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Early start today. Plane ready on tarmac. Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General waiting for Bill to pop by and talk about the grandkids. So while we are waiting, lets look around and see what else has been happening over night.

And just a friendly reminder, we are 9 days out from the US Presidential Election.

UPDATE 5: 12:50 30 October 2016

And while everyone has their eyes on the “servergate”, the real CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is getting elbowed out for coverage.

Oh, this is exactly the conspiracy theory put forth by yours truly a couple of days ago when the FBI news broke.

So anyways, here is the real CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES laid out in the latest WikiLeaks dump: (see here)


And this: (see here)


Remember folks, it was the VOTER FRAUD that was supposed to win this for the Demo-rats.

That’s why VOTER ENTHUSIASM is key. And on that point we get this from the internals of the FRAUDSTERS at ABC/WaPo: “Meanwhile, they see voter intensity continuing to decline”.

Yes, so when the CRIMINALS and PRESSTITUTES have everyone focused on the FBI, FRAUDULENT POLLS, Anthony and Cleopatra Huma, the RATS, a.k.a Creamer’s of the world, are STEALING THE ELECTION.

But the thing that will neutralize the VOTE FRAUD CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is a high frequency of votes for The Donald. And we know the voter enthusiasm is YUGE. Which would imply that a new PRESSITUTE NARRATIVE is being created for the suckers of the world, namely: “voter intensity continuing to decline”.

And we’re supposed to believe that.

UPDATE 2: 07:40 30 October 2016


(see here)


It’s coming apart at the seams…

It’s time for Huma to come in from the cold…

They have a son to think of….


UPDATE 4: 12:30 30 October 2016


Trump up 9 in FL!

Don’t believe me, take a gander at this:


And this is from the FRAUDSTERS at WSJ/NBC/Marist, so just think what REALITY looks like.



UPDATE 3: 12:30 30 October 2016

So the 50 12 point lead is now 1. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. And FL, Trump up 4. (see here)


I predict here first: before this is over, CALIFORNIA will be in play. And just might go TRUMP!

UPDATE 07:40 30 October 2016

Establishment cracks. Chicago Tribune says” Sick Crooked Hillary, STEP DOWN!


Tired of carrying the water… (see here)


First let’s get take a gander at the OBJECTIVE REALITY of what in FACT is the SickHillary electorate. Just as a point of reference, she was “up by 50 12 in the polls” about this time last week. Yesterday, the FRAUDULENT POLL-STERS ( as in Bank-sters) admitted that they were perpetrating FRAUD (see here) This reference source is from the catholic Zero Hedge website that was picked up by the equally catholic Drudge Report. Here is the screen grab:


I have put both FEATURED posts up just to highlight the traffic. The ABC/WAPO FRAUDULENT POLL post has gotten 374,565 views while the post containing what the FBI found in Anthony’s and Cleopatra’s Huma’s closet laptop got a whopping 1,468,262 views.

Now this is the context for The Gateway Pundit’s post on the “YUUUGE” SickHillary rally in Daytona Beach yesterday. Here is that post: (see here)



And above is the visual of the 1 mile long….1/2 mile long…. 100 foot long…. 40 people waiting to get into the rented high school gym small auditorium corridor to see SickHillary. But I guess it’s still better than Tim “Krusty the Clown” Kaine and the 30 that he drew. (see here)

On an aside, no matter how Monty Python-esque these reports are, the MainStreamMedia AGITPROP MEDIA is still maintaining there VIRTUAL REALITY NARRATIVE that SickHillary is up by 50 leading in the POLLS.


And while we are on the topic of the MainStreamMedia AGITPROP MEDIA, yesterday, The Donald passed on some pertinent information to them, namely this:


If you are going to drain the swamp, the AGITPROP MEDIA is a good a’ place to start as any!.



While we are on the AGITPROP MEDIA, we get this post just out on The Gateway Pundit: (see here)


In the post, we are provided with a partial list of “dignitaries” invited to dine at John Podesta’s house. Here is the GP screen grab:


And here is the list:


So there is 25 liberal hacks journalists plus…

Wonder how many of these “journalists” (in fact presstitutes) made it to the dinner that the campaign chairman for Trump was throwing. I will venture a guess: 0. Reason being: Trump don’t play dat.

And while we are on the subject of PRESSTITUTES, here is another screen grab that I came across. Please take a good looks at it and see how it fits with the above WikiLeaks email”: (see here)


Yes, you guessed it. Another of the PRESSTITUTES, one April Ryan tries to make the save…


More Zero Hedge on Drudge, this time FRAUD on social media. Here is that story:


Yesterday we learned that SickHillary likes using “click farms” as part of her social media presence (see here), today we learn that the “luv affair” goes both ways… excuse the double entendre…

In the above, Zero Hedge posses the following question:

In the 24 hours since FBI Director Comey dropped perhaps the biggest bombshell of the entire Presidential campaign, sending Democrats (and media) scrambling headless-chicken-like for answers (and blame-scaping), does anyone else find it odd that ‘FBI Emails’ does not appear to be a hot topic, trending, big deal on any social media?

The answer comes from a Breitbart post titled Pro-Trump Subreddit Takes Over Reddit Front Page After Algorithm Error. (see here) The background is that Reddit “adjusts” its algorithms to suppress the OBJECTIVELY REAL activity (enthusiasm gap) of pro-Trump posts to create a VIRTUAL REALITY that it is SickHillary posts that are actually seeing more interest. Here is the passage: (emphasis added)

“The /r/all algorithm doesn’t single out any specific subreddits, but it does make it so no single subreddit can take over completely,” they explained. “The_Donald happens to be incredibly active voting wise (more so than larger subreddits) so when things broke the posts in that subreddit were the ones most actively being voted on and got picked up.” (In other words, when the algorithm broke and there was no filter, the Donald posts naturally took over completely the front page because they are the most active.)

The explanation seamingly admits that posts from the Trump subreddit would make up the majority of Reddit’s front page if not for the algorithim artificially suppressing them.

The pro-Trump subreddit has come under fire from Reddit admins in the past who have actively worked to prevent /r/The_Donald content from reaching the front page, even going as far as to alter the Reddit front page algorithm to deal with the influx of /r/The_Donald posts to the site’s frontpage.

So now we see how the Trump activity is being distorted or outright suppressed by the LEFTIST social media hacks.

Furthermore, what we are seeing is the creation of the VIRTUAL REALITY that is nothing more than the war on the VOTER’S MIND. Aside, this also explains why the German Chancellor Merkel wants these US social media firms to “hand over their algorithms”, as we have highlighted in our post titled They are Now Fighting Over “VIRTUAL REALITY”. (see here)


You see dear, loyal reader, the Germans don’t want their VIRTUAL REALITY…

“Made in the U.S.A.