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Today we transition from the Vatican-SSPX dialogue to the NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT™ in the FrancisEconomy known as Venezuela. On an aside, and just as a reminder, this same sort of NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT™ is also playing itself out in the FrancisChurch as we have documented here.

NB: I know that I promised to update daily my dear readers about what is happening in Venezuela, but time has just not allowed for this to be the case. BTW, the lastest reports had protesters apparently chasing Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro through the streets on Margarita Island. (see here)

Back to the matter at hand. Today we go wider CONTEXT about the situation on the ground not only in Venezuela but South America in general, where other NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENTS™ are playing themselves out. Loyal readers of this blog, reading through our posting about that sub-set of human activity, (component of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium) that is politics, will no doubt have gotten the impression (correct, I must add) that Francis is not so much a cleric as he is a political activist. More proof of just this PHENOMENON comes via the Eponymous Flower blog and Giuseppe Nardi. (see here)

It would appear that Francis is mixing religion and politics. Again.

At the Vatican this time.

NB: Notice the cast of characters who are in Francis’ “protected” circle.

NB: The bear has also noticed. (see here)

Why are we not surprised?

The below I am reproducing… (with emphasis)



Pope Francis and the Left Option for Brazil — “Political” Blessing of a Marian Statue of Aparecida in Vatican

(Rome) Last Saturday the daily bulletin of the Vatican announced that Pope Francis in the Vatican Gardens has blessed a bronze statue of Our Lady of Aparecida. It’s a religious act mingled in a “strange” way with a policy that is related to the dismissal of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

The previous day, the Cuban press agency Prensa Latina reported that Rousseff’s predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s president from 2003-2011, wrote the Pope a letter about the “serious” political situation “in Brazil and in the world”. Rousseff and Lula belong to the same party, the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), the left “Workers’ Party”.

Cuba published Lula’s letter upon the impeachment of Brazil’s President

Prensa Latina is a press agency controlled by the communist regime in Cuba. The fact that they published the Lula-letter in full, recognizes the regular connections between the PT and the island state of the Castro brothers.

Lula informed Pope Francis in the letter that “conservative” political forces at work are on the “edge of legality” – wanting  to “prevent” a “continuity and progressive projects  and social development and free inclusion” by the Workers Party (PT).

In another letter Lula praised the “achievements” of the Workers’ Party and sharply condemns the attacks against Dilma Rousseff. In order to take steps to  “criminalize” Rousseff and the “social movements”, especially the PT.

Lula demands that can the people must be able choose its President “freely” by which he implied that free elections by the “conservative” forces are under threat. , The Lula wrote:  the “conservative” forces “fear that the people will choose me in 2018,” and would therefore make him president again. The Brazilian constitution allows only two consecutive terms of a head of state. Meanwhile, Lula could run again.

Same letter from Venezuelan President Maduro

francis-at-political-event-iOn Saturday it was announced that Pope Francis had received the exact same letter from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. In addition to the Cuban contacts, the common action of Lula and the “Bolivarian” President Maduro, reveals a political landscape that is situated with varying shades of social-democratic and communist, clearly left.

Observers doubt that it was an “accident”. The letters and the cooperation of the Brazilian-Venezuelan-Cuban Left and the blessing of the statue of the Virgin of Aparecida, a Brazilian Marian shrine, “may be a coincidence, but it does not look like one,” said Secretum meum mihi .

Pope Francis used the blessing to take a position on the situation in Brazil and did this by mixing religious and political aspects. The  pontiff said that Brazil is experiencing “sad moments.”  That gesture and words as partisanship for Dilma Rousseff and the Workers’ Party are to be understood,  which the “Pope-Girlfriend” and Pope’s biographer, Elisabetta Piqué assures with an article in the Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

“May the Blessed Mother sustain left governments and keep ‘conservative’ forces back?”

francis-at-political-event-iiWith the blessing of the statue of Mary, Francis announced differently than initially indicated, that he would not travel to Brazil in 2017  to take part in 300-year celebrations of the Marian shrine of Aparecida.

Francis asked Our Lady of Aparecida on Saturday,  “to protect the Brazilian people in this sad moment and the poor, the marginalized, the abandoned elderly, to protect the street children; to save her people with social justice in the love of Jesus.”

Piqué’s article leaves no doubt that a certain political option is meant to be protected by the Mother of God. To say it in the sense of Lula and Maduro: “May the Mother of God sustain the left-wing government in power and keep the ‘conservative’ forces them away,” said Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña.

Already in the course of the presidential campaign in Argentina, Pope Francis had chosen the left option and preferred the Peronist candidate, but the people elected the “conservative” opposition candidate, which has since led to a series of tensions in relations.

The same signaling by the Catholic Church leader took place on his Latin American visit in 2015. During the meetings with the leftist president of Ecuador and Bolivia were demonstratively friendly, Francis showed the “conservative” president of Paraguay the cold shoulder, to put it cautiously. In fact, he attacked him openly and completely without foundation.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Prensa Latina / La Nacion / Vatican.va / Wikicommons (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com