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trump-iii-round-1Today’s second post will be one simply tracking the developments in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Our starting point will be something that your humble blogger wrote in a recent post titled The SoapBubble Candidacy™ And The Coming Liberation… (see here), namely this:

For those who can’t read the small print, here is the caption:

*IBD/TIPP” Trump +1…

*Was most accurate in 2012…

The reason that I bring this to your attention is that as we get closer into the elections, the other FRAUDULANT POLL-STERS will likely also start taking the “adjustments” and “skews” out of polling data. And your humble blogger will be on the look out for just this.

And we have evidence of just this PHENOMENON… that “no one could have seen coming”.

  1. Over at the catholic Zero Hedge blog, we get the following post: (see here)


2. Next 4 hours later, we get this from one of the FRAUDULENT POLL producing  “OBJECTIVE MARKET INFORMATION” organization, namely Bloomberg. (see here)


In the post we have confirmation that Trump leads with Independents. Here is what the FRAUDULANT POLLS were putting up just two days earlier:

Trump’s showing in this poll is stronger than in other recent surveys in the state. Clinton had an advantage of 3.1 percentage points in the RealClearPolitics Florida average on Tuesday.

 3. And now Drudge is piling on…


Who would have thunk?

PS Not good for the NeverTrumpers…

4. More bad news for Sick Hillary on the “Divide et Imperia” front, Rasmussen has black support for The Donald maintaining at the 16% to 18% level (see here)


5. “Something just changed.” as per Dilbert creator, Mr. Scott Adams,.  

Just look at the screen shot I pulled down from the Drudge Report:


The first title comes from Zero Hedge.

The second title comes from …. wait for it…. still waiting…. it’s gonna be good… NY Times. Yes, that NYTimes.

The third title comes from the… wait for it…. still waiting…. it’s gonna be really, really good… WashPo. Yest, that WashPo.

The times, they are a changin…. FAST!

6. More bad news for Establishment, #NeverTrumper’s breakikng (see here)


The above is very important since there are presently two breakaway groups, or one can say “wild cards” in the present election, namely RINO #NeverTrumpers and “The Bern” voters in the Democratic Party. According to informed observers, if The Donald gets the wayward RINOs back on board, he wins. I will post link later…

More here

 7. Two weeks until the “big dance” and Sick Hillary can’t fill a gym… in a Democratic Party base stronghold…. (see here)


And we’re to believe she is up by 50 points. 😉

8. It’s starting to break YUUUUUGE for The Donald. (see here) Here is what’s behind Trump opening up a 4 point lead in the bellwether state of Ohio.


 It really is the Flight 93 election, and the voting public is “getting it”!

9. The Democrats “FRAUDULENT BALLOTS” gig is up. Early voting has given voters ability to identify election fraud and respond. Reports from all key battleground states and Texas have surfaced. Stories on Drudge Report.


Please keep in mind. Statistically, it appears that the only way Sick Hillary can win is if the election is stolen. Otherwise, it’s a landslide for Trump.

10. They are catching the VOTER FRAUD early. Not good for SickHillary (see here)


All states should go to paper ballots.