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Back to the making the doughnuts early this a.m.

In our last two post, your humble blogger set out to explain how the CORRUPT MainStream AGITPROP™ MEDIA was colluding CONSPIRING to create a VIRTUAL REALITY in which Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary has already won the race for the White House. Your humble blogger then went on to POSIT why the Corrupt AGITPROP™ MEDIA would allow itself to be involved in this most blatant FRAUD.

Furthermore, your humble blogger explain how some of the POLLING organizations were producing FRAUDULENT POLLS, and POSITED some potential explanations for why these organizations would allow themselves to compromise their business, a business that is built on purported OBJECTIVITY and TRUST. NB: Please keep in mind that news and “news” organizations like Bloomberg, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal are part of the Visibilium Omnium because they provide “OBJECTIVE” information content, so disseminating and propagating demonstrably FRAUDULENT POLLS is a very real problem for… let’s say…. their future cash flow, to use this brutal expression.

So after the last of these posts had been published on the Deus Ex Machina blog yesterday, your humble blogger went back into the SEEK and DESTROY GATHER mode to see what new information (DATA POINTS) would present themselves in the following 24 hour news cycle. And low and behold, it was as if a the news cycle was a reading and following the Deus Ex Machina’s lead. I kid you not.

On an aside:  When reading the below, please keep in mind that yours truly is describing PROCESSES that exist as a part of the et Invisibilium. These PROCESSES are not confined to the US Presidential elections, or the POLITICAL sub-set of human endeavor. These PROCESSES are also existent in the ecclesiastical sub-set of human endeavor, and are taking place outside and inside the “Sacred Vatican Walls” at present. This is especially true of the AGITPROP MEDIA™ collusion, be it “c”atholic or secular pagan and the OBJECTIVE VIRTUAL-NESS of the SoapBubble Papacy™.

So back to the matter at hand.

Given the above, today I will try to establish a NARRATIVE for the next 24 hour news cycle and see how closely the news and “news” MEDIA conform to this Deus Ex Machina NARRATIVE.

First, like the good Thomists that we are, we need to define the NEWS MEDIA and the “news” (AGITPROP) MEDIA™.

My sources for the news (OBJECTIVE DATA POINTS) come from sources such as: the Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, The GateWay Pundit, The Daily Caller, Breitbart and selective other sites that your humble blogger deems provide “OBJECTIVE” information.

As to the “news” (AGITPROP) MEDIA™, it is these folks below. (see here)


NB: Wikileaks is up to 65 identified “I’m a hack” “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this… journalists”.

So on to the NARRATIVE.

Today, your humble blogger has established that the key thread of today’s NARRATIVE will be “VOTER EXCITEMENT/VOTER SUPPRESSION”. NB: They are two sides of the same coin! In our post titled Rise Of The AGITPROP MEDIA™ And FRAUDULENT Polls – Part I we once again noticed the absence of “voter excitement” data coming from the polling agencies. Here is what we wrote:

Next, of the 6 of 21 votes (28.6%) still undecided, Sick Hillary would have to get 6 of these 6 votes (100%) to beat Trump. (5 +6 > 10, Yes?)

Aside, one now can understand why there have been no “voter excitement”polls produced lately. But I digress…

And this is a Clinton News Network focus group!

After we wrote the above in the wee hours of yesterday morning, low and behold, references to “voter excitement” started to appear in the NEWS MEDIA. On the catholic Zero Hedge website, a post appeared under the title “Something’s Gone Terribly Wrong” – Young Voters Disgusted By “Negative Tone” Choose Not To Vote. (see here) This post was written by a member of the “news” MEDIA. In this post we learn, from the FRAUDULENT POLL producing Reuters/Ipsos that: (emphasis added)

“A Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that Americans aged 18 to 34 are slightly less likely to vote for president this year than their comparably aged peers were in 2012…”

More DATA POINTS are provided:

Millions of his young peers agree: poll data reveals that young Americans are less enthusiastic about their choices in November than they were four years ago when Democratic President Barack Obama faced a re-election challenge from Republican Mitt Romney. Some 52.2% of respondents aged 18 to 34 told Reuters/Ipsos they were certain or almost certain to vote, compared with 56.1 percent who reported that level of certainty at the same point in 2012.

The significance of the above, especially for Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary is as follows:

From a more practical standpoint, young Americans represent a core voting block without whose support Hillary Clinton’s victory would be far more precarious.

Yes indeed.

Before reading further, let this sink in…

The author of the post goes further:

As we pointed out one month ago, it is the young and disenchanted voters who have failed to find a resonance with Hillary. As we pointed out, “when shifting away from her core demographics of minorities such as Hispanics and Blacks, Hillary suddenly has a problem communicating with the one age group she was supposed to carry without much of a problem. Indeed, if millennial voters do drop off significantly, either voting third-party or not showing up at all, that could wound Clinton.  Younger voters were a primary voting bloc for President Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012.”

“Wound”, right….

So what is being explained above is a YUGE problems for the Establishment/DemocraticParty/SickHillaryCampaign.

As for the SUPPORTING EVICENCE of just this lack of “voter excitement“, we get news reports that the attendance at a Tim “Kursty the Clown” Kaine rally in Florida drew a whopping 50 30 attendees. (see here)


I am forced to use the Kaine attendence figures since Sick Hillary is “in bed resting” most likely.

On the other side of the fence, The Donald had a rally in Tampa yesterday that drew 20,000. Here is that story:


All one can say is that the Sick Hillary Campaign is become “VIRTUAL-ER” by the day!

Now the significance of the disproportionate figures is not just the absolute values that are represented, but the rate of change of the figures themselves. What we see is that the rate of change is decreasing at an increasing rate for the SickHillary/KrustyKaine attendences while the rate of change is increasing at an increasing rate for the Trump/Pence rallies. 

The ramifications of this REALITY is captured by another post appearing at The GateWay Pundit. In a post titled  Folks, It’s Happening=> TRUMP IS PEAKING — At Just the Right Time (VIDEO) (see here) we are provided with SUPPORTING EVIDENCE. One of the best pieces of this EVIDENCE is the following:

Donald Trump’s Cleveland speech on Facebook has 1.7 million views.
Hillary Clinton did not post her rally on Facebook.
But it was posted on YouTube.
She had 3,825 views. (see post here)

In the above figures, what we are seeing is the OBJECTIVE REALITY of the “voter excitement” metrics. In a side by side comparison of “Facebook/Youtube views”, we see that Trump had 444.44 times the views than does Sick Hillary.

Aside: Folks, the Sick Hillary Campaign is so sad….

How sad is it?

It’s so sad that: Sad. Hillary Campaign Cheerleaders Instruct Small Hillary Crowd What to Cheer (VIDEO) (see here)

How’s that for a peak behind the curtain?

But the best I have saved for last. In a post titled  ACTUARIAL ANALYSIS REVISITED: New Information Supports Trump Win and Possible Landslide (Updated) we are provided with the “MISSING LINK” as to why the FRAUDULENT POLLSTERS are able to produce the FRAUDULENT POLLS that they are producing. Here is the passage:

Dr. Norpoth’s calculations are consistent with the analysis we presented last week –

This year Republicans crushed their previous record in the primaries for number of votes by 150%. Their old record was 20 million and this year 31 million voted in the primaries. The Democrats on the other hand had 7 million votes less than their record year in 2008 with 30 million this year compared to 37 million in 2008.

What this means is that the FRAUDULENT POLLS might be “adjusting” their “representative sample groups” but they aren’t ADJUSTING for the primary turnout of the primaries preceding the general election of 2016. 

But if they would ADJUST for these primary DATA POINTS, they would no doubt come up with a similar result to the one that Dr. Norpoth came up with, and simultaneously crushing the “SickHillary has already won” NARRATIVE. And Dr. Norpoth is another statistician who is calling Trump to win in a landslide.

And his street cred is the following:

One pollster, Dr. Helmut Norpoth, shared his expectation of a Trump win. He has a remarkable record in predicting election outcomes. The key point that he shared from his model is that primaries are heavily weighted in his analysis.

I will end on this note. The video of Dr. Norpoth is at the top of this post.

Will pick back up tomorrow, but will be watching how this “voter excitement” NARRATIVE plays out in the upcoming 24 hour news cycle.

Aside, please remember that the opposite side of the “voter excitement” DATA is the “vote suppression” DATA. These are just opposite sides of the same coin and go hand in hand. Here is The Donald speaking on just this issue.

PS In the post titled ACTUARIAL ANALYSIS REVISITED: New Information Supports Trump Win and Possible Landslide (Updated), there is also a great discussion about the “young voters” sentiments in this election, which dovetails nicely with the Zero Hedge post titled “Something’s Gone Terribly Wrong” – Young Voters Disgusted By “Negative Tone” Choose Not To Vote. 

By cross referencing, the pieces fit better. 😉

PPS Must watch! Here is the link

Another in a long series of peaks behind the VIRTUAL REALITY curtain!

UPDATE: 07:20 25 October 2016

Our Deus Ex Machina NARRATIVE is beginning to play out. On Drudge this:


“TRUMP supporters line up 12 hours before rally…”

Aside, here is Mundabor’s take here.

UPDATE 2: 08:00 25 October 2016

Deus Ex Machina NARRATIVE working its way through ZeroHedge (see here)


And today, as News 6 reports, Thousands are expected to attend a campaign rally Tuesday afternoon for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Orlando-Sanford International Airport.

Trump supporters arrived in Sanford very early Tuesday, more than 12 hours before the rally, which is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. at Million Air Orlando. Several slept in their cars in the parking lot of the airport, hoping to get a good spot to see Trump later in the day.

PS Here is the Pence North Carolina event yesterday:


People are noticing.

UPDATE 3: 08:35 25 October 2016

Yesterday’s NARRATIVE is also playing it out. Yesterday we wrote this:

Here is how another blogger sees this TRANSITION from FRAUDULENT POLLS to RIGGED ELECTIONS. Over at the Chateau Heartiste blog, (see here) we can read the following:

Big ol’ rigged polls serve thec*nt (Sick Hillary) in three ways:

  1. Perception of desirability/success/inevitability.
  2. Demoralization of Trump supporters. (Bad polls can depress turnout for the candidate who is behind)
  3. Most importantly, rigged polls give cover to thec*nt conglomerate to engage in vote fraud.

And today we get this from Zero Hedge: (see here)

Texas Rigged? Reports Of Voting Machines Switching Votes To Hillary In Texas

Of course, another way that democrats have attempted to “maximize what they get out of their media” this election cycle is by combining rigged polling data with reports from liberal newspapers, like this one from the Washington Post, suggesting that the election is such a blowout that typical republican strongholds, like Texas, are actually in play.

But, if recent reports of electronic voting machine issues are true, then perhaps the democrats have another trick up their sleeves to win Texas in 2016.  As noted by Paul Joseph Watson, residents in multiple Texas cities have already complained that voting machines are switching their votes from Trump to Hillary.

And here is how it is done:


And the list goes on…

UPDATE 4: 11:40 25 October 2016

And a reporter asks the $64,000 question:


Yea, how.

On an aside: Proof emerges that the Bamster lied (WikiLeaks 18 see here)


Oh my!

Wonder if any “news” organization will notice.

I guess you can’t win a Pulitzer for investigating Demo-rats, so why bother…

UPDATE 5: 12:40 25 October 2016

More confirmation of older DATA POINT/NARRATIVE. In an earlier post, the ASSERTION was made that TURNOUT WILL BE EVERYTHING. The reason being that in elections with a high level of FRAUD, the surest way to overcome the FRAUD is with a high turnout. Over at Breitbart, we find this: (see here)trump-14-days-viii

And then there is the below. If you dear reader will recall, the “Bern” voters rebelled at the Democratic Convention. It got a bit nasty, and somehow I don’t think the wounds have healed. (see here) Which dovetails very nicely with the Breitbart observation below:


And then there is this here.

Which makes sense since how long can you live in your parents basement waiting for “The Bern” to give you free stuff. Eventually this HERE happens.