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Today we start with a re-publication from the AntoniusAquinas blog written by… you guessed it, Antonius Aquinas. (see here) And what is also of note is that it comes via another catholic website: Zero Hedge. (see re-post here)

Before we go down to the post itself, a few observations.

When reading the below post, notice how easily Antonius transitions from one sub-set of human endeavor that is politics to another, i.e. theology? The reason that the transition is so fluid is that we are dealing with the same process in both of these sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium.

To be more specific, Antonius has identified a UNIVERSAL ( universal is what particular things have in common, namely characteristics or qualities) namely: human nature does not change.

The fallen nature of man is the source of both Our Lord’s problem with the Church officials and the hierarchy of the day” and Mr. Trump’s problem with “the corruption and criminality that pervades the political establishment, especially the Clinton cartel”.

Antonius also provides us with a roadmap through which a resolution for the above these identified problem can be obtained. That indicated path to the resolution is explained in this passage:

“Trump is uniquely qualified for such a task because, unlike nearly every other politician, he is not beholding financially to anyone.”

It would appear that the because Mr. Trump “is not beholding financially to anyone”, he in fact has obtained a large degree of freedom, much larger than those in the political establishment.

To be more precise, in the case of Donald J. Trump, the source of his freedom is his financial wealth. Being not only independently wealthy, but also a self-made man, Mr. Trump is not driven by the “need for enrichment”, which coincidentally is the underlying and driving motivation for not only Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary, but also for that part of society that we call the political establishment.

And by the looks of it, for the establishment, this financial freedom that Donald Trump enjoys is the source of danger and a direct threat to the establishment. It is also most likely the root cause of the vicious attacks on Donald Trump coming for outside of the Clinton/Democratic Party Criminal Organization.

Furthermore, I see a larger dynamic at work, a dynamic which increases the risk of a Trump victory to the establishment exponentially. The dynamic that I see at work is this: Mr. Trump appears to have realized that his financial freedom has limits. And as we all know, albeit on a purely definitional basis, that something, anything that has limits cannot be free. To be more precise, what I see happening is that Mr. Trump has taken the next step in the direction of REAL FREEDOM. And that REAL FREEDOM is something that can only be obtained through “the way, the truth and the light”.

Here’s what am looking at.

It is this above observation that can best explain the counter intuitive, counter mainstream and counter establishment positions that Mr. Trump has taken over the course of this campaign. We can start with his very rational and PRO-LIFE party platform that he helped adopt at the Republican National Convention and work our way to today’s vicious battle that he is waging, directly taking on the corrupt  MainStreamMeida AGITPROPS and their PRESSTITUTES. 

Yet, it would appear that it is exactly this unconventional approach, resulting from Mr. Trump’s decision making process, that has resonated with the overwhelming part of the US voting population, and looks like it will propel Mr. Trump into the White House.

Furthermore, if the one thread that runs through Mr. Trump’s decision making process is that he goes against the accepted conventional wisdom, it would also appear that Mr. Trump’s decision making process has to a large extent aligned itself with objective reality. It just might be that it is this reason for why his message, one grounded to a large degree in the et Invisibilium, (the non-material laws and processes that regulate the Visibilium Omnium) is resonating so well with the voting population.

If what we are witnessing is a Trump message, grounded in objective reality and aligned with the majority of the US electorate who are living objective reality on a daily basis, then we can infer that this process is much larger than just the individual parties concerned in this election cycle.

Going forward, what we could be witnessing is something along the lines of a secular “evangelization process” that at least returns a part of the political class and a majority of the US electorate to recognize and conform to what is the first source of our Catholic Faith, namely that which is known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made” . 

Now, the above might be a first step, but at least it’s something. And it looks to be real.

And by taking advantage of an idea provided us by a modern day, not to mention neo-Modernist “classic”, we know that…


And now to Antonious Aquinas’ post (emphasis provided by Zero Hedge) which I am re-posting…



Donald Trump & The Passion Of The Christ

Authored by Antonius Quinas via AntoniusAquinas.com,

If Donald Trump can somehow defeat the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua despite vote rigging, outlandish media bias, backstabbing by his own party’s elites, and opposition of Wall Street, his victory may be the most serious setback for The Establishment since, perhaps, the release of Mel Gibson’s blockbuster movie, The Passion of the Christ.

Both Gibson and Trump faced seemingly impossible odds at the start of their quests and were viciously attacked and undermined by the usual Establishment suspects, yet, in Gibson’s case, he was able to beat the bastards at their own game producing one of the most accurate and authentic Christian movies ever made which garnered over a half billion dollars and numerous cinematic awards!

Unfortunately, Mel Gibson did not parlay his enormous success and cause further aggravation for the Entertainment industry with additional non-cultural Marxist features, but fell prey to booze and the pleasures of the flesh.  Moreover, Gibson, who was once a traditional Catholic who rejects the heretical changes brought about at the Vatican II Anti-council, could have been a force in a counter insurgency to rid the Church of its current horde of apostates including its head honcho.

If Trump wins he will have completed what earlier populists, most specifically Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, had started, but were unable to complete.  A real challenge to the two-party duopoly could have taken place had Perot and Buchanan stuck with the Reform Party and built it up as a legitimate alternative.

A Trump Presidency will, at the very least, put a temporary halt to the totalitarian liberal order’s relentless drive to render American sovereignty and create a multicultural society via mass controlled (and uncontrolled) immigration.  There would be no return from such a demographic onslaught and political realignment, at least through the ballot box, with the only alternative being secession or the emergence of a strongman who would violently suppress the Left.

A Trump victory would not only be a blow against the entrenched political class, but like Gibson’s great movie, it would be a mighty and much needed knockdown of the mass media.  No presidential candidate has ever dared to openly take on the mainstream media and expose it for what it truly is – the propaganda arm for the New World Order and the purveyors of degenerate cultural Marxism.

The protagonist in The Passion of the Christ has often been referred to as “The Prince of Peace,” which is somewhat of a misnomer.  The Christ of the Scriptures is a fighter who spends a good portion of His ministry battling and upbraiding the corrupt Church officials and hierarchy of the day who were not properly shepherding His flock.

Similarly, Donald Trump has always considered himself a fighter (counter puncher) who has promised to get rid of the corruption and criminality that pervades the political establishment, especially the Clinton cartel.  Trump is uniquely qualified for such a task because, unlike nearly every other politician, he is not beholding financially to anyone.

Most importantly, Trump will set a new course in US foreign policy which will lead to a de-escalation in tensions around the globe especially with Russia.  High praise was attributed to the peacemakers by the Author of the Beatitudes who said: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.”

Not only for America, but a Trump victory will have positive reverberations throughout the Western world which would surpass that of the surprising Brexit vote.  European anti-immigration groups and organizations would undoubtedly become further emboldened both psychologically and financially in their struggle to stem the tide of massive unwanted and society-wrecking immigration.  There is no telling what the effect would be when the chief executive of the world’s dominant power would be in sympathy with those who have courageously sought to preserve their families, heritage and way of life from the wicked designs of the New World Order.

While Mel Gibson self destructed after the phenomenal success of the The Passion of the Christ, his movie still stands not only as an inspirational and moving cinematic masterpiece, but as a glorious blow against the Establishment.  A Trump victory could mean an even greater strike against our globalist masters.