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Today we continue with our recent subject matter relating to the “recognition” negotiations between the Society of St. Pius X and the Ecclesia Dei Commission and drill down into some detail. So today will be a CONTEXT day at the Deus Ex Machina Blog.

Aside, since it is Friday, this post will be longer than usual. But on the back side, you dear reader have all weekend to read it. But I digress…

Back to business. As you recall, in yesterday’s post (see here), your humble blogger derived the following CONCLUSION through the Peirce/Ockham pragmatic methodology (see here):

To be more precised, the SSPX MUST explain to the FAITHFUL and to Modernist Rome how it is that the UNIVERSAL CHURCH finds itself in the following position:

Where The SSPX Is Therefore, There Is The Church.

Needless to say and as it was observed in yesterday’s post, this CONCLUSION is a problematic one.

And not just for your most humble blogger.

The CONCLUSION is problematic for the respective parities to the “recognition” negotiations.

First, it is problematic for the SSPX since it imposes on them responsibilities, just like it does on all clergy. This OBLIGATION of “correcting Peter” is imposed on all Catholics due to St. Paul, who corrected St. Peter in Antioch (Galatians 2:11-14). One can say that St. Paul set the precedent. Yet with the SSPX, one can also say that they have additional  EXTRAORDINARY responsibilities, bah OBLIGATION since… let’s put it this way… they are very good at “correcting Peter” and have a consistent history of “correcting Peter”. Not only do they “correct Peter”, but as we seen in yesterday’s post, they “correct Peter” CORRECTLY.  And on an aside, we know just how fond Francis, who needs to be corrected (see here), is of being corrected (see here).

With respect to the precedent for this OBLIGATIONS arising from St. Paul, in his letter to the Galatians (1:8), he wrote the following:

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.

Problematic indeed!

But no matter the scale of the problem for the SSPX, the scale of the problem is much, much greater for the neo-Modernist hierarchy of the post-conciliar NUChurch.  Their major problem is one of an EXISTENTIAL NATURE. The degree to which they have destroyed the Catholic Church is visible for all to see.  There is no way of hiding this OBJECTIVE REALITY. On a philosophical (metaphysical) level, John Lamont has aptly pointed out the following cause and effect relationship:

Neomodernism, however, on a religious level is a purely negative thesis. As a result it has no attractive force of its own, and ecclesiastical structures that fall into its grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world.

As to operational and … shall we say more practical aspects of the neo-Modernist takeover of the Catholic Church, the basis for this aspect of the EXISTENTIAL threat that the neo-Modernists face rests on two issues, namely the VISIBILITY and the INDEFECTABILITY of the Catholic Church.

Let’s start with a brief overview and then go to the VISIBILITY issue.

Referencing the New Advent Encyclopedia, we can read the following passage under the heading of “The Church” (see here): (EMPHASIS added)

Christ’s teaching on this point [The Church] may be briefly summarized here. It is to be a kingdom ruled in His absence by men (Matthew 18:18John 21:17). It is therefore a VISIBLE theocracy; and it will be substituted for the Jewish theocracy that has rejected Him (Matthew 21:43). In it, until the day of judgment, the bad will be mingled with the good (Matthew 13:41). Its extent will be UNIVERSAL (Matthew 28:19), and its duration to the end of time (Matthew 13:49); all powers that oppose it shall be crushed (Matthew 21:44). Moreover, it will be a supernatural kingdom of truth, in the world, though not of it (John 18:36). It will be one and undivided, and this unity shall be a witness to all men that its founder came from God (John 17:21).

Given the above, the following characteristics as to the VISIBILITY of the Church apply:

In asserting that the Church of Christ is VISIBLE , we signify, first, that as a society it will at all times be conspicuous and public, and second, that it will ever be recognizable among other bodies as the Church of Christ. These two aspects of VISIBILITY  are termed respectively “material” and “formal” visibility by Catholic theologians.

Drilling down further we learn that:

The material visibility of the Church involves no more than that it must ever be a public, not a private profession; a society manifest to the world, not a body whose members are bound by some secret tie. Formal visibility is more than this. It implies that in all ages the true Church of Christ will be easily recognizable for that which it is, viz. as the Divine society of the Son of God, the means of salvation offered by God to men; that it possesses certain attributes which so evidently postulate a Divine origin that all who see it must know it comes from God.

Got that?

It’s not a NGO!

Next, we have the INDEFECTABILITY  issue. Here is the appropriate citation:

Among the prerogatives conferred on His Church by Christ is the gift of INDEFECTIBILITY. By this term is signified, not merely that the Church will persist to the end of time, but further, that it will preserve unimpaired its essential characteristics. The Church can never undergo any constitutional change which will make it, as a social organism, something different from what it was originally. It can never become corrupt in faith or in morals; nor can it ever lose the Apostolic hierarchy, or the sacraments through which Christ communicates grace to men.


The gift of INDEFECTIBILITY  is expressly promised to the Church by Christ, in the words in which He declares that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

So by now, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out just where the respective sides, i.e. SSPX and NUChurch stand with respect to the above.

Given the above, it becomes visibly obvious that the neo-Modernists have an external problem with the Faithful, or that part of the FAITHFUL who still knows their FAITH (catechism). What is worse though, the neo-Modernists have an INTERNAL problem. This INTERNAL PROBLEM is with the Catholic clergy, as per Don Nicola Bux observation (see here). In other words, with those in the clergy that have not lost their FAITH.

This problem in turn can be summarized as follows: the Catholic clergy (assuming that they know the basics of their FAITH and this assumption the neo-Modernists MUST MAKE) cannot reconcile that which the NUChurch teaches (think Amoris Laetitia – see here) with that with the Catholic Church has taught in all ages.

The above definitions and reasoning allows one to UNDERSTAND more fully the gravity of the position of the neo-Modernists. One shortcoming of their position is that they CANNOT trust any member of the clergy, since they can’t read in that individual’s heart, if he is in fact a Catholic or a neo-Modernist. The neo-Modernist response to just this can be seen in the following observations: Francis holed up with his revolutionary soviet on an entire floor of the Domus Sanctae Marthae (see here), new guidelines for removing bishops (see here), new guidelines for female contemplatives (see here), prior Vatican approval for new religious communities and societies (see here),  new FrancisChurch seminary screening guidelines (see here), selection of FrancisBishops to replace Ratzingerians and Wojtylians (see here). In Francis’ latest moves, we see this neo-Modernist “survival instinct” manifest itself in new guidelines with respect to the selection of candidates for bishop. (see here)

These quite extraordinary decisions listed above and made by Francis demonstrate his and the neo-Modernist’s FEAR that they might have obtained power, but they are not sure if they can maintain it.

On the back of that which is written above, Francis and the neo-Modernists now have a more immediate and urgent FEAR. Francis knows for a FACT what is in the hearts of the SSPX clergy. But what he doesn’t know is what is in the hearts of the current clergy in the Church hierarchy. No matter how hard he tries to dispose of them, there are just too many of them. And those who he can’t readily dispose of, he FEARS will recognize and identify the SSPX as the VISIBLE and INDEFECTIBLE Church.

Let that sink in for a second.

A further complication for Francis and the neo-Modernists is the FACT that they have no control over the SSPX. This is no doubt behind the desperation with which Francis wants to “regularize” the SSPX (see here). Since the SSPX has complete control over its personnel and assets, and are outside of the organizational structure of the post-conciliar church, Francis can’t touch them. To be more precise, for Francis, it’s better to have minimal CONTROL then not to have any CONTROL, new springtime of the “spirit of Vatican II” be damned. And we know that Francis is all about CONTROL (see here).

Back to NUChurch. Due to Francis’ (materially) heretical decisions and behavior, the Catholic clergy are, in FACT beginning the recognize the SSPX as the VISIBLE and INDEFECTIBLE Church.

This realization might explain this here. But I digress…

Francis’ FEAR in turn, is definitely well founded. The SSPX meet all the criteria for being recognized as the VISIBLE and INDEFECTIBLE CATHOLIC CHURCH, i.e.:

  • have a global reach, (material” and “formal” UNIVERSALITY),
  • are at all times conspicuous and public,
  • are recognizable among other bodies as the Church of Christ
  • preserve unimpaired their essential characteristics, 
  • never underwent any constitutional change which will make it, as a social organism, something different from what it was originally, 
  • never became corrupt in faith or in morals, 
  • have not abandoned their claim to the Apostolic hierarchy (even to the NUChurch hierarchy), or the sacraments through which Christ communicates grace to men.

THEREFORE “innocent” and “harmless” anecdotes like the one your humble blogger presented in yesterday’s post, namely:

We’ve (SSPX) been told that at the last meeting of the Congregation of the Faith, where they all meet together, all the cardinals and bishops which are members, we call that a plenaria, this is the full meeting, there was only one cardinal who said, ‘no, no. no, the Society must absolutely accept the whole council’. And other voices who said ‘these people do only one thing, (that is) to repeat what the Church has always taught’. So you see, there is something on the move…               

… to Francis and the neo-Modernists are neither “innocent” nor “harmless” at all. In fact, they are a matter of life and death.

Or as we identified above: an EXISTENTIAL THREAT.

Furthermore, what must strike further FEAR if not TERROR into Francis and the neo-Modernists is the following:

In it [the Church], until the day of judgment, the bad will be mingled with the good (Matthew 13:41)

The reason that the above would strike further FEAR if not TERROR into Francis and the neo-Modernists is that with the SSPX being outside the NUChurch, the distinction is real easy to make. Especially for the Catholic clergy.

And how can the faithful Catholic priest, bishop or cardinal separate the bad that is mingling with the good?

Our Lord also provides the answer, as per Father Stehlin’s homily:

So you see, that’s our (SSPX) apostolic spirit. The desire of the salvation of souls. This is the only thing that directs the SSPX to go, to talk with Rome, to try to bring them back to Catholic Tradition and make them understand how important it is, what we have is the greatest, the greatest gift that God has given to the world. And you see, very important… ‘do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? Every good tree, brings good fruits. And the evil tree brings forth evil fruits. And by the fruits you will recognize them.   (see here)

Concluding, and given the above, when we as laymen look at what are called the “recognition” negotiations, we are not in FACT looking at a marginal group of 3 bishops, 600+ priests and 600,000+ Faithful (SSPX) trying to “do a deal” with a Vatican commission and ultimately the current bishop of Rome (Modernist Rome).

What we are observing in FACT is an EPIC struggle, a struggle to the death, between a false religion, grounded in an unnatural IDEOLOGY that is dying a NATURAL DEATH, pitted against a remnant of Faithful, who have not denied Our Lord nor abandoned the Faith – as passed down through the generations, that He provided us for our salvation, nor abandoned the Church which is the only means of our salvation.

The SSPX, as the VISIBLE and INDEFECTIBLE Church is not only growing as a priestly society, but is also converting the post-conciliar NUChurch and those in Modernist Rome who have not lost their faith. (see here) This growth is also having a snowballing effect at present. (see here and here). And it should not come as any surprise that Francis and the NUChurch are desperately trying to stop this “Restoration of all things to Christ”.

Yet Francis and the neo-Modernists do not recognize that their battle is already lost. They do not recognize it since they do not place a great deal of weight on the FACT that Our Lord declares that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. For them to recognize this inevitability, they would need to possess supernatural Faith.

In other words…

a FAITH that they have long lost.