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In yesterday’s post we began to explain how FRAUDULANT POLLS are disseminated and propagated. We observed that these polls that are being produced, have no grounding whatsoever in OBJECTIVE REALITY.  We also OBSERVED that there is a “network” of pseudo-journalists who are COLLUDING with the Establishment/DemocraticParty/SickHillaryCampaign to create a VIRTUAL REALITY that does not exist in nature in general and in the US electorate in particular.

So the question then becomes, why are these pseudo-journalists COLLUDING… bah CONSPIRING, with the implicit approval of their superiors, to create this TRANSRATIONAL VIRTUAL REALITY? 

To answer this question we begin on this morning’s Drudge Report. I have placed a screen shot of the link at the top of this post. The lead story is as follows:


So Ivestor’s Business Daily, one of the LEGITIMATE polls has The Donald up by 2 percentage points nationwide. Yet its editors OBSERVE that the Sick Hillary campaign is acting “as if the race is already won”. 

How odd?

Or is it?

Over at the catholic Zero Hedge website, we find this interesting piece of information just released by Wikileaks. (see here) What is in this leaked email is how to create a FRAUDULANT POLL, just like the one that was released by the AGITPROP “news” organization WashPo early Sunday… just in time for the political talk shows.

Furthermore, another post, using the WikiLeaks disclosures at The Gateway Pundit website,  discloses the STRATEGY for the Establishment/DemocraticParty/SickHillaryCampaign to create a VIRTUAL REALITY. (see here) The STRATEGY is to “discourage Trump supports in the following manner:

” Barrage of high-frequency recent polls. If countered with pro-Trump polls counter with friendly (538) averages. Avoid “Brexit” arguements. If target is hooked, move to swing-states (FL/PA) and declare election over. See Poll-Elasticity folder for further statistics”

So there you have it. The “election is over” so what are you harping about, uncouth pleb!

Here is the confidential internal Clinton Campaign memo:


Which still leaves one major question open. And that question is:

how does the Clinton Campaign transition from FRAUDULANT POLLS to an election victory?

In other words, it can’t just be to WEAPONIZE DESPONDENCY and that alone will secure a victory for the Establishment/DemocraticParty/SickHillaryCampaign forces of EVIL.

And the answer is, it CAN’T.

Here is how another blogger sees this TRANSITION from FRAUDULENT POLLS to RIGGED ELECTIONS. Over at the Chateau Heartiste blog, (see here) we can read the following:

Big ol’ rigged polls serve thec*nt (Sick Hillary) in three ways:

  1. Perception of desirability/success/inevitability.
  2. Demoralization of Trump supporters. (Bad polls can depress turnout for the candidate who is behind)
  3. Most importantly, rigged polls give cover to thec*nt conglomerate to engage in vote fraud.

Yes, number 3. is the CORRECT answer. It is this, i.e. “rigged polls give cover to thec*nt conglomerate to engage in vote fraud” that explains why one (namely, a BIG MEDIA EXECUTIVE) would comprimise his business to produce and disseminate blatantly FRAUDULENT POLLS, POLLS whose results are a mathematical (statistical) IMPOSSIBILITY.

And what proof do we have for this CONSPIRACY THEORY?

Proof comes via none other than that EPIC FAILURE NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT known as the FrancisEconomy of Venezuela. According to another WikiLeak document, it would appear that the manner in which the FrancisDictators, i.e. Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro RIGGED elections in the FrancisParadise of Venezuela was by using CROOKED voting machines. Here are the facts: (see here)

Of course, the integrity of “elections” in Venezuela have long been questioned particularly after WikiLeaks posted the following cable linking Hugo Chavez to a mysterious company that came out of nowhere in 2000 and suddenly snatched up major contracts to supply voting machines around the world.  The company, Smartmatic, included a Hugo Chavez campaign adviser on it’s board.  Curiously, according to Gateway Pundit, the company’s board also included Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a man who served on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and who was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds. 

And how does that relate to the current US Presidential Election?

Here’s how:

But, what is perhaps even more disturbing is that Smartmatic has also secured major contracts to supply voting machines for 16 states in the U.S., including key battleground states like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

And the catholic website Zero Hedge leaves of with a famous Obama Stalin quote:

Which leaves us with only one thing left to say: 

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing.

Those who count the votes decide everything.”

-Joseph Stalin

And that folk, is how the sausage is made.

Here is one email with the background info on Smartmatic Corp (see here):


Concluding, what is apparent from the above information is that this years US election is completely RIGGED. It is RIGGED in order to elect an acceptable CANDIDATE, … acceptable to what appears to be a US FRANCHISE or BRANCH of an INTERNATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT.  A ONE WORLD SECT. 

The PLAYERS are not what they appear to be, in that these people have long ceased being AMERICANS. These folks are INTERNATIONALISTS, or what Stalin would call COSMOPOLITANS, who are trying to put in place a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or a ONE WORLD ORDER. 

This ONE WORLD ORDER is in fact a SECT (see here). 

Simple Definition of sect

  • : a religious group that is a smaller part of a larger group and whose members all share similar beliefs


  • : a religious or political group that is connected to a larger group but that has beliefs that differ greatly from those of the main group

If this ONE WORLD SECT™ wins in 15 short days, the country that we know just might not survive. But what’s more important, the Civilization that created the country that we know as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, will be in mortal danger. 

What is even more frightening, there is nothing suitable or acceptable offered, to replace that which is being destroyed before our very eyes.

Just as the EPIC FAILED NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT™ that is Vatican II has destroyed the Catholic Church, the EPIC FAILED NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT™  known as the ONE WORLD SECT™  is getting ready to destroy the most successful GOVERNMENT MODEL known to man, up til now.

And as with all EPIC FAILED NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENT™, John Lamont’s observations hold: (see here)

Neomodernism, however, on a religious (or political) level is a purely negative thesis. As a result it has no attractive force of its own, and ecclesiastical (or political) structures that fall into its grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world.

In our case, the FrancisEconomy of Venezuela is the point of reference.

Furthermore, if the neo-Modernists have their way, we can all expect to find ourselves in the near future, in a situation like those other unfortunate “beneficiaries” of this ONE WORLD SECT™ largess, namely those poor souls living in the FrancisParidise of Venezuela. 

So all in all, we really are in the later end of the Flight 93 Election. 

And that is the OBJECTIVE REALITY of the matter.