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St. Peters Square 28 September 2016

Today will be a longer one since I will be away until early next week.

In today’s post, a quick transition from the POLITICAL sub-set of human activity to the FINANCIAL MARKETS sub-set of human activity, all made possible by our in-depth understanding of the LEX ARMATICUS. Furthermore, today’s post will be a consolidation post tying several themes to provide a bigger picture view of what is in fact happening in FrancisChurch and why it is happening.

And since we have been providing information regarding the current situation with Deutsche Bank and how it fits into the larger post-conciliar Church picture, today we will connect more of these DOTS.

Furthermore, an article has appeared at the New York Times that is of significant relevance to the LEX ARMATICUS itself. In this article titled  Has Pope Francis Failed? (see here), your humble blogger has obtained confirmation that allows for the definition of a 4th Principle to the ever expanding LEX ARMATICUS, namely:

As go the PEW SITTERS, so goes post-conciliar FRANCISCHURCH.

So today is a red letter day!

Let’s get cracking…

This above defined 4th PRINCIPLE is key to understanding many of the recent actions of Francis, the bishop of Rome and his Team Francis. It is also important to understand the RESISTANCE to Francis. Specifically, it helps explain this here. But I digress… We will start from the periphery and work our way back into the Vatican itself.

Below is a short list of OBSERVATIONS and INFERENCES that your humble blogger has been noting over the Francis pontificate, but has yet to disclose them:

When looking at the various “reach out” initiatives to the evangelicals and pentecostals, the end goal and TRUE AGENDA of Francis appears to be to “bring in” some PEW SITTERS into the PEWS. (see here)

When looking at the “reach out” initiatives to the protestant heretics who instigated the last schism, the end goal and TRUE AGENDA of Francis appears to be to “bring in” some PEW SITTERS into the PEWS. (see here)

When looking at the “recognition” negotiations with the SSPX, the end goal and TRUE AGENDA of Francis appears to be to “bring in” some PEW SITTERS into the PEWS. (see here)

When observing the ONE WORLD RELIGION initiatives (see here), the end goal and TRUE AGENDA of Francis appears to be to “bring in” some PEW SITTERS into the PEWS.

And finally…

When listening to Francis explaining why it is that we should NOT focus on ” the lack of vocations” and STOP “creating divisions”, he is DE FACTO attempting to deflect the criticism that his TRUE AGENDA appears NOT to be “bringing in” PEW SITTERS into the PEWS, (see here) i.e. is a COMPLETE, UTTER AND EpicFrancisFailure™. (see here)

You want PROOF, you say?

Here is what MATTHEW SCHMITZ, writing on the opinion pages of the New York Times writes: (emphasis added)

But are Catholics actually coming back? In the United States, at least, it hasn’t happened. New survey findings from Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate suggest that there has been no Francis effect — at least, no positive one. In 2008, 23 percent of American Catholics attended Mass each week. Eight years later, weekly Mass attendance has held steady or marginally declined, at 22 percent.

And it is the above, in light Francis being “far more popular than his predecessor”, that is the justification for the title Has Pope Francis Failed?

And why is this important? (hint – see photo at top of post)

The reason is due to the post-conciliar church’s 50 year history of complete and utter FAILURE.

At this point, one could be justified in asking: So how are those PUPPET MASSES working out for you Father? (see here)


As well as they did in Buenos Aires? (7:28 minute mark)

Once again, EPIC FAILURE.

But that was then. Maybe something has changed?

So let’s check in at Vespers recently at St. Peter’s Basilica on September 1st, 2016…


Oh my!

He’s still “packing them in”. (see here)

Like the French say, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

But back to the subject at hand…

Now according to the 2nd Principle of the LEX ARMATICUS (Even neo-Modernists need to eat), the reason that Francis is trying to “bring in” some PEW SITTERS into the PEWS, is because those PEW SITTERS have WALLETS.


In the mean time, raising FrancisCash through the sell off of Church property is tying FrancisChurch over in the diocese and the religious orders for the time being. Proof of the above is the systematic sell off of the Catholic patrimony taking place in the lands comprising Western Civilization. (see here and here)

So what we are in fact dealing with is the POST-CONCILIAR INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH – IN LIQUIDATION. 

FRANCISCHURCH appears to be cognizant of this fact that the above disposal of tangible assets is a short term solution. The pool of tangible assets that can be sold off is limited, while the the pool of living payees is disintegrating. So according to Ockham’s razor, i.e. the simplest explanation being the most likely, the manner in which FRANCIS is trying to reverse this trend is by transforming “c”atholicism into a “belief” of least resistance. This is being done to bring the post-conciliar neo-Modernist’s “theology of death” in line with the protestant sects. (see here)

Numquam Ponenda est Pluralitas Sine Necessitate

The problem though is that the above Francis “religion of least resistance” business model does not work. And the cardinals and bishops know this as we have highlighted in our post titled The Bishops Really Need To Start Speaking Out About This…(see here) Further EVIDENCE of just this comes from a post that appeared at the Eponymous Flower blog that was titled  Evangelical Church in Germany Suffering Dramatic Clergy Shortage. (see here)

Yet Francis is going full speed ahead (see here).

So the question then becomes: Why?

I have a HYPOTHESIS, but I am waiting for more supporting EVIDENCE before I present it.

So looking at it another way, we can ask a question that we do have an answer to, i.e.: Who is funding this FrancisChurch and Francis’ reckless behavior?

We know the answer is not: the conventional Catholic funding model. With respect to the Vatican’s financial position, we know more or less how that looks. Over on the other side of the Vatican’ consolidated “income statement” if you will, the situation looks as follows: (see here). 

Revenues that the Holy See obtains from the universal church (dioceses and religious orders) come from what is known as the contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law. This is the income that flows from the collection plate take, i.e. PEW SITTERS. For the last year for which we have data (2014) the Holy See balance sheet incurred a loss of  of €25.6 million ($28.2m). 

These losses are being offset presently by gains from the operations of the Vatican City State (museums, tourism, etc.). In 2014, the following gain was accounted for€63.5 million ($71.1m) For a more detailed explanation see here

So the consolidated financial statement for the Vatican for 2014 was a profit of €38 million ($42.6).

What is of note though, is that for Fiscal Year 2014, we observe that the contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law were lower than in 2013.

Which means that this trend is not a FrancisFriend!

Furthermore, it means that the Vatican CANNOT fund the global post-conciliar NUChurch by itself.

But we know who can. (If you need a hint, see here)

Which brings us to this most likely source of the funding.

Over in Germany, 2015 – the last year for which we have statistics, saw 182,000 members leave the German “c”atholic church (218,000, a record amount, in 2014) KIRCHENSTEUER payer pool. Yet, the amount collected by the German Church in this same year was a record €6.09 billion ($6.82b) – that’s BILLION with a capital B. (for general info see here and here)

Here is an expanded table to show the relevant statistics based on the table that your humble blogger presented in the post titled Beißen in das Gras!


So what we see is a record level of Kirchensteuer income generated and collected by the German Church in 2015 from a declining disintegrating payer pool. In percentage terms, we see an exploding increase in the percent change of the payers running at an average rate of 5.61% per annum over the period 2011 to 2015. In absolute terms, we see that if all Catholics paid into the pool (which they don’t), each member of the German Catholic Church would be paying  €21.36 monthly. But since the Kirchensteuer is a tax collected on those who generate income, one can expect that the payer pool is actually quite smaller. Therefore, the real amount that the average Kirchensteuer payer is charged with monthly is much higher.

Which brings us to Deutsche Bank. The reason why Deutsche Bank is relevant is that as the largest German bank, it has a unique place in the German economy. So one can say that if Deutsche Bank coughs, the German economy catches a cold. (see here) And if the German economy catches a cold, the increase in wages of the general population that is driving the growth in the average wages of the Catholic population that is allowing for these excessive Kirchensteuer to rise by an average of 5.61% will be create a serious problem, shall we say for the German Catholic Church.

But that’s not all.

What is further at issue here is that the German government is refusing to bail out Deutsche Bank with public funds. If this will in fact be the case, what will happen is the the clients of Deutsche Bank will be “bailed in”. (see here) What this means is that the depositors funds will be used to offset any losses that Deutsche Bank incurs. And guess at which banks the German Church is holding their accounts?

And even if they are not, and for information purposes, when the Cyprus banking system was “bailed in”, it was the Greek Orthodox Church that “volunteered” to allow its funds to be used in the “bailing in” process. (see here)

On an aside, I can’t see how it could be any different in the German case since the precedent has already been set.

Which brings us to the latest information as to the situation on the ground at Deutsche Bank. Yesterday the following information was provided (see here):

It is becoming very clear that the Deutsche Bank debacle is getting very serious. How do we know? Simple – everyone is denying everything. Overnight DB CEO Cryan denied any need to raise capital or need a bailout; this morning ECB’s Draghi denied low rates were responsible, and denied The IMF’s statement the bank is systemically important; and now IMF’s Lagarde is denying any need for government intervention.

And here what everyone is waiting for:

So, as we asked overnight, who blinks first? The IMF – “told you so” dance. The ECB – knowing the collateral chains that will snap. The Bundesbank – knowing their entire banking system is at risk. The German government – knowing it’s over for them if DB depositors have to take a haircut… Or Brussels – who know the entire EU plan is teetering is done if anything but the ‘rules’ are applied to Deutsche. For now, there is one thing for sure – the market will press for one of these players to be forced to make decision.

In the mean time, here is the latest with respect to the price of DB equity:



Quickly concluding, what seems to be something unrelated on the surface, is in fact NOT. The price of Deutsche Bank stock and the funding of FrancisChurch are in fact related, as per the LEX ARMATICUS.

The reason that I am bringing this to your attention is that there are voices in the Catholic world who are beginning to be so DESPONDENT, (see here) that they are beginning to think that it will have to be an act of Divine intervention to sort out the mess that the post-conciliar NUChurch made of the Braque of St. Peter.

Yet if they look around, they might be able to see signs that He is in fact at work.

Just look at the price of Deutsche Bank stock! (see here)

We on the other hand know better. We can observe that a NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ is taking place. But we have to know where to look. The most obvious place is in the US Presidential Campaign (see here). Another area is in the financial markets, which I have been trying to point out on this blog.

The key point to understand is that regardless of who you are, be it the President of the United States or the Roman Pontiff, you can FAIL.

And one sure way to identify the SOURCE of that FAILURE is to “follow the money”.

Because at the end of the day, that FAILURE MUST BE FULLY FUNDED!