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Today we continue with our PROCESSES theme. But before I start, above are two stories from respective campaign rallies held in the battleground state of Florida yesterday. At the Sick Hillary rally, the attendance was noted at “a few hundred turned out for the small rally at a community collegewhile an Estimate for Sanford, FL @realDonaldTrump crowd: 12,000held at an airport hangar rally at Orlando-Sanford International Airport. And just to remind you dear reader, Mike Pence drew “a few hundred” at his campaign rally in North Carolina two days ago, for comparison purposes.

So what we are seeing is the Sick Hillary Campaign becoming “VIRTUAL-ER” by the day.

So please hold that thought.

Over on the Ecclesiastical side of the Visibilium Omnium, we are informed that the FrancisBishop of Rome gave a homily. In that homily, he took his “pontificate” in the “VIRTUAL-ER” direction likewise (see here). Here is the post from the excellent That The Bones You Have Crushed blog, in a post very aptly  titled The Pontificate that Won’t Stand Up to Scrutiny. (see here) Here is what is written:

For argument’s sake, however, let’s assume that, for instance, a Cardinal Blaise Cupich is the model of every Cardinal in the Church, one who, in the image of Francis himself chooses ‘mercy over morals’. What kind of a Church aside from one sidelined into the gutter of popular culture is it that proclaims mercy at the expense – or instead of – morals? What does that Church look like? What does that Church have to say to a drug dealer or a human trafficker? What does that Church that chooses mercy over – or instead of – morals say to a pornographer, murderer or terrorist? What does that Church have to say to a pederast or someone who covers up pederasty for the sake of a quiet life? To anyone bound up in a lifestyle of mortal sin, what does that Church have to say? Quite simply, nothing, because of Her Founder, that Church is truly embarrassed. Yes, in the name of mercy, it is He Himself, the Lord Jesus, who is abandoned!

To put this commentary into our analytical framework, what we are seeing is the “VIRTUALIZATION” of the Catholic Church. Or in other words, it is has reached the point of being UN-REAL.

And now back to the PROCESSES. Just as the Sick Hillary Campaign is UN-REAL, so is the FranicsPontificate. These two sub-sets of human activity within the Visibilium Omnium have become UN-REAL for one and one alone REASON: they have divorced themselves from OBJECTIVE REALITY.

This DIVORCE FROM OBJECTIVE REALITY is easily proven quantitatively in the case of the SickHillary Campaign, as we have been doing over the last few months. In the case of the FrancisPontificate, we have also been providing quantitative PROOF in terms of attendance figures. Your humble blogger even put up a page attesting to the “VIRTUAL-NESS” of Francis HERE. Furthermore, we have been analyzing the FrancisBishop of Rome’s “personal magisterium” to identify how far Francis is deviating from the second source of the Catholic FAITH, i.e. divine Revelation. We have been using the first source of the Catholic FAITH, i.e. as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”, in our analysis.

We also know from our FAITH, that once a sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium DIVORCES ITSELF FROM OBJECTIVE REALITY, it loses its grounding and subsequently justification for its existance in NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW. Here is how Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Duke Pesta explain exactly this situation: (see here)

It’s the jungle. It’s back to the jungle. And this is the thing for me. When you remove the idea of God, again, the reality of God … we’re going leave to the side, it’s a matter of faith, you take the idea of God off the table philosophically, you remove that as a possibility, you always, it always goes back to the jungle. It always comes down to power. Look at our universities. These supposedly civilized, sophisticated places. They’re not. They’re places where power trumps everything. What Black Lives Matter ‘s looking for, what the feminists are looking for on campus, what the neo-marxists … they are not looking for equality. They’re not looking for dialogue. They want power. They don’t want to level the playing field, they want to flip it. That’s what they’re after here. And the idea of God was so valuable, as the idea of God progressed philosophically, from let’s face it, the pagan understanding of God, like you said, it’s really kind of simple minded, it’s a kind of superstitious animism right, it’s … and that’s what’s coming back now. We’re not creating more atheists here, we’re creating more pagans. We’re paganizing culture by getting rid of God.     

So the PROCESS that we have identified is that “if you get rid of God”, i.e. do not conform to NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW, the only means by which you can maintain POWER is through FORCE.

And where have we seen this above defined PROCESS unfolding?

One place where we have found this PROCESS is at the Chateau Heartiste blog. (see here) Here is how the author explains the effects of rigging polls:

There is a school of thought that says poll rigging can hurt more than it helps, by instilling in thec*nt’s (Sick Hillary) degenerate freak mafia a smug complacency about her inevitable victory, which will depress turnout as her supporters stay home to passively watch her victory unfold. I don’t buy this. It’s a misunderstanding of human nature, specifically the part of human nature which loves to “crush your enemies and see them driven before you”. If thec*nt’s supporters feel emboldened by favorable polls, they will be MORE likely to swarm the voting booths to get a chance to participate in the bloodbath.

The next place where we see this PROCESS unfolding is described in a post at the Vox Cantoris blog. (See here) In a post titled More insults and accusation from the mouth of Bergoglio, we read the following:

The traditional Catholics whom I know are very humble people. They go to Confession frequently, sometimes weekly because they know that they are not righteous. Who are these Catholic of which he speaks, these rigid and sick people?

This Pope insults people continually. Remember “self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-pelagians?’ 

What Pope, what Bishop of Rome speaks this way of his flock, his children?

Is this man of Christ?

The answer to the above question would be: according to empirical EVIDENCE, the answer would have to be in the negative.

Next OBSERVATION of this PROCESS comes via the catholic Zero Hedge website. In a post titled Dilbert Creator Adams Exposes The Real Bully Party (see here), we can read this:

Team Clinton has succeeded in perpetuating one of the greatest evils I have seen in my lifetime. Her side has branded Trump supporters (40%+ of voters) as Nazis, sexists, homophobes, racists, and a few other fighting words. Their argument is built on confirmation bias and persuasion. But facts don’t matter because facts never matter in politics. What matters is that Clinton’s framing of Trump provides moral cover for any bullying behavior online or in person. No one can be a bad person for opposing Hitler, right?

Or for opposing Neo-Promethian Pelagians either!

And then he follows up with this:

I endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States because I oppose bullying in all its forms. 

I don’t defend Trump’s personal life. Neither Trump nor Clinton are role models for our children. Let’s call that a tie, at worst.

The bullies are welcome to drown in their own bile while those of us who want a better world do what we’ve been doing for hundreds of years: Work to make it better while others complain about how we’re doing it.

Today I put Trump’s odds of winning in a landslide back to 98%. Remember, I told you a few weeks ago that Trump couldn’t win unless “something changed.” 

Something just changed.


What we see above is a PROCESS. This PROCESS is driven by one side of the political/ecclesiastical divide obtaining POWER. Yet the means by which they attained that POWER are not grounded in either NATURAL LAW nor NATURAL MORAL LAW. Or as we like to say on this blog, this GROUP (and they are the same people) has run afoul of the LEX ARMATICUS. So the ONLY manner in which this GROUP can maintain POWER is through BRUTE FORCE.

Yet, once POWER is attained, this GROUP has a problem with maintaining this POWER. The reason that they MUST RELY on BRUTE FORCE is that they cannot provide RATIONAL justifications for what it is that they are doing or trying to achieve. And since they consciously do not conform to NATURAL LAW, their NEO-MODERNIST EXPERIMENTS must always end in FAILURE.

Just as 3 follows 2…

And one more important OBSERVATION.

The reason that this GROUP cannot be honest as to what they intend on doing with the POWER that they have attained, is that they are purveyors of what we term a neo-Modernist TRANSRATIONAL IDEOLOGY. And since their IDEOLOGY is TRANSRATIONAL at its foundation, i.e. does not conform to NATURAL or DIVINE LAW, the following PROCESS MUST follow as a consequence of this GROUP’S acquisition of POWER:

Neomodernism, however, on a religious (or political) level is a purely negative thesis. As a result it has no attractive force of its own, and ecclesiastical (and political) structures that fall into its grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world.

On the religious side we see this PROCESS playing itself out since Vatican II, and especially in the FrancisPontificate, while on the political side we see this PROCESS playing itself out in places like Autstria (re-run of Presidential election), BREXIT and the US under Obama and now the SickHillary Campaign.

Furthermore, we also see this PROCESS not limited to any specific sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, or what an academic would term “interdisciplinary”. We have evidence of this PROCESS playing itself out  across the political/ecclesiastical axis in the FrancisEconomy of Venezuela. (see here and here)

So at the end of the day, what we are seeing is the same PROCESS taking place in different areas of human endeavor. The rate at which this PROCESS progresses depends on the degree of UN-REALITY that has been introduced into the endeavor, or as we say here “VIRTUAL-NESS” that exists in the individual undertaking. And as these various TRANSRATIONAL undertakings progress to the trash heap of history, we can OBSERVE that other individuals are identifying and naming this PROCESS likewise.

Like the Dilbert creator, Mr. Scott Adams,

Chalk up another win for UNIVERSALISM.