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trump-3-iWe lead off our coverage of The Flight 93 Election with a screen grab from The Drudge Report. I have placed it above.

We pick up our coverage today in the most important area at present, within the sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium that is the US Presidential Election: Electoral College. As we are all aware, the US President is picked by the electoral college which in turn gives its votes to the candidate that obtained the most votes in that particular state. So it is critical to capture as many states as possible, and the candidate that has 270 electoral votes, is then declared the President of the United States of America.

With respect to the Electoral College, there has been news coming out from the great state of New Mexico. It would appear that New Mexico is all tied up and in play. Here is that post: (see here)


Spectacular, ain’t it?

And the story is the same across all those Blue States that are listed in the Drudge Report screen grab.

Also note which states are NOT on this list. Just as a reminder, the former battleground and bellwether states that are not on that list are Florida, Ohio, Iowa  and North Carolina. And the reason that they are not on the list is that the “POLLS” are showing them in the Trump category.

And just to finish this thread, if Trump gets any of the states listed above, i.e. NH, MI, NV, CO, PA, NM, he is first past the “270 Electoral Votes” post.

Now, please also note that the “POLLS” have not undergone any… let’s call them… “re-adjustments”, or modifications that would NORMALIZE them and allow them to reflect OBJECTIVE REALITY. 

Yes, it is true that one POLL, the ABC/WaPo did undergo the above mentioned NORMALIZATION PROCESS, yet in a very limited capacity. But the state of play is that for the most part, the POLLS today have the same “built-in” biases that they had when they were first designed. Or at least this is the base line assumption that is prudent to make.

Therefore, given the above, what we are seeing is a movement of the ELECTORATE (as represented in the POLLS) to the Donald J. Trump for President camp.

And the reason this is very important to note, is that not only do we see this movement in states that normally vote for the Communist Democratic Party candidate, but that it is happening across many states and simultaneously.

And this PHENOMENON that I explained in the last paragraph has the same characteristics and behavior as another PHENOMENON in another sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, namely in the area of Climatology. That PHENOMENON in Climatology is known as the TSUNAMI EFFECT. (see here)

So hold that thought.

I will elaborate on it further in Monday’s post.

But for today, we return to collecting DATA POINTS

And just to end this section, here is the latest LATimes/USC (LEGIT) POLL: (see here)


Now think this through:

The FRAUDULENT POLLS show Trump in a dead heat in NH, MI, NV, CO, PA, NM and MA. If he gets any one of these states, he has the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

The LEGIT national POLL shows Trump leading by 5, and his lead is holding above the area where it could be a statistical error (GREY AREA).

Exit question: What is the likelihood that any of those above identified states will VOTE for SickHillary?


UPDATE 1: 10:15 5 November 2016

After winning the statewide HIGH SCHOOL election in Minnesota,(see here) it was only a matter of time until The Donald made an unannounced visit: (see here)


You all knew it was bound to happen!

But that’s not all. Check this out:


Looks like a six state double trifecta…

Roll Tide!


With respect to what is written above, your humble blogger has found confirmation, and in the unlikeliest of places. This confirmation comes via the Rush Limbaugh website and the source is none other than the Clinton News Network. In other words, this confirmation comes directly from the Democratic Party and the SickHillary Campaign.

Here is how Rush presents the the Clinton’s Network reporting on the present situation: (see here – starts after the first break)


So there you have it. Confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth.

The most important point is that even the Clinton “News” Network is admitting that Hillary does not have the 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

NB: Notice that CNN has the great State of Maine moving to the Trump Camp. If this is the case, then we can assume that the group of “in play” states I mentioned earlier, i.e. NH, MI, NV, CO, PA and NM are already in the Trump camp. According to the Peirces/Ockham Pragmatic Methodoly that is.

And this is just from the DATA POINTS that the MEDIA are putting out, without neither analysis nor NORMALIZATION of base line assumptions.


Confirmation from the Trump camp. (see here)

What makes this below important is that the information is provided by an “insider” about what the Trump camp “insiders” are seeing. Here is that bit:


Once again for emphasis:

“He’s surging across the board,” Ivanka told Breitbart News (…). She says her father is closing the gap and taking the lead in many swing states across the country. “It’s been amazing for me the past 24-hours. I’ve been in North Carolina, Michigan and now New Hampshire and the spirit and enthusiasm for a Trump presidency is enormous and it’s incredibly exciting.”

So I think it’s fair to say that both the Trump and SickHillary camps are seeing the same PROCESS taking shape and affirm that same OBJECTIVE REALITY.

NEXT : The Trenches

The real battle, as always, whether it’s war or elections is won or lost in the trenches. This is where steal meets steel and territory is gained or lost.

As to this election cycle, we see the similar pattern (STRATEGY) playing itself out. The Communist Democratic Party, who has managed to get the RINO’s to give up their right to monitor the VOTING PLACES (since 1981), have undertaken the normal operating procedures in order to steal the ELECTION.

The first report of this PROCESS is from the THIEVES: (see here)


But this time, the Trump campaign is catching the THIEVES: (see here)


So the Communists Democrats send in the judges: (see here)


Same old, same old, you say?

Well, no.

This time it’s different: (see here)


If the RINO’s would have done this, we might not now have a $20 trillion national debt.

Next: Demographics

The Black Vote in this years election is a major concern for not only Sick Hillary, but likewise for our “basement crypto-marxist” who is presently occupying the White House. The analysis is via Breitbart, but it is very close to that which I have seen from other sources. Here is the link.


Here are the pertinent points:

National Trends

Trump’s gain among African-American voters is happening in many states, alongside an overall reduction in African-American enthusiasm and support for Obama’s designated successor. That drop-off in support from Obama’s 93 percent level will likely reduce the turnout for Clinton.

This can’t be stressed enough. The reason being, that the POLL-STERS have incorporated the Obama level of Black turnout into the 2016 base line assumptions. It is this metric is the second (according Peirce/Ockham) biggest source of the CORRUPTION that is in bedded in most FRAUDULENT POLLS.

And what is the estimate level of CORRUPTION in the POLL results?

According to Breitbart, it appears to be in the neighborhood of 2+ points.

Aside, now think back to all those supposedly dead heats in the battle ground states.

But that is not the best news. Here is that bit that the author saved for last:

The African-American vote may even be enough to help push Trump over the so-called “blue wall” of Democratic northern states that stands in his path to the White House.

What this is saying is that the Black VOTERS are ready to leave the Plantation run by the Democratic Party.

No wonder Trump’s line “What have you got to lose” resonated so well.

Next: The Enthusiasm Gap

 So here is Tim “Krusty the Clown” Kaine in Florida yesterday: (see here)


And then it was SickHillary’s turn: (see here)


So TeamSickHillary got this great idea to have SickHillary show up at CELEBRITARD’S concert. Here is that one: (see here)


Well, that tag team of SickHillary, Bern, Pharrell didn’t workout that well. The Donald attracted 4x the crowd.

So what the thought PROCESS? Get a bigger CELEBRITARD. And no, Obama didn’t do any better, just ended up making a JERK of himself. (see here). So Sick Hillary went “full Monty” and got JayZ to do a freebee.  AGITPROPS need stand-ins for their file footage.

And here’s how that went: (see hereemphasis added)

Then minutes later he shifted gears and rapped,  ‘I don’t f**k with you. You little stupid-a** b***h, I ain’t f**kin’ with you.’

Jay-Z said onstage after he was done performing: ‘Ohio, we are on the doorstep of history. I am here tonight because respect matters. Respect matters to me.’

Trump also mocked Clinton on Saturday morning for drawing a smaller crowd than his own on Friday night, despite having both Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé at her side.

The trio attracted 10,000 people – many of whom filed out after the concert and before the Democratic nominee took the stage.

‘We don’t need Jay-Z to fill up arenas. We do it the old-fashioned way, folks,’ Trump said. ‘We fill it up because you love what we’re saying and you want to make America great again.’

So today, The Donald answered. (see here)


And by the looks of things, The Donald is much bigger than even JayZ. He’s even bigger than the Beatles in their heyday.

Next: The Tale of the Tape

Looks like bringing SickHillary along to the CELEBRITARDS concerts had a positive effect. I brought the Donald v. SickHillary campaign attendenc figures from 12x down to only 4x: (see here)


The Brits would call that “a result”.