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Obama loses composure, GOES NUTS! (see here)


Stikes out at the late Sen. Rober Byrd.


“Revolutions eat their children” eventually!


Just as predicted, we have MATERIAL PROOF of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that just appeared in the WikiLeaks disclosures. Here is the email chain: (see here)


But hey, let’s throw around the idea that maybe Director Comey did not adhere to protocol when he re-opened the SERVERGATE Investigation.

I’m sure we can keep this conversation going til November 9!


Via Drudge Report, RASMUSSEN polls TRUMP OVER 50% for first time with “voters who are certain to vote”. (SEE HERE)


Further confirmation of OBJECTIVE REALITY.

Just to summerize, Rasmussen: Trump +3; LA Times/USD: Trump +5; IBD/TIPP: Even.



Yes, you read that right: 88% of voters say they are now certain how they will vote. Among these voters, Trump has a 10-point lead over Clinton – 53% to 43%.

Which means, in mathematical terms, that as I write this post, TRUMP has 46.64% (53% x 88%) of the total vote of the decided VOTERS, while Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary has only 37.84% of the decided VOTERS.

Let that sink in for a minute or two…


Nota bene: the above are three CREDIBLE POLLS that your humble blogger has identified and watches. Once we get the IBD/TIPP latest, you can rest assured it will be posted.


Before I start today’s Play-by-Play, I would like to draw your attention to the preceding post. In that post, I explain why, barring a last minute surprise, The Donald will be the next POTUS. It all has to do with DEMOGRAPHICS and “over sampling” and it presently has TeamSickHillary in a TIZZY.

But first, did you all see SickHillary get rattled by a single protester who shouted “Bill is a rapist”? (see here)


But I digress… and anyways…

So let’s do this thread first.

Please read the last post titled  Clintons Can Corrupt Anything, But Fat Lady Has Already Sung…. The below will be a continuation of this thread.


Oh my! (via Drudge Report) (see here)


Oh^2 my! (via Drudge -the PRESSTITUTES at McClatchy DC) (see here)


But they just can’t let go… of the NARRATIVE.

Oh^3 my! (via Drudge -the PRESSTITUTES at the WSJ) (see here)


I used to be a subscriber and respected them.

And I am not alone… (see here)

“Not no more”…

Oh^4 my! (via Drudge- WashTimes) (see here)


Please note this post. I will return to it in a future post.

Oh^5 my! (via Drudge – CNS) (see here)


Wonder what the “sample composition” was that resulted in the 45% figure?

Oh^6 my! And a BIG ONE at that. The CUBBIES finally broke the drought! 



Of secondary importance is the right hand side column.

Second NC Poll Confirms Trump’s Solid Tar Heel Lead Over Clinton…


…Poll: Trump Ties Clinton in Colorado as Surge Continues…


…Trump Takes 3-Point Lead in Virginia


Monmouth University Poll: Clinton Locked in Statistical Tie With Trump in Pennsylvania


Outlier or Harbinger? Pennsylvania Poll Shows Trump Up by One Percent


We HYPOTHESISED that as we near Election Day, the POLL-STERS will start to take out their “adjustments” and “skews”. And it’s happening… Like MAGIC! 

It’s as if the FBI re-opening the SERVERGATE investigation was a godsend…

Who would have thunk?

Please keep these states in mind. I will return to them later…

Oh^7 my! A real conversion? (see here)


And the re-action… (see here)


An alert citizenry is the best defense…

and (see here)


If I was a betting man, I would suspect that the Demon-rats are opening ballots ILLEGALLY to see what the VOTE COMPOSITION looks like. This might also account for the PANIC that was highlighted in the  Clintons Can Corrupt Anything, But Fat Lady Has Already Sung…


In a previous post, we HYPOTHESISED that this SERVERGATE Investigation could be an attempt to distract the general population from the ADMITTED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that is appearing in the WikiLeak disclosures. Here is another example: Podesta To Mills: “We Are Going To Have To Dump All Those Emails”


And then there is Peter Kadzik (see here and here)



It’s been days since this unfortunate appointment by the Department of Justice to have Mr. Kadzik oversee the FBI Investigations, the exposed conflicts of interest and demonstrated collusions and…. silence from the MainStreamMedia AGITPROPS.

All those Pulitzer Prizes just begging to be won… and no one is interested.


Another thread that we have been following is this “tug of war” between the DOJ and the FBI. Last time we checked in, we observed that both Mr. Comey and Mrs Lynch were both being supported by the POTUS.

The situation has clarified now, since Obama has come out on the side of the AG Lorreta Lynch. Here is that post: (see here)


But, but, but…

The this simple situation has just become more complicated. It would appear that the AG, one Loretta Lynch has not been completely forthcoming. Here is that post: (see here)

Just to remind those whose memories seem so conveniently to fail, Comey is the FBI director, not a Justice Department prosecutor, much less the attorney general. The FBI is not supposed to exercise prosecutorial discretion. The FBI is not supposed to decide whether the subject of a criminal investigation gets indicted. The FBI, moreover, is not obligated to make recommendations about prosecution at all; its recommendations, if it chooses to make them, are not binding on the Justice Department; and when it does make recommendations, it does so behind closed doors, not on the public record.

Yet, in the Clinton e-mails investigation, it was Comey who made the decision not to indict Clinton. Comey, furthermore, made the decision in the form of a public recommendation. In effect, it became The Decision because Attorney General Loretta Lynch had disgraced herself by furtively meeting with Mrs. Clinton’s husband a few days before Comey announced his recommendation. Comey, therefore, gave Mrs. Clinton a twofer: an unheard-of public proclamation that she should not be indicted by the head of the investigative agency; and a means of taking Lynch off the hook, which allowed the decision against prosecution to be portrayed as a careful weighing of evidence rather than a corrupt deal cooked up in the back of a plane parked on a remote tarmac. Now, suddenly, Mrs. Clinton is worried about law-enforcement interference in politics.

So those are the FACTS.

And here is the problem: (see here)

Start with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. A cavalcade of former Justice heavyweights are now assailing FBI director James Comey for reopening the Clinton email file, and Justice sources are leaking that the director went rogue despite Ms. Lynch’s counsel not to alert Congress so close to an election.

But Mr. Comey works for the Attorney General. If she thinks Mr. Comey was breaking Justice rules by sending Friday’s letter to Congress, then she had every right to order him not do so. If Mr. Comey sent the letter anyway, and he didn’t resign, Ms. Lynch could then ask President Obama to fire him.

Our guess is that she didn’t order Mr. Comey not to send the letter precisely because she feared Mr. Comey would resignand cause an even bigger political storm. But the worst approach is to let a subordinate do something you believe is wrong and then whisper afterwards that you told him not to. The phrase for that is political cowardice.

Some would say “political cowardice” other would say “conspiracy to obstruct justice”, but hey, I’m not the attorney.

So where does that leave us. We see that The Bamster is trapped. He can’t make a move, since whatever he does, he will undermine his own position. Remember, regardless of whether The Donald wins, the investigations WILL commence. And that could really take a toll on the golf time that the former POTUS is looking forward to after his 8 year SLOG of taking care of the peoples business.

The thread of Obama taking emergency measures and suspending the election if SickHillary “steps aside” is receding… (see here)

Besides, the Bamster can’t pardon himself.

All he can do is “take the fi’th”, like his AG in the Iran Cash Giveaway scandal. (see here)


Another nail is driven in the “it’s the Russians” NARRATIVE. (see here)


Oh and there is so much more EVIDENCE of CRIMANAL ACTIVITY... but the PRESSTITUTES are still debating the finer points of DOJ/FBI protocol.