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As we have been doing for the last few days, your humble blogger now will separate more of the wheat from the chaff. As should have become clear to all my readers, the latest “conspiracy theory” which I have identified, is becoming less and less “theory” all the time.

UPDATE 1: 15:00 31 October 2016

A funny thing happened on the way to the Anthony and Huma Laptop Investigation. You can read about it here


I’ sure it’s just a coincidence…

On an “unrelated” note, it is just soooo difficult to be a CRIMINAL these days?



So let’s get cracking.

We have defined this last “conspiracy theory” as follows:

Now you see why I have identified the “conspiracy theory” that the SERVERGATE is to distract from the serious CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES that the staff are identifying amongst themselves.

So as the plebs are debating the finer points of protocol as to whether Mr. Comey should or should not have re-opened the SERVERGATE investigation, the following new CRIMINAL EVIDENCE has appeared.



Let’s start with the MISSING LINK. In a post on the INFO WARS website, a post appeared with the following title: How America’s Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered. (see here) I will not comment, so that you dear reader will be forced to watch it.

But just one hint: This is how George Soros makes the doughnuts!



We get a post from Zero Hedge titled Will Barack Obama Suspend The Election If Hillary Is Forced Out By The New FBI Email Investigation?. (see here)


This is a passage in the post:

But if Hillary Clinton were to be forced out of the race by this FBI investigation, the Democrats would have to decide on a new candidate, and that would take time.  The following is from a U.S. News & World Report article that examined what would happen if one of the candidates was forced out of the race for some reason…

If Clinton were to fall off the ticket, Democratic National Committee members would gather to vote on a replacement. DNC members acted as superdelegates during this year’s primary and overwhelmingly backed Clinton over boat-rocking socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

DNC spokesman Mark Paustenbach says there currently are 445 committee members – a number that changes over time and is guided by the group’s bylaws, which give membership to specific officeholders and party leaders and hold 200 spots for selection by states, along with an optional 75 slots DNC members can choose to fill.

But the party rules for replacing a presidential nominee merely specify that a majority of members must be present at a special meeting called by the committee chairman. The meeting would follow procedures set by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee and proxy voting would not be allowed.

It would be extremely challenging to get a majority of the members of the Democratic National Committee together on such short notice.  If Clinton were to drop out next week, it would be almost impossible for this to happen before election day.

In such a scenario, Barack Obama may attempt to invoke his emergency powers.  Since the election would not be “fair” until the Democrats have a new candidate, he could try to delay or suspend the election.  There would be a lot of controversy as to whether this is legal or not, but Barack Obama has not let the U.S. Constitution stop him in the past.

Now don’t get too hung up on the “primitivistic” election analysis of the author. Not too bright, is how I would put it. But I digress… What is important is the DATA POINTS, and those can be summed up as follows: The Obama Presidency can turn into an Obama Dictatorship very easily. 

And how would we know that this is the THOUGHT PROCESS at work in the Bamster’s grey matter?

One hint comes from the following titled post: Obama Destroys Clinton/Reid Narrative “Does Not Believe Comey Trying To Influence Election”. (see here)


In this post, we read the following passage:

But, President Obama has now crushed that narrative:

John Earnest explains:

“President Obama doesn’t think Comey tried to influence the election.”

“Obama still believes Comey has “good character””

“Obama has a lot of confidence in AG Loretta Lynch”

For those of you who have been following, you will notice the violation of the 2nd Law of Logic, i.e. the law of non-contradiction. The violation being: Obama can’t have confidence in AG Loretta Lynch and Director Comey at the same time.

By siding with both, he is actually throwing his Attorney General, Senate Minority Leader and his party’s presidential candidate under the proverbial bus. What’s more, Obama is attempting to create a situation where Hillary is forced to step down. If the FBI Director wins this turf fight, Sick Hillary will be indicted. Obama is deliberately undermining Sick Unelectable Hillary and simultaneously sending out a message that she is fair game.

Furthermore, we already have one “bellwether” calling for Sick Hillary to step aside (see here).

This move by the Bamster gives a green light to his minions, read The Bern’s people to start parroting the Chicago Tribune and calling for Hillary to step down.

And with 8 days til the elections, there is no chance in hell that a replacement candidate can be found. If for no other reason than that substitute candidate will not have a surname that is Clinton, a surname that appears on all the ballots.

And finally, what makes this scary is what the Zero Hedge post observed, namely:

In such a scenario, Barack Obama may attempt to invoke his emergency powers. Since the election would not be “fair” until the Democrats have a new candidate, he could try to delay or suspend the election. There would be a lot of controversy as to whether this is legal or not, but Barack Obama has not let the U.S. Constitution stop him in the past.

So now we wait. We wait to see how else stands up and asks for Sick Crooked Unelectable Hillary to step down and whose camp they are from.

Boy do we have ourselves a barn burner or what?

OMT We just identified a new “conspiracy theory”. Wonder what the shelf life of this “theory” will be until it becomes a CONSPIRACY FACT.


Poll time.

Since everyone and their grandmother is doing POLLS, here is the official Deus Ex Machina POLL:

Question: Are Sick Hillary and “Krusty the Clown” Kaine:

  1. Gluttons for punishment
  2. Masochists.

Answers in the comment box after reading the following here.



The PRESSTITUTES are coming, the PRESSTITUTES are coming…

Folks you can not make this up if you tried.


I just noticed that the FT (Financial Times of Londinstan) endorsed Sick Corrupt Unelectable HILLARY. Now this is the leftist, “idealistic”, holier-than-thou, bleeding heart “economic and financial market”, (fill in the blank)AGITPROP RAG that is nothing more than a propaganda pamphlet for the European Union.

Oh hell, at least it supports the people that pay its salaries, which is more than you can say for the Bamster. But I digress…

So the next time you hear about “capitalism with a heart”, remember this post. The “heart” is rotten, CORRUPT beyond the point of CRIMINAL, and black, as Bernard Connolly once observed. (see here)

More gratitude is in order for The Donald. The rats are being forced to come out into the daylight.


6th Principle of LEX ARMATICUS claims another scalp. First it was the NFL, and now: Bud Light (see here)

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen’s Bud Light ads axed.

Just as a refresher:

6th Principle:

Stop giving these leftists money!



  1. When a LEFTIST AGITPROP RAG like the NY Times throws you under the bus, you know it’s bad. (see here)

trump-18-vi2. When they turn you away cause there’s no room at the campaign rally, you know your onto something…. YUGE! (see here)


3. When you need to bus in a 4th Grade Class, you realize that you should have not quit your day job. (see here)