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Another day, another Project Veritas video. This one exposes Demon-rats accepting illegal foreign contributions. But since we live in a country where the rule of law does not apply to certain segments of the population, no need to waist valuable space in cyberspace on this topic, since it don’t really matter. But just for the records, Part IV is above.

Back to the sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium where there is a chance… still… to reverse this latest tide of barbarism sweeping Western Civilization, i.e. voting.

More good news coming in overnight and more “fog of war” lifting taking place. We start with the most important news, namely this:


By using the first source of our FAITH, i.e. as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”, we are able to discern OBJECTIVE DATA POINTS. By analyzing these DATA POINTS we are then able to identify what in fact is OBJECTIVE REALITY and can predict (with a reasonable level of certainty) the PROCESS going forward.

In terms of the 2016 US Presidential Election, your humble blogger has identify key PROCESSES and DATA POINTS which have allowed us to understand the OBJECTIVE REALITY and have given us a reasonably good “predictive” ability, as my loyal readers can attest. In this case, the US Presidential Election is shaping up, or ALIGNING very closely with our prognostications.

One of the sub-sets of  Visibilium Omnium that we closely monitor, comes from what can be termed the “componants of the polls”. We and others have provided irrefutable EVIDENCE that the majority of the POLLS being conducted are RIGGED, i.e. FRAUDULENT. Or as we say, “VIRTUAL”. One manner in which we can gauge the “VIRTUAL-NESS” of these FRAUDULENT POLLS is by looking at what is happening on the ground, or rather in the voting districts which comprise the aggregated NATIONAL POLLS.

One COMPONANT that we are looking at is the early voting registrations. What is being reported is a very large turnout of Republican Party voters. We provided evidence in yesterdays post from the Republican stronghold in the key battleground and “bellwether” state of OHIO. (see here)

Today we see the same PROCESS at work in a Democratic stronghold district, namely the 8th Congressional District in Eastern Minnesota, a solid working class district (see here) and from the state of Texas. The reason that Texas is important is that for may years, the Criminal Organization that is the Democratic Party has been trying to “turn Texas blue”, or create a mechanism whereby Texas votes Demon-rat. And here is the most important take-way:

Sid Miller: We have a record number of people registered to vote in Texas. We’re having record turnouts, the first day, the second day of voting. And it’s not Bernie Sanders supporters coming out to support Hillary. It’s not Barack Obama supporters coming out to support Hillary. It’s a new surge of Trump voters, many who have never registered to vote. Many who have not voted in eight or ten elections so they’re not reported in the polls…

…I know for a fact that the polls are off because they oversample Democrats by eight sometimes up to sixteen percent oversampling Democrats. They’re oversampling women by five to eight percent. So the Republican vote is underreported. Plus there is no way to sample this extra twenty to twenty-five percent of new voters that are Trump voters. They’re not Republican, they’re not Democrats, they’re pragmatists. They’re tired of the status quo and they want change.

As for the important take-away from the Minnesota DATA POINTS, it is this: (see here)

What The Data Says did this analysis of the Eighth Congressional District of Minnesota:

Trump is beating Hillary by 12 points: “Our poll shows Republican Donald Trump with a 12-point lead over Clinton, 47 percent to 35 percent“
Trump is winning with women: “leading Clinton 41 percent to 39 percent.”
Dems are crossing over: “the number of Democrats dropped from 34 percent in 2014 to 27 percent in 2016. The number of independents jumped from 31 percent two years ago to 41 percent this year.“

So what we have here is OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE of two key demographics, i.e. women and registered Democrats voting for the Donald in a district that has voted Democrat in the last 4 Presidential elections.

On another PROCESS that we have identified as being key in this election cycle is VOTER FRAUD. (see hereWe reported yesterday that one county in Texas is returning to “paper ballots”. This is great news in two respects. Paper ballots are harder to FALSIFY (takes more work to forge from an operational stand point) and second, it would appear that this FRAUD has been identified early, i.e. with two weeks to go. This should put a big dent in the Criminal Democrats strategy since we know that it is the VOTER FRAUD that the FRAUDULANT POLLS are really intended to “justify”. (see here)

As to attendance figures, we have “official-er” figures coming from the Tampa Florida events. The lowdown: Trump 20,000 v. SickHillary 2,000. (see here):


Ah yes, a picture that’s worth a thousand words… literally!

And on the back of the Tampa FL rally, The Donald had another YUUUUGE rally in Kinston NC. Here is that DATA POINT:


The line went out for 1/2 mile!

Meanwhile in FL, SickHillary, who HillaryWorld notes is “something wrong with her head” (see here) had trouble take one step up. 18 inch step to be exact. Here is that story and video below via The Drudge Report:

But the CORRUPT MEDIA is silent…

And then Trump followed up with this: (see here)

Trump promises ‘new deal for Black America’

And then came “Trump’s best speech yet”

To be continued…

More VOTER FRAUD identified… (see here)


And a Zombie theme…

More reported VOTER FRAUD, this time in key battlegound state of PA: (see here)


Catching VOTER FRAUD “early and often”!

The Donald back on top of the LA Times USC poll. (see here)


And then the daily WikiLeaks drop. Podesta 20 (see here)


Illegal? So what? Can’t be arresting Demo-crats now can we?

And one from the “nobody could have seen this coming” category ( I jest – see here) from our friens at the American Catholic (see here)


The polls are tightening and Trump seems to have a momentum.  The Washington Post tracker poll is down to six, Clinton advantage, from twelve over the weekend.  Fox, released last night, is down to a three point Clinton advantage from six last week.

The Los Angeles tracker today has Trump up one.  The IDB tracker has Clinton up by one today and Rasmussen has Clinton up by one today.

My gut reaction is that currently this is probably a three point race, Clinton advantage, plus or minus one either way.  I think a two point race is a danger zone for Clinton, as the greater enthusiasm of the pro-Trump/anti-Clinton voters might overcome such a gap.  We shall see.

Aside, I am beginning to suspect this poll. It has Trump trending negative when he should be trending positive. But I will reserve my judgement for the time being…

And now bad news. A dark day for an otherwise extraordinary institution… (see here)


Just PROOF POSITIVE that the Clintons can CORRUPT anything. 😦

I’m gutted….

Anothe CONSPIRACY THEORY becomes solidly in the CONSPIRACY FACT column (see here)


Callum Borchers, author at the Washington Post blog The Fix, admits that the press is declaring victory for Hillary Clinton — to discredit claims that the election is rigged.

The CORRUPT MEDIA is just trying to make sure you don’t vote wrong.

What’s wrong with that??????

It’s OFFICIAL! Gov. Pence drawing larger crowds than Sick Crooked Hillary! (see here)


How pathetic is that?

More bad news for Sick Corrupt Hillary, The Demo-sheviks and the AGITPROP MEDIA (see here)


Texas-based election integrity organization True the Vote has released a smartphone app that allows users to report voter fraud and irregularities.

Don’t wait for November 8. Get yours today!

It has happened. Tim “Krusty the Clown” Kaine, the FrancisVPCandidate has reached the end of the FRANCISPROCESS. (see here)


The end of the road for Sick Hillary, her sidekick “Krusty” Kaine and the FrancisBishop of Rome.