS. The original “VALUES” of the HOMO-SOVIETICUS did not produce either the forecasted nor the desired effects. The “VALUES” of the HOMO-SOVIETICUS had to be modified. The latest and most recent iterations of the moral code of the HOMO-SOVIETICUS and his prescibed “VALUES” were contained in the Moral Code for Builder of Communism, a “moral code” that Vladimir Vladimirovich describes as “just a mimicking of the bible” but written in “primitive language and in horrendously shortened”. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, no more Moral Code for Builder of Communism. And if you are a president of a country that has a problem with a “decaying society”, and you find your “moral code” unsatisfactory for meeting your desired ends, you trade in your old “moral code” for a better one.

A purely rational decision, yes?

And what do you trade up for?

A “moral code” that works.

Specifically, a “moral code” designed along the lines of a Christian one of course.

And why would a president of a super power, and a nuclear one at that, feel the pressing need to trade up to a Christian “moral code”?

Well, you have regional conflicts that you are engaged in and those take manpower. The siege of Mariupol is not doing that well and the newly annexed Crimean peninsula is still seperated from Mother Russia. Therefore, this might take a while. But I digress…

Anyways, back to the subject at hand.

Here are two excerpts from a document titled Still recovering, written by Pavel A. Parfentiev that appeared on the Mercatornet.com website. In this article we can read the following: (emphasis added) (see here)

Society’s development and its stability and prosperity depend, among other things, on the continuous growth or, at the very least, stability of population size. (…) In other words, securing society’s prosperity requires not only reversing the current depopulation trend, but also ensuring that most children are being born and raised in intact, two-parent (mother-father) families.

So this is the background.

The situation on the ground is as follows:

This is especially important in Russia, where the birthrate continuously lags behind replacement levels. According to official Rosstat figures, natural population loss in 2010 amounted to 239,600 people. The aggregate birthrate in 2009 was 1.54, compared to the replacement level of 2.1, a figure even the most optimistic Rosstat forecasts say Russia will not be able to reach before 2030. Meanwhile, Russia leads the world in abortions, with abortion rates in 2010 reaching 1,186,100 per year. The institution of the family in Russia is, too, undergoing a crisis—in 2011, 51 marriages out of 100 ended in divorce.

And the cause of the above is provided below:

The family’s plight was also linked to an ideological crisis, however. The breakup of the USSR and the rejection of Communist ideology had destabilized public morals. By persecuting religious organizations and promoting atheism, the USSR had succeeded in undermining the influence of religious and traditional cultural and moral values on society and replacing them with its own “Soviet” ideology. The dissolution of the USSR meant this ideology was dead, leaving a moral and cultural vacuum. It took the rest of the century for the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious communities to begin to fill this vacuum.

Summa summarum

What we see in the above text is the LEX ARMATICUS at work.

Fallen humans can use their God given abilities for good or bad. Humans can create “new” IDEOLOGIES and create original “moral codes”, since they have the God given ability to reason. Yet those “moral codes” and IDEOLOGIES are still subject to what we call the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium. In other words, if those “new” IDEOLOGIES and “moral codes” do not conform to the natural order, they will cease being a part of the “everything visible” and thereby be consigned to the trash-heap of history.

Yet there is a more important point to be made here. And it is this: notice the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ at work. The initial cause (ROOT CAUSE) of the problem that Vladimir Vladimirovich is grappling with, is the creation of “a fabrication, a banal product of the moment.”, namely the “moral code” for the new man, i.e. the HOMO SOVIETICUS. This “new moral code” was reorgnized by generations of Soviet central planners as being faulty, and revised. The revisions took this “new moral code” in the direction of the moral code that has been consistently successful for 2000 years, a bible based “moral code”, a “moral code” provided to man by Revelation.

We can also observe that the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ is consistent with what can be described as a scientific methodology. In other words, a POSITIVISTIC methodology. And as my loyal readers are all to familiar with by now,

Normative claims are usually contrasted with positive (i.e. descriptive, explanatory, or constative) claims when describing types of theories, beliefs, or propositions. Positive statements are (purportedly-) factual statements that attempt to describe reality. (see here)

And where is our POSITIVISTIC methodology leading Vladimir Vladimirovich?

It is leading Vladimir Vladimirovich through a process that we have also explained on this website, namely:

Organic Growth: reconciliation of reason with revelation, of science with faith and of philosophy with theology, SUBJECT TO: that source of our Faith that comes from divine Revelation. (see here)

And what is waiting for Vladimir Vladimirovich if he travels the POSITIVISTIC route to its logical and natural conclusion?

Why it leads to the ONE TRUE FAITH and Eternal Rome.

Post Scriptum

How can we, as faithful Catholics help Vladimir Vladimirovich reach ROME?

Naturally, we need to pray and do penance so that Russia will be consecrated to the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, for starters.


Notice, how so many road that must eventually lead to Rome are naturally leading through FATIMA?

It might just be the Schmidberger principle of the LEX ARMATICUS at work:

Every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization. This is due to the nature of the matter.

And as we know, Eternal Rome is the ultimate NORMALITY.