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sspx-colombia-iToday we go off road and revisit a theme that we left on the 1st of July in a post titled NORMALIZATION Process Advances – The Austria Edition (see here). Posts under this general theme highlight areas of the geographical Visibilium Omnium where NORMALITY (as per NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW) is trying to reassert itself.

In the above mentioned post, the Austrian electorate voted for a Presidential candidate (NORMAL) who was not declared president due to VOTER FRAUD. The Austrian equivalent of the Supreme Court intervened, nullified the election and a re-vote is scheduled for early December 2016. Provided that the electoral commission can find glue to seal the voter ballot envelopes. I kid you not! (see here)

In today’s post, we cross the Atlantic Ocean to the New World and the South American country of Columbia. In this Catholic country recently, a referendum was held. The issue was whether to accept a “peace deal” between the Columbian government and the Cuban/Venezuelan/Vatican/Leftist International back Marxist guerillas.

The stage was set for a Havana negotiated “peace deal”, the Colombian government capitulation was ready to be signed, the President sold out the Colombian people for a Nobel Peace Prize and the Marxist FrancisBishop of Rome promise to travel to Colombia after the capitulation was complete.

One small issue remained, i.e. the REFERENDUM.

Needless to say, the REFERENDUM was defeated.

The forces of GOOD triumphed, and a majority of the Colombian people would rather fight than surrender to the forces of Cultural Marxism.

Below I am re-publishing a post that appeared on the US SSPX website page explaining the situation on the ground in Colombia. (see here)



Interview: Columbia Rejects Peace with FARC

We interviewed Francisco Jiménez Maroto—an SSPX priest in charge of the priory of Bogota, to get an “insider” opinion on the recent vote.

The Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, and the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Rodrigo Londoño, better known as “Timochenko,” signed a peace agreement on September 26, 2016 in Cartagena, in the north of the country. The 297-page agreement, concluded in late August in Havana, Cuba, put an end to 52 years of armed conflict that caused over 260,000 deaths, 45,000 missing persons, and 6,900,000 displaced persons.

However, contrary to all expectation, when the population was called to vote on the agreement on October 2, 2016, it refused to endorse this agreement by a small majority (50.2%). Two days before the vote, Pope Francis had declared his support for President Santos, saying that he would travel to Colombia “once the peace agreement was endorsed.” But the Catholic Church in Colombia refused to speak in favor of a yes vote, and evangelical pastors campaigned for a no vote. Why? This is why the SSPX news agency DICI has interviewed Fr. Francisco Jiménez Maroto—a priest of the Society of St. Pius X in charge of the priory of Bogota, the capital of Colombia—to find out.

DICI: On October 2nd, Catholics rejected the peace agreements with FARC. Do they want the conflict to continue?

Fr. Maroto: In Colombia everyone wants peace. No one can imagine wanting war, and especially not in a country that has endured armed conflict for over half-a-century and where all of society has suffered from it, directly or indirectly.

So then why reject the peace agreements?

It’s very simple: because the final peace agreement signed on September 26 does not really contribute to peace.

Why do you say that?

First of all for legal reasons. The members of FARC are still the authors of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide. And yet they will not spend one night in prison! Moreover, the agreements will allow FARC to carry out money laundering. Will they stop drug trafficking and return the money they have piled up not only by farming cocaine, but also by extortion, theft and assassination practiced on thousands of Colombians, with infamous cruelty? I would also point out that there are still more than 400 persons who have been kidnapped.

Do you think these agreements are not just?

That is right. And if there is no justice, there is no peace. How, for example, can we accept that the members of FARC should not be extradited to answer for their crimes on the international level? It is well-known that FARC has committed crimes not only in Colombia, but also in the whole world. How can we accept that the members of the official army have to confess themselves guilty of crimes they did not commit, humiliating themselves vilely, while this is not required of the bandits from FARC? These agreements are a great injustice to the Colombian nation and its armed forces.

Do you also reject these agreements for political reasons?

The political reasons are even more important. It must not be forgotten that according to Marxist logic, the final goal is to take power. And FARC will not give up on this goal. Aside from avoiding jail, they want to govern Colombia. And the worst is that they say so openly. The country cannot accept that the authors of atrocious crimes be politically elected. It cannot tolerate that they be granted seats in Congress, that they be made a present of five seats in the Senate and five in the chamber of representatives. In addition, they benefit from 15 seats in the zones where they possess the territory. The country cannot accept that Colombians should finance their political campaigns for the presidency and legislature to the tune of 10% of the budget, in the name of public financing for political parties. It cannot be tolerated either that FARC should modify the entire electoral system as if they were a victorious army. Especially not when they are a diminished army, when there remained only to defeat them completely. These agreements are giving them their second wind, so that they can regroup.

And lastly, it is unacceptable that they should be given a broadcasting station to spread their ideology, and 31 radio stations for the same purpose. It is a scandal!

Are there also moral reasons for not accepting these agreements?

The agreement is fraught, throughout its 297 pages, with gender ideology. They call it “sex,” but it is in fact “gender” ideology. This was recognized by the negotiators themselves.

Already the ministry for national education had tried to force schools to adopt the “Booklet on Sexual Education.” But the government had to give up because of the spontaneous protests of thousands of families who rejected the aberrations presented in this booklet. Today, with this Havana agreement, ten steps forward have been taken to inoculate the country with gender ideology.

But are not FARC asking for pardon? In the name of Christian charity and social peace, should we not extend them pardon?

Nowhere in the 297 pages of this agreement do the words pardon or repentance appear. This is why Colombia cannot pardon unless they pay for all the crimes they have committed.

How did you react to the words of Pope Francis in support of this agreement?

This agreement is a national and international betrayal. The worst of all has been the betrayal of the Holy See. It is terrible that we should leave true justice aside for these false agreements and that the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, not only endorses them directly using the words of FARC, but threatens Catholics with not coming to Colombia if the yes vote does not win in the referendum. It is a world conspiracy blessed by the supreme authority of the Church.

For all these reasons, Colombian Catholics have defended the “No at the vote.” We want peace, we aspire to peace, but not at any price, not in lowering ourselves to the level of these criminals who have attacked our nation.

Commentary: Juan Manuel Santos, a president under the influence?

From the month of July 2016 onward, the former Colombian Head of State (2002 – 2010) Álvaro Uribe was categorical:

There is reason to be concerned about this agreement. Colombia has again become the country producing the most cocaine and FARC is currently the largest drug trafficker in the world, and the most powerful.”

On the website reinformation.tv, on July 27, it said Uribe stated he was not “fooled”: “The agreement will guarantee in parallel, and on the same lines, total amnesty for drug trafficking. FARC will benefit from the amnesty, even for crimes linked to drug trafficking, a traffic that is most useful for acquiring the arsenal of weapons the guerillas possess,” he emphasized.

Anne Dolhein also noticed “gadgets that are symptomatic of the UN’s participation in the process,” with reference to the terms of a joint press release from the Colombian government and FARC’s representatives with regard to “gender theory” with a view to greater “inclusivity” of women and LGBT persons in Colombia.

On October 5, 2016, Anne Dolhein completed her analysis on Reinformation.tv, and openly asked, “What weight should be given to the accusations of Satanism levelled at the organizers of the signing of the agreements?” And she answers, “We will probably never know the details, but it is certain that in this affair there is a dimension that does not belong in the simple structure of human negotiations.” Without lending undue importance to Internet reports of shamans and witches in the area of the signing of the agreement, the French journalist noted nonetheless that a group of “artists” appeared the eve of the signing of the agreements in the historical centre of Cartagena. “Women in body paint and traditional musicians were paying homage to Mother Earth according to an indigenous ritual; pictures of the event were taken and they cannot be doubted.” Of course, “the group denied any involvement in the signing of the agreements, claiming that it was only an artistic demonstration. The explanation is not worth much—a ritual is a ritual.”

If it were so, this would not be President Juan Manuel Santos’s first “occult invocation” in the syncretistic New Age spirit. The serious, conservative Colombian news site Costa Noticias recalled that “President Santos took possession of his charge before shamans, which retransmissions on Colombian television enabled views to observe live.” According to Costa Noticias, “shamans apparently followed the president throughout his entire campaign for re-election in 2014.”

Elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014, the Colombian president also received the Nobel Peace Prize on October 7, 2016, for his “determined efforts” in favor of peace in his country. Moreover, despite the referendum, the negotiations “for peace” began again on October 22, 2016.

Sources: DICI – Le Monde – AFP – Reinformation.tv – DICI 343, October 28, 2016