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Via Drudge Report

And then this…


NB: NH without MI gives Trump 270.

This is what the POLL-STERS are putting up for NH: (see here)


Now if this is what the POLL-STERS are showing, got to just wonder what the REAL figures look like?

(Now back to feigning surprise…)

Who would have guessed???????

Ok, so we suspected…

PS. I’m thinking: could NY of CA be in play before this is all over?.

UPDATE 5: 16:25 4 November 2016

Next up: Pennsylvania. ALL TIED UP! (see here)


Folks, please keep in mind that this is from the “over-sampled” crowd!

UPDATE 4: 16:00 4 November 2016

More QUANTS are starting to call it for The Donald (see here)


First Martin Armstrong, and now Market Indicator jumps on-board.

And as they say in the markets, the trend is your friend.

The Donald’s in this case…

UPDATE 3: 15:00 4 November 2016

Just to show you folks how bad things are getting for Sick Crooked Unelectable Hillary, this: (see original here – trigger warning: PRESSITUTE alert)


All one can say is: “Tim, your not helping things…”

Further, one has to wonder if a typical Kaine campaign event where “Tim draws 20 people” was such a bad thing after all…

UPDATE 2: 14:00 4 November 2016

The QUANTS are rarely, if ever wrong. Remember that as you read the below: (see here)


And here is the punch line: (emphasis ZeroHedge, emphasis your truly)

If Hillary is elected, it will be by rigging the election. Our computer has NEVER been wrong on this score. So if she takes office, this will be the worst administration in history and may very will set in motion the phase transition where capital flees to bonds and we see a significant rise in civil unrest.

The Peirce/Ockham Pragmatic Methodology confirms (see here)

I’ll have more to say on this come Monday.

And here is a indication of just how HUGE the REAL VOTE landslide will be… (see here)


I can see for miles and miles…

And they know that they will get their ass kicked… (see here)


The African American demographic gave our lady-boy president the vapors…

Aside, you just got to wonder what made him go outside of his NC safe-space and into the belly of the beast?

Whose idea was Fayetteville?

UPDATE 1: 07:45 4 November 2016

The hidden electorate, by the numbers. (SEE HERE)


US Unemployment figures came out a hour ago. In the components breakdown is this: (via Drudge -see here)


My loyal readers will recall, that when your humble blogger turned his even humbler attention to the US Presidential Election, he identified two issues which he thought gave Donald J. Trump a YUUUUUGE advantage in this year’s race. One was the skyrocketing rate of gun ownership (44% at last count and skyrocketing). The second was the Labor Participation Rate. Here is what your humble blogger wrote in a post titled Hidden Electorate: The Underemployed.  (see here) Here is that bit:

Or to put it another way, the manner in which human beings vote is dictated by their basic needs. If 102 million individuals are having a difficult time acquiring resources that satisfy their basic physiological needs, then they will, with a high degree of certainty be voting for the candidate that addresses those needs.

And in the upcoming election, Donald J. Trump is, OBJECTIVELY speaking, that candidate.

The above analysis is also corroborated by the second principle of the LEX ARMATICUS, i.e. even neo-modernists need to eat.

Which brings us to today. Here is a post that appeared today after the Labor Dept. release: (see here)

People Not In Labor Force Surge By 425,000 To 94,609,000

Now this is not the “102 million that are having a hard time acquiring resources” from the above citation. This figure represents the number of people NOT IN THE LABOR FORCE.

And guess who these folks will be voting for, because they are all of voting age!

Top of the Page

Where to start today?


First, please note the above. These are three posts that appeared in that order at the ZeroHedge website. It appears as if this website is becoming more catholic by the day. Which brings to mind a modern… if not neo-Modernist “classic”, namely…

“time is greater than space”.

And now, to the scene of the crime, says I!

First up:

While the MainStreamMedia AGITPROPS and their PRESSTITUTES are debating the finer points of whether FBI Director Comey departed from protocol, we get this via WikiLeaks:


Perjury, Obstruction of Justice and another “crushed” NARRATIVE follow: (see here – emphasis ZeroHedge)

Crushing the hope-filled “it’s just a backup of what they have already seen” narrative of a campaign clutching at straws to defend their candidate, and confirming Fox News Bret Baier’s earlier reporting, CBS News reports that the FBI has found new, non-duplicate emails related to Hilary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Sources earlier described to Fox News’ Bret Baier as an “avalanche of evidence…”

Don’t look now but…

CBS is reporting on it (see here). 

If the timing is right, there could be a Pulitzer at the end of this rainbow…

While: (see here)


I’m sure it’s nothing….


… they got Barry involved in perjury making honest mistakes… (see here)


It’s not like the guy’s got a promising legal career waiting for him after he leaves the Oval Office…

And this (see here)


A new precedent. Like father husband, like son significant other…

Hey, if convicted criminals have a right to vote now…

Which leads Russia Today to ask the $64,000 Question, namely: (see here)

Question: What Does It Take To Bring Hillary Clinton To Justice?


Answer: Nothing short of a Trump Presidency…

… would be my short answer.

And now, the POLLS…

Trump over the top?

Probably… (see here)


And there’s more coming…

Key states tilt: (see here)


“Map shifts in Trump’s favor”… indeed.

Glad you made it to the party, but what took you so long?

And the Chinese monkey beats Fox News to the story (via Drudge) (see here)


Bring Roger back…

But not all, can just let go…

Some  MainStreamMedia AGITPROPS and PRESSTITUTES are not giving up hope. Not only are they not giving up, but they are cranking up their “oversampling” of their sample group: (see here)


“Yea, we go from D+9 to D+11. That’s the ticket”

And now, the Enthusiasm Gap

First, the Black Vote is breaking…. ready… ready….. for The Donald! (see here)


It must be all that Democrat (SickHillary) on Democrat (KKK) hate!

Aside, they still haven’t named any of the  West Virginia KKK Lodges for the late Sen. Robert Byrd…

Coincidence… correlation…causality…but definitely a missed opportunity.

Ya know what, this could explain why SickHillary is cracking up. (see here)

First she is frantically pacing…


… then she “forgets” where she is… (see here)


… then she forgets who she’s supporting. (see here)


But hey, she’s fit to serve!


And it’s not the vapors….


Guess which candidate has the BIG MO? (see here)


Not only are they gonna need bigger stadiums, the’re gonna need bigger towns!

But it’s not all smooth sailing… (see here)


And after Trump crushed SickHillary in the statewide Minnesota poll, I was looking forward to this one…

And for today’s side by side: (see here)


Even Pharrell couldn’t help?

Nothing to see here then, please move along…



 And now, the “news”…

The the funniest story of the day comes form NBC “News” and John Harwood. He was actually called out for reporting objective news by John Podosta and… Harwood apologized. (see here)


And here is the apology letter (emphasis ZeroHedge):

Which clearly shocked Harwood, who rapidly penned the following apology letter…

I don’t take cheap shots at Hillary Clinton or anybody else.

But this wasn’t a shot of any kind. It was humor. I was poking fun at a campaign ritual.

I didn’t expect big news either. Did you notice I didn’t ask a single question in the briefing? I don’t really care where her announcement will take or whether Charlotte will be onstage or when she’ll take her vacation or how many rallies she’ll have.

I knew that the stuff I care about – most importantly what she plans to do on the economy – was not going to yield answers now. You’ve told me that and I believe you.

I just thought it was funny to go through the ground rules jazz and have all these reporters firing questions and scribbling notes with Fox live truck parked outside with few definitive answers about anything.

Did it matter? No. Have you heard me complaining on any media about how Hillary is campaigning or interacting with the press? No. Do I participate in the whole Politico-style meme/narrative bullshit conversation along these lines? No.

But when my bosses asked me to write what I learned, humor seemed more honest and appropriate than anything else.

The value of the event, to me, was seeing you guys.

Once again, the punch line:

“The value of the event, to me, was seeing you guys”.

You can’t make this stuff up folks!

While we are on the subject of “news” … in a very… and I mean very loose sense of that word, we find out this: (see here)


Is there anyone that the Clintons can’t CORRUPT? (hint: Rhetorical question.)

Next: Collusion, Conspiracy to commit Fraud, and the 1st Amendment: (see here)


We get this tidbit about communications between a future member of one of the major MainStreamMediaNetworks AGITPROPS and the SickHillary Campaign and a “personal proposal” :

On August 27, 2015, an email from Lanny Davis, special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and spokesperson for the President and the White House on matters concerning campaign-finance investigations and other legal issues,  appears to suggest that both Fox news and Megyn Kelly were part of the campaign’s pre-coordination with journalists. Davis tells Jen Palmieri the following “personal” thoughts, which suggest getting a guarantee from Megyn Kelly that she won’t be “tough on Hillary” in a proposed interview – which could be a “ratings and media bonanza” – meant to explain why Hillary “wiped” her server.

I love the smell of “fog of war lifting” in the morning!

Next: Shake down, Extortion, and the corporate terrorists sponsors: (see here)



Huma’s back… and looking quite lovely…. (see here)


So she’s been implicated in a criminal investigation, has a husband in a sex clinic, a four year old at home to feed and “responsibilities”.

What’s a working girl to do?

Aside, hope she at least gets a standing ovation at the event…

And since we have broached the gossip side of the “news”, for some lighter fair there is this: (see here)


First it was the curtains and china that went missing, now it’s two-terabyte hard drives…

It’s the Clinton’s… is all one can say.