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Today we continue with our theme of PROCESSES. I will refine this post to a specific PROCESS, namely the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™. If you recall, the NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ is derived from the 3rd Principle of the LEX ARMATICUS, namely:

3nd Principle: (The Schmidberger Principle)

Every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization. This is due to the nature of the matter.

And naturally, when we say “NORMAL”, we are referring to that which would be considered NORMAL under NATURAL LAW.

So on to the linked video above. In this video we have a conversation between Stefan Molyneux (Secular Rationalist) and Jim Hoft (“Instrinsically Disordered” Rationalist), the proprieter of The Gateway Pundit website.

The reason that I am bringing this video to you attention is for several reasons.

On one level, please note that Jim Hoft is rather certain that The Donald will win this upcoming election. And he is much closer to the OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE (DATA POINTS) than yours truly.

Next, what is important to note is the discussion about what one can term “the changing situation within the Republican party”. If one listens closely, what one observes is that there is a NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ taking hold with the advent of Donald Trump. This NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ has NATURAL LAW as its denominator, in the sense the rationele used in the arguments is solidily logical.

Case in point.

At the 4:25 of the video, Stefan says the following:

This is one of the great mysteries that is unfurling before our very eyes, and anybody with an ouce of intellectual cuiosity and intergrity needs to dip their frontal lobes into this churning river of why there are particular groups in America that want to bring in cultures that are antithetical to their very existence. To their very aims, to their stated aims, whatever their real aims are (…) of course you have feminists who want to bring in culture that are not exactly pro-feminism and of course you have “gays” who seem to be wide open. Now this is back in 2012, I looked this up before this interview that about 13% of the BLT’s (Intrinsically Disordered) community identified as conservatives, which is considerabley less then the generel population.  

Then some rubbish about “gayness” follows, and then Stefan says this:

(…) there just seems to be this “come on in” and their hatred of the right is so great that they will alley with people that who may be easily defined as their antithesis.

To which Jim answers:


And then Jim goes on to identify the real cause of why “25%” of the Intrinsically Disordered will be voting for Trump in this coming election cycle.  At the 6:55 mark Jim says the following:

Hillary Clinton has not done any favors for the “gays” over the years. And this year, when we see, you know, the donations shes taken from these Middle Eastern Muslim countries and .. .she’s not doing any favors…

Yes indeed.

On a higher level, what we see in Jim’s answer is the internal struggle between REASON and the PASSIONS. On the one hand, the Intrinsically Disordered HATE (PASSION) the right, especially the Christian right. Yet, the thinking Intrinsically Disordered recognize the physical danger (REASON) of allowing Western Civilization to fall into the hands of the Mohammedan’s. No doubt, this or similar posts is the point of reference for the “thinking” Intrinsically Disordered individual: (see here)

So what we are seeing is a NORMALIZATION PROCESS™ by which the Intrinsically Disordered are beginning to suppress their PASSIONS in order to ensure their physical security of… let’s say: not finding themselves in a position where they are thrown off buildings.

But the story gets better. Any Intrinsically Disordered who wants to ensure his physical safety by voting for the Republican right, has to formulate his arguements based on REASON. The reason being that his opponants have the PASSION based arguement monopolized. So this Intrinsically Disordered individual is force down the ROAD OF REASON, through no intent on his part.

And where does that road lead?

That road leads to this here.


Because: Every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization. This is due to the nature of the matter.

And this is what I would call REAL PROGRESS!

I will stop here since I am pressed for time today.

Please watch the rest of the video this weekend.

One more point: When watching the video, notice how many DATA POINTS that your humble blogger has set out on the pages of this humble effort are covered by Stefan and Jim.

PS And when you are done watching the above, I have a special treat. Below is a video of Stefan and Dr. Duke Petra speaking about Social Marxism and the Social Marxist occupying the See of St. Peter.