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Anyone remember back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan s age was an issue for the MainStreamMedia?

So folks, the last of the debates is behind us. Another stunning victory for Donald J. Trump, you know… that guy that was a political novice and would get his clock cleaned by the Establishment/DemocraticParty/SickHillaryCampaign MainStreamMedia Industrial Complex.

Yea, that guy.


And look what is happening?

And then there is Stefan Molyneux’s take. Must see…

The first “poll-ster” of the gaggle of FRAUDULANT “poll-sters” – as in “bank-sters”, is starting to crack. Look in the upper left hand corner. Here is the EVIDENCE:


For those who can’t read the small print, here is the caption:

*IBD/TIPP” Trump +1…

*Was most accurate in 2012…

The reason that I bring this to your attention is that as we get closer into the elections, the other FRAUDULANT POLL-STERS will likely also start taking the “adjustments” and “skews” out of polling data. And your humble blogger will be on the look out for just this.

Note Bene: It is with a mild dose of satisfaction that your most humble blogger can claim that he has identified two “legitimate’ polling operators, i.e. the LA Times USC poll and the Rasmussen poll as early as August of this year. It would appear now that confirmation as to the veracity of this identification is provided by the Drudge Report. Matt Drudge has been consistently limiting himself to publishing just these two polls on their YUGELY read website. But I digress…

More evidence is here. One can assume that the internal polls that the Mexican government is running, are showing the same results as what we have been providing all along. Furthermore, the last Trump debate win has forced their hand. So just for formal disclosure sake, here is the headline:

Mexico Orders Banks To “Stress Test” For A Trump Victory

It’s official: Donald Trump is now a systemic threat.

One other thing that needs to be kept in mind here. This “little” thing is what goes by the name of the “SHY TORY” EFFECT. In the UK, due to the super biased leftist media, voters who usually cast ballots for the conservatives, i.e. the Tory Party do not admit to doing so to the POLL-STERS. Hence the PHENOMENON of the “SHY TORY” EFFECT. More on this can be found here from our friend Mundabor.

Back to the business at hand…

In yesterday’s post we explained how the Leftist’s (cynical, power hungry thugs) and LEFTISTS (IDEOLOGUES) have tuned Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin into a HATE FIGURE to deflect from their own CRIMINAL activities. And if not overtly CRIMINAL, than the downright incompetence which is responsible for EPIC FAILURES (see here) in any institution’s that come under their control. Here is just the latest example.

Furthermore, your humble blogger has identified the MAJOR culprit that is keeping these INCOMPETANTS and CRIMINALS in power. This MAJOR culprit is the CORRUPT MainStreamMedia. On the ecclesiastical side of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium, we have defined this PHENOMENON and have created an entire page dedicated to, the SoapBubble Papacy™.

Today, we can correctly state that on the political side of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium, there exists a SoapBubble Candidate™. Over the course of the last few email, we have been providing supporting material EVIDENCE of just this PHENOMENON without naming it.

Today we name it.

Furthermore, we provide more material EVIDENCE of just this here and here.

Note Bene: Just to show how downright irresponsible the MainStreamMedia has become, they are covering up a medical condition of Sick Hillary that is responsible for her “not knowing what planet she is in”. (see here)

And Furthermore, it would appear that something has changed with respect to the CORRUPT MainStreamMedia. It used to be the case that the CORRUPT “political functionaries” were satisfied keeping their political allegiances and opinions COVERED UP with a veneer of FAUX OBJECTIVITY.

What has change now is that it would appear as if these CORRUPT “political functionaries” are succumbing to their PASSIONS. In other words, they are letting their EMOTIONS get the better of them. Here is the next piece of MATERIAL EVIDENCE from the political side of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium. (see here)


With respect to the analogous situation in the  ecclesiastical side of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium, we linked to the Eponymous Flower post that provided the MATERIAL EVIDENCE of this same PHENOMENON. (see here)

Further to the above information, today at the OnePeterFive blog we have a post titled  As Papal Criticism Mounts, Vatican Insiders Fire Back. (see here) In this post, there are some very precient observations which need to be highlighted. The first is as follows: (emphasis added)

And now, thirty years later, these same images come immediately to mind after reading Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazzi’s flailing, indignant riposte to papal critics in the October 16 edition of Vatican InsiderTheir tacky, “hit list”-style screed comes off as little more than comical bravado from the hired thugs of some noirish, two-bit criminal organization who have found someone they don’t want sniffing around their turf.

Yes, the “comical bravado from the hired thugs of some noirish, two-bit criminal organization”, or as we say on this blog: the Francis Thugacy™. 


It indeed appears as though critics of the Bergoglian regime are hitting closer to the mark than can be tolerated. When one’s grip on power is sufficiently firm, acknowledging the arguments of one’s enemies is ordinarily a tactical error. One friend of mine noted this morning that “all tyrannies are filled with paranoids”.

Paranoid, indeed! Yet we on this blog have made this observation from the first news reports that surfaced about the “Francis Revolutionary Soviet” holing itself up on one floor of the Domus Sanctae Marthae. It is as if they watched Godfather III and took it to heart. But I digress…

Still, I wonder if their power and influence is more precarious than it superficially appears. They have total control of the Vatican and are stacking the ranks of the curia, yet I’ve received reports from Rome on more than one occasion indicating that the reigning cabal have been surprised, angry, and even somewhat fearful about the potency of their opposition. They expected the Synod to be a cakewalk. Instead, they had to settle for a Hegelian outcome and a revolution constrained to footnotes. They faced the opposition of 13 prominent cardinals, and the pope was reportedly none too happy about it. Yes, they’re still getting what they want, but they’re actually having to work for it.

This is definitely the cause of the “FRUSTRATION” on their part. It is this FRUSTRATION that is causing them to make STUPID mistakes. For students of the Russian Revolution, this passage will be all too familiar. It was exactly this sense of that “reigning cabal” being surprised, angry, and even somewhat fearful about the potency of their opposition, that started the mass liquidation (MASS MURDER) of entire segments of society and peoples that fell under their control.

But that is just who paranoid IDEOLOGUES, who (illegitimately) seize power, are.

And that is what they do.

And here is the money quote:

Colafemmina, too, recognizes this as an attempt at a consolidation of power:

In any case, there is no precedent for this use of journalism to marginalize, ghetto-ize, criminalize, these admittedly sometimes irritating minorities who do not conform to the unconditional assent regarding Bergoglio… It is unprecedented because this use of the press for geopolitical purposes, in order in the end to cancel all freedom of expression, through the ridiculing of dissent, shows what power such journalism is serving.

Notice the instrument of choice used by the Francis Thugacy™? (Hint, it is in red and underlined.)


I believe that part of what we’re seeing here is a Vatican that is trying to look in control while quietly panicking over its inability to comprehend the sort of asymmetrical information warfare they are faced with. They cannot accurately gauge — let alone neutralize — the expansive influence of critics who operate almost entirely outside of established structures, instead building audiences predominately online and across a broad spectrum of social media platforms.

Yes, just like with every paranoid dictatorship, it is the control that is all important. It is because of this lack of control that the instrumentarium of INTIMIDATION is deployed. And when the INTIMIDATION doesn’t work, what happens next is political and physical REPRESSION on a massive scale.

So what the above is telling us is that the Francis Thugacy™ has entered into the phase of MASS REPRESSION.

Proof of just this is the “Sulla’s List” that has been produced by the two media hacks Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazzi. Here is the CONTEXT.

 It gives the first and last names of all of them, in a sort of mediatic ‘proscription list’ worthy of Sulla [Note: In 82 BC, when the Roman leader Lucius Cornelius Sulla was appointed dictator rei publicae constituendae (‘Dictator for the Reconstitution of the Republic’), he proceeded to have the Senate draw up a list of those he considered enemies of the state and published the list in the Roman Forum. Any man whose name appeared on the list was ipso facto stripped of his citizenship and excluded from all protection under law; reward money was given to any informer who gave information leading to the death of a proscribed man, and any person who killed a proscribed man was entitled to keep part of his estate (the remainder went to the state)… Many victims of proscription were decapitated and their heads were displayed on spears in the Forum.

Concluding, one final thought and a short one at that.

An organization that needs to employ the INSTRUMENTARIUM of REPRESSION is not an organization that is either viable nor is it sustainable in the long run.

At the end of a REIGN OF TERROR like we are seeing  with the current Francis Thugacy™, comes LIBERATION DAY.

But first, LIBERATION DAY for the current US Thugacy™ is at hand. This day will come November 8th, or in 18 short days. Your humble blogger will be watching as this process unfolds and bringing you the parallel developments.

And finally, finally, I would just like to remind you of the 3rd Principle of the LEX ARMATICUS:

3nd Principle: (The Schmidberger Principle)

Every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization. This is due to the nature of the matter.

Eventually, this NORMALIZATION PROCESS™  will assert itself.

Just as Our Lord promised, that the “gates of hell shall not prevail”.

UPDATE 03:40 20 October, 2016


Original “Hillary doesn’t know what planet she is in” citation here.


Once again, Ronald Reagan’s age was a major issue for the MainStreamMedia hacks in the 1980 and 1984 election.

Update 06:20 20 October 2016

Remember the “unscientific” nature of the snap polls… those like we have posted from the Drudge Report above? If not, here is one recent story. It appears as if the Clinton Campaign financed “click farms” have been engaged. I have been looking over FOX News local affiliates to see how their snap polls are shaping up. And funny, Clinton is winning in most of these. Yet on website polls that naturally favor Sick Hillary, it would appear that the “click farms” are ignoring these. No sense in spending money on the sure ones. So here is one example of what could be a corroboration of the results in the Drudge Report snap poll. Aside, after Debate II, the “click farms” came online on Drudge, but were solidly rebuffed. But I digress…

Here is the Hollywood Gossip website:


And the results are:


And here for comparison purposes is the Drudge Report at the same time:


So just from this random screen grab, we can see that the 78.5% of the Leftist’s voter base “unadjusted” or “clean” thought Trump won while 84.6% of the Drudge voters thought that Trump won. So what we see above is the VIRTUAL REALITY that the MainStreamMedia Democratic functionaries (“journalist”) are promoting to try and skew the election.

More EVIDENCE that the real battle is in the VOTER’S MINDS!